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And I already have no brain left, after one day.  Oops.

And I still have a shitload to do tonight, both GISHy and work-related, so I'm going to inflict upon you a punny that requires a certain level of multi-denominational as well as fannish knowledge, but amuses the ever-loving fuck out of me, so I’m going to share anyway.

When I, I Jew, meet a Muslim friend, I say shalom, and they in turn say to me, salaam. At which point our Eastern Orthodox friend cries out, “now kiss!”

(I crack me up.)

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So this was a thing I saw last night, driving along 522: A billboard that said "She holds it all together" or something like that, and I have no idea what it was actually advertising, because there was a Starbucks sign a little in front of it so, so help me, the first thing I saw was the Starbucks mermaid in front of that slogan and I thought THAT was the billboard.

And I'm like "yeah, that works. All hail Caffeinea," before I realized it was an optical illusion.

I still think it would be a damn effective campaign, though.
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Off an article about finding cannabis residue in Shakespeare's (house) pipes, there was a call for relevant/related puns. I ...did not pun. I did something possibly worse.

Sonnet 139, the first draft

O, call not me to justify the bong
That thy unkindness offers me to smoke;
Pack me not dimebag trash but a gift more strong;
Use power with power and slay me not by toke.
Tell me thou buyest elsewhere, else in my sight,
Dear heart, forbear to claim thou art too broke:
What need'st thou wound with cunning when thy might
Is more than my o'er-press’d habit can bide?
Let me excuse thee: ah! my need well knows
Those tasty snacks have been mine enemies…

*loses all forward motion, orders a pizza instead.*
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"We are thrilled to announce that because of your hard work, artistry, lack of shame, and selfless community devotion, you have been singled out for the most prestigious honor we at Gishwhes have the power to bestow on an individual: a Doctorate* of Gishology.

Simply put, this degree qualifies you as an expert in all things Gishwhes, marks you as an individual unfit for living in the mundane realm of normalcy and distinguishes you as someone of extreme and meritorious weirdness for whom the world is a playground of limitless possibility.

*This Doctorate in no way qualifies you to do or be anything other than your own incredibly weird, kind and abnosome self... which is all you need in life for happiness, success and bountiful kale harvests."

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Oh dear god. I just cackled - CACKLED - for five minutes straight.

For anyone who needs a laugh - I'm pretty sure you don't need to know the SPN backstory to find this amusing,tho if you do, you may likewise be literally LOLSTC at this video.

Bless Mark Sheppard for being perfect and rolling with it...
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Things I had forgotten:

for all their lives, the Kitten of Thursday and Boomer have been apartment cats. To them, the washer and dryer are things that live Elsewhere.

Not so, here.

Things I learned:

While the washer sounds a lot like the dishwasher, and so is mildly interesting but not terribly disturbing, the dryer is.... well.

Stage One: WHATTHEFUCKMOMWHATTHEFUCKISTHAT? starting nervously and hiding behind my legs.

Stage Two: ....cautious, crouched staring from a safe distance.

Stage Three: we have not been eaten, therefore we are ignoring it utterly.

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The following two gifs are probably terribly apt for the coming week/ten days or so...

MuchAdo reaction shot

balthazar's and?

Also, unrelatedly but importantly, the TEMPORALLY OUT OF ORDER kickstarter is $305 $195 away from funding!  A Tuckerization in my story for that anthology is still available, and will make you the hero who pushes us over to 100%.  I'm just putting that out there....
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The rocks are frogs.

The trees are watching.

The air’s kinda thin up here.

But I’m not wrong.

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How To Adult (a YouTube edutainment channel affiliated with John Green) just reblogged one of my "adulting" comments over on Tumblr. And it kinda exploded.... (over 100 reblogs in under ten minutes, a month after it was originally posted, and still going).  So one assumes that considerably more than a hundred people just saw it....

Dear Mr. Green: I have these books over here, they're not officially YA, but if you or your team would like to mention them positively somewhere public, that would be swell....
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Hrm. Feeling good *checks mirror* looking pretty good...

*gets passport photos*


On the plus side, there won't be any issues at passport control when I stagger in off a redeye...
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here, have a nice break from the stress of everything, and read about what happens when the Avengers have to do the Talk Show Tour...

For NYCers and folk who might be in NYC: a restaurant review:  Today we checked out AG Kitchen for brunch.  They have a lovely space on the UWS (Columbus Avenue off W 72nd) and the menu -American and Latin comfort foods - is limited but highly-praised.

I opted for what is touted as "NYC's Best Cubano Sandwich."   Really? I asked the waiter.  Really, he assured me.
Entirely possibly accurate.  Also, enough for two meals.
Service was friendly and leisurely-in-a-good-way, even as the restaurant started to fill up (David counted 8 strollers parked by the bar - this is definitely a family-friendly restaurant, without ever feeling like it was overrun with small humans).

Recommended, although I advise scouting the menu first if you have anyone who is food-cautious, since the offerings are limited (but very tasty)


Nov. 21st, 2013 08:23 am
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It's a moveable feast: we celebrate when the check comes in.
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I'm trying to decide if this guy's ironic, or it seriously really wants you to do well...

aquatic cheerleader
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Work work walking craft fair mother's day brunch walking lots of walking more work. That was Sunday. Lots of fun, not exactly blog-fodder.


For them as already get it, and those who've been wondering about it, a fannish summary of Supernatural.

(for the rest of you: nothing to see here, move along, there may be a video of ElderCat stoned on catnip later)
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EtA: drat. The gif isn't gifing as an actual icon. Anyone know how to troubleshoot it?

EtA2: alas, too large for LJ. Foo.
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Okay, this is VERY IMPORTANT. I just learned that Daily SF March Madness starts on Friday (tomorrow). My story, "Mad Cats and Englishmen" is in the first round!

This is utterly meaningless and carries nothing more than temporary bragging rights, and yet if I fail horribly in the first round, I will be crushed, crushed, I tell you.

You wouldn't want to be responsible for that, would you?

The rules:

The bracket:

(yes, I will remind you again tomorrow, don't worry)


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