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 With everything else going on in the world, conversation this weekend seemed mostly centered on the Rattlesnake Hills fires, with a side note of the Mitchell fire in Wenatchee, and the Alamo fire in California (specifically, the ones where vineyards/wineries are at risk as well as homes, because this was industry conversation).

Main suspected causes of the fires? Human. Odds of them being from assholes setting off firecrackers in dry conditions over the 4th? High.

I'd say some people just can't resist making bad situations worse, but the truth is, these people don't put that much thinking into it. Pretty sure they're not putting much thinking into ANYTHING.

When the future writes humanity's obit, cause of death will probably be "terminal dumbassedness."

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 Today:  I worked on the novella-in-revisions, paid bills, cleaned the apartment, went to a Trumpcare protest in Bellevue (the sole Washington congresscritter who voted for repeal is attending a paid benefit rather than meeting with her constituents), and attended the Indivisible meeting tonight (I've missed the past few due to work issues).

Tomorrow:  more work on the novella-in-progress, hopefully handle some other work-stuff, stop by the Tasting Room to prep for the weekend and have an informational interview with someone about the wine industry, go into Seattle for dinner-and-movie with friends.

Saturday: full shift at the tasting room.  Work on the novella is there's brain left, after.

Sunday:  full shift at the tasting room.  Work on the novella is there's brain left, after.

Monday: finish the novella and send it out for the polish-readers.  Maybe catch Wonder Woman in the local theater.  Random winery office work, as needed.  Prep for new Book-work.

And people wonder why I drink so much coffee?

(nah.  Nobody wonders why)

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OK, I'm doing the thing.  

That unfinished first attempt at a fantasy novel I wrote when I was 22,  just found during the great unboxening?  I’m posting it (or as much as we can stand, anyway) to my Patreon for mocking.  Yep, that's right, pay $1/month to help support the feline medical fund, and get full mocking rights....

Disclaimer: I have very little memory of this book at all, and no idea how bad it gets.  But I suspect you'll also find the roots of a lot of my current work already lurking in the storeroom of my brain...

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I woke up this morning with two things burning like coal-embers in my brain.

1. a political filk to the tune of Tears for Fears' "Shout."
2. April's Patreon rant, which is about the myth of writer neurosis.

No wonder I'm so often tired when I wake up. My fucking brain doesn't know how to turn off without chemical aids.
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Twitter screen cap taken this evening, no manipulation.  Two very different reactions to the same book.

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As promised, the first "official" post of my Patreon, although I couldn't figure out how to relevant post the photo directly. So I will post it here, and then you can go read the post itself.

Please, no photos, no photos....

Going forward, most of the posts will be patron-restricted. Minimum support of $1/month to be a patron of the (cracktastic) arts!
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There will be an Official First Post at some point later today or first thing tomorrow, but, um. I may have not only committed Patreon, but Committed To Writing CrackFic.

If it please (and amuse) the court...

Several months ago, the opening line of a story came to me, and it made me crack up so hard the people at the Sunday Writing Cafe demanded to know what had gone through my mind.

The first time I met the tom, I knew he was going to be trouble. He walked in like he owned the place, not an orange tuft out of place, sleek and slick and pretending like he didn’t have a problem. I knew he had one; you could see it in their eyes, and anyway, the Human wouldn’t send me one who didn’t.
That’s what I do. I fix problems. They call me the Duchess, and I know every back alley milk-dealer and fishmonger in the city.

“Oh, you have to write that!” was the general reaction.

“There is no way anyone would buy this,” I protested. “It’d be total crackfic!” Unlike my ‘real’ mysteries, written under the name L.A. Kornetsky, where I try to keep things realistic, this would have cats and dogs and humans (and rats, because what’s pseudo-noir without a dirty rat or two?) interacting in an equal and implausible level…

“That’s why it would be so much fun!” my friends went on, because they’re Like That.

“And I don’t have time to write original fiction just to amuse myself, not with bills to pay and a diabetic cat to keep in medication…” And at that point my objections tripped over their own feet.

“Do it as a Patreon,” someone suggested, sensing my weakness. “Write the cat noir crackfic to cover the cost of CatofSize’s insulin!”

Because everyone knows that CatofSize has more fans online that I do.

But then life got busy with other things, and I pushed the story to the side….but the story kept pushing back, and I realized that writing it was going to happen, one way or the other. And CatofSize’s insulin isn’t getting any cheaper.

So here it is, your chance to encourage my more gonzo side, and see what happens in the dark corners of my mind when I haven’t had quite enough sleep and things get weird silly utterly ridiculous….
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Huh. Yeah, that's that, then. A little short and a lot messy, nothing anyone gets to see but me, but that's Draft 0 of Devil's West #2.


[I'm actually really really excited about Draft 0, but right now I feel like I've been beaten with bamboo rods, so 'woo' is all I got]

Now I have a month to do the second pass, and get it into shape I'm willing to let someone else read....

And, of course, I check email and hey! There's the CEM for Book 1 (aka SILVER ON THE ROAD) landing! Nice timing. Cruel, but nice.
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I need suggestions for characters from televised media (ideally television, movies are good too) who would qualify, either self-described or otherwise, as "functional alcoholics."

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I find this slightly worrying and at the same time deeply reassuring.

(James Patterson and John Irving both had their break-out novel at my age, and Janet Evonavich was slightly older.  And none of them were on their first - or second - book.)

blinkbox books author careers infographic

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I am - for 99.98% of what counts - a functional adult. I have adulting down to such a skill that nobody thinks of me as anything other than a competent (if occasionally goofy) adult.

And that’s how I like it. Because owning my own shit, the good and the bad, is important. Took me a few years of therapy to get there, but I got there.

But some days? Some days, I really want to hand life - all the adulting shit - over to someone else and say “you take care of this, I can’t deal.”

*looks around*

Yeah. Doesn’t work that way for most of us, no. Dealing’s what’s required.

But for the rest of today? I’m gonna be in the pillow fort. With a book, a teddy bear, and a bottle of wine.

If anyone needs to join me, the password’s SULK.
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3am, the phone rings - an unknown NYC number. Of COURSE I answer it, heart pounding, and hear....nothing.

A wet cough, then silence. Then the silence that indicates someone has hung up (I miss dial tones sometimes).

Reverse Call Search indicates this was a landline belonging to an older gentleman in Brooklyn. I had a moment of hesitation - that cough hadn't sounded good at all, he hadn't spoken, should I call 911? - before deciding that it had probably been an old man cough, that's all, and he'd meant to early-morning call his sister in Jersey, not panic someone whose own family still lives in NYC....

Folks, if you ever wrong-call someone? Say "whoops, sorry." I know you're embarrassed, but it can't hurt, will probably help.
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Or, as people with good breath control call it, "The Greatest Internet Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen." We just finished up this year's weeklong homage to creativity, joie de vivre, and teamwork, and I blogged about it for Book View Cafe.

Breaking the Comfort Zone, and GISHWHES

Remembering What it's All About

Not Only Refilling the Well, but Digging a New One Entirely...

Go, read.  Contemplate.  Comment.  Especially if you participated - I'd love to hear from my fellow 'hunters'!

Meanwhile, my teammates also blogged...

"We saved Scrappy!"

Tales of Survival (or: GISHWHES is over)

And if you'd like to see some of our finished Items, they're going up (slowly, because Work) on our tumblr


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