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 There was no brain for writing, this weekend - Saturday was the usual come-home-fall-over, after an 11-7 shift, and Sunday started early with a trip to the farmer's market, and then I got hit with a lot of winery-related stuff that needed to be done in addition to the actual tasting room hours.  Which is all good, and I got it one, and there's a definite feeling of accomplishment about that.  But the last 6 pages of the novella still need to be polished up, and there's a chunk of work that's resisting the polish.  Grr. Argh.

Patreon stuff to get done, too, and harass my editor once again about my not-yet-arrived revision letter.  And CampCon starts on Wednesday!  

And, in all this, CatofSize has decided to be a grouchy old bear, including giving the Kitten a what-for at the foot of the bed, at 4 this morning.  Thankfully, even half-asleep I know better than to put my hand into a catfight, but my voice was enough to send them running for opposite sides of the apartment.  and then I had to spend half an hour calming both of them down.

They're still not particularly on speaking terms, but there hasn't been a repeat of open hostilities.  This happens every now and again - the rest of the time they're affectionately tolerant of each other, which is about as good as you can hope for, with two unrelated male cats of different ages (CoS is 14, the Kitten is 4).  I suspect I will wake up tomorrow with everything back to normal.  I hope so, anyway.  Two 4am wakeups in the row, an I might forget I really don't want to dropkick them out the sliding doors.


May. 1st, 2017 04:45 pm
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Being home sick means I get to see a full day of catjinks. My conclusion: both my cats are mildly hypeactive dorks.

Just now: CatofSize gets off the sofa where we've been sitting, and walks slowly over to the Kitten, who has been more or less minding his own business, sprawled on the rug. The Kitten sits up, and stares back. I'm watching, wondering who is going to be the first to thwap.

Then the Kitten, still staring, reaches out and places one paw firmly on CoS's head, and then - as though astonished by his daring, dashes off across the room.

CoS then continues on his way to claim the cat tree perch, while the Kitten pretends nothing whatsoever just happened...

This holds for about 5 minutes, then they reclaim their original positions.
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Some of you following along on FB/Twitter/Patreon already know that Cat of Size had a hypoglycemic event yesterday morning (around 3:30 am, because of course he did), and ended up getting an emergency check on his numbers.

I just got off the phone with the vet. CoS's numbers came back, and they're awesomely good. I mean, better than we've seen since he was diagnosed three years ago (almost exactly three years ago, in fact).

So, in light of the fact that he's had two hypoglycemic events in the past 6 months, we're taking his insulin dosage down a smidge, and will retest him again in 6-8 weeks to see how that's working.

Fingers crossed: we may finally have gotten his diabetes under control.

(that is not to say "cured," but under control.  Which is huge.)

*throws confetti, slumps in relief*

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Apparently, the Kitten of Thursday has been paying attention to Kelly McCollough's "cat vest" photos...
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There will be an Official First Post at some point later today or first thing tomorrow, but, um. I may have not only committed Patreon, but Committed To Writing CrackFic.

If it please (and amuse) the court...

Several months ago, the opening line of a story came to me, and it made me crack up so hard the people at the Sunday Writing Cafe demanded to know what had gone through my mind.

The first time I met the tom, I knew he was going to be trouble. He walked in like he owned the place, not an orange tuft out of place, sleek and slick and pretending like he didn’t have a problem. I knew he had one; you could see it in their eyes, and anyway, the Human wouldn’t send me one who didn’t.
That’s what I do. I fix problems. They call me the Duchess, and I know every back alley milk-dealer and fishmonger in the city.

“Oh, you have to write that!” was the general reaction.

“There is no way anyone would buy this,” I protested. “It’d be total crackfic!” Unlike my ‘real’ mysteries, written under the name L.A. Kornetsky, where I try to keep things realistic, this would have cats and dogs and humans (and rats, because what’s pseudo-noir without a dirty rat or two?) interacting in an equal and implausible level…

“That’s why it would be so much fun!” my friends went on, because they’re Like That.

“And I don’t have time to write original fiction just to amuse myself, not with bills to pay and a diabetic cat to keep in medication…” And at that point my objections tripped over their own feet.

“Do it as a Patreon,” someone suggested, sensing my weakness. “Write the cat noir crackfic to cover the cost of CatofSize’s insulin!”

Because everyone knows that CatofSize has more fans online that I do.

But then life got busy with other things, and I pushed the story to the side….but the story kept pushing back, and I realized that writing it was going to happen, one way or the other. And CatofSize’s insulin isn’t getting any cheaper.

So here it is, your chance to encourage my more gonzo side, and see what happens in the dark corners of my mind when I haven’t had quite enough sleep and things get weird silly utterly ridiculous….
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Cat of Size has gone from hoovering ALL THE FOOD to having to be reminded that there is food in his dish, so I can give him his insulin shot.

(once I hand-feed him a bit, he will go back and eat more, like "oh yeah, I like this!" but more days than not there is food left in his dish when he wanders away. And sometimes he will come back and eat more, but more often he won't - and the Kitten descends upon it like the still-growing teenaged panther he is).

I don't know if I should be concerned about this (he needs to eat, to get his shot) or relieved (hoovering all the food is what got him into trouble in the first place) or just assume that this too is part of having an elder boycat, and we can adjust his insulin down if needed...

I suspect what it means is another vet trip in the near future. Oh joy.

(Cat of Size does NOT like car rides)
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Cat1: “Mom is moving furniture! Run! Hide!”

Cat2: “Mom is moving furniture! Quick, get rolled up in the carpet!”

no points for guessing which was which.
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Castiel, Kitten of Thursday, Menace to Society, has come up with a new way to indicate that he's booooooored.

He will stalk up to me while I'm working, and bite my pants leg.

Not me, just the fabric. One quick bite and a tug, then a release. Then he'll do it again a few minutes later if I don't come play with him.

I suppose there are worse habits he could come up with?

Meanwhile, the Cat of Size continues along. He had a bad patch, and seems to be on a good patch now, with continued cuddles and not seeming to mind TOO much that we've switched his feeding-and-shots schedule a few hours later.

(this means I'm actually less productive in the morning, which is totally my fault, not his. Need to work on that).

(because I know you're here more for them than you are me....)
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Today is Tax Day, which means that 1Q estimated taxes are also due.

Happy Wednesday, my fellow freelancers! (for heavy levels of sarcasm)

But today is also the birthday (observed) of our own CatofSize!

(fitting, considering how much money he's cost me over the years).

The Booomer, waking up from a nap.  If he outgrows that basket, we're all in trouble...This is Boomer when he first came to live with me, at an estimated 10-14 months.  As I said at the time, it was a good thing he had a sweet nature, because that much muscle could do damage without even thinking about it...

And this is Boomer now.  As you can see, not much has changed...except he got LARGER.

... but still the loving cuddler who kept me going through some very bad years.

HBD, my sweet boy.
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Beware the Ides of March...but celebrate the birthday (observed) of the Kitten of Thursday!

That's right, Castiel is officially and approximately TWO.

Happy birthday, you menace to society.

(He doesn't get a cupcake, but that shouldn't stop you from having one.....)

(the day he came home - with coffee cup and finger puppets for scale)
cas1                                                 (Cas learns how to be a writer's cat)

(Menace to Society...)
cas towel
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CatofSize isn't sure if he's having a bad morning or is just in a Grumpy Old Man stage. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference...  And I probably should stop referring to having to shoot the cat. New people (and some older ones) keep reading it all wrong. ;-)

But hey, being up at 6am and thinking "I need to write" and being able to sit down and write... we're doing okay here, for a Wednesday.

Oh, and I'm in the barrel for WWW Wednesday, over at Book View Cafe.

An interesting take on the difference between reddit and tumblr fandom that's both gender-directed and possibly explains a lot about our wider culture...

Meanwhile, out there in the world, our own Elizabeth Bear's dad, Stephen Wishnevsky of Wishbass, had his workshop destroyed by fire. There's a gofundme set up to help him rebuild. If you're a musician, specifically, you might want to take a look, not only to help out but to maybe pick up a new toy once he's rebuilt...

And Mette Ivie Harrison, on How Writers get Paid, if you ever wondered, or thought you knew...

Oh, and because that remids me I need to remember to self-promote every now and again, a reminder that you can pre-order the 4th Gin & Tonic mystery now at the following lovely locations:

B&N Kobo Seattle Mystery Bookstore Mysterious Galaxy Indigo/Chapters Amazon
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Because I forgot to do it last week when Mercury was busy tangling up my life: the blood work came back on CatofSize, and I'm pleased to say that his kidneys, liver and other internals all look good. In fact, if it weren't for his not-yet-controlled diabetes, he'd be disgustingly healthy for a middle-aged cat.

He's also put some weight back, but this vet doesn't think it's a concern - he's nowhere near his top weight, and with The Kitten of Thursday around to keep him on his toes, probably never will be again...
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So, the cost of insulin has exploded recently. Great, I guess, if you're covered by insurance. If you need it for your cat or dog, though? SOL.

Thanks, Sanofi-Aventis. Because paying $300+ for a 10 ml vial isn't a luxury or an option - it's what my cat needs to SURVIVE. I hope you bastards choke on every extra penny you're padding your bottom (dollar) with.

I am all about big pharma having patents - that's how you make money to cover the cost of the experiments that don't pan out. But there's a huge difference between "making money" and "making obscene amounts of money at the expense of life-giving drugs becoming unaffordable."

(And don't even get me started on their legal push to get rid of inexpensive drugs being made available to the poor in other nations, because I WILL froth.)

So if you only see me briefly at Norwescon, it's because I chose to keep my cat alive and healthy, rather than having a hotel room for the weekend.
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SILVER ON THE ROAD is off to the copyeditor (eeep) and is being over-read for horse and tribal neep as well, to ensure that I only make the most embarrassing mistakes everyone else also missed...

Meanwhile, I'm closing in on the 10% mark of Book #2: "There was something his charge wasn’t telling him, her thoughts wrapped tight inside her head, those sharp eyes clouded in a way they hadn’t been just that morning. Gabriel was too tired to dig at it tonight, though. And, he had discovered, Isobel was a sensible girl: she would come to him in her own time. Or leave him an opening to walk through, when she was ready."

And, in other book-news, the first pass proofs for CLAWED just hit.  So I guess I know what I'm doing this weekend...

In convention news... Who (finally) remembered to sign and return her letter of Agreement and is going to DragonCon?  This meerkat!

And the fifth update is about the cats, of course.  Am pleased to say that CatofSize seems to have completely recovered from his illness of the week previous.  We still have to run the next glucose curve to see how it's working, but he's been lively and affectionate as a kitten, with the appetite of same.  And no digestive difficulties.  Yay!
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Although we'd been scheduled to do a full glucose curve today (and by 'we' I mean Boomer), after the initial exam, and a close study of the records the old vet sent over, it was determined that we should try changing his eating habits/food for a few weeks, and then see if that fixes things.

So we've made an appointment for three weeks from today, and I have a new set of prescription foods to try him on, with instructions to let him eat pretty much as much as he wants, rather than restricting his access. The new vet's feeling is that he'd rather Boomer be slightly overweight than hungry, with a risk of sugar drops.

Since this might also solve the "mommy it's 4am and I'm HUUUUUNGRY" issue that's recently become a problem, I am 100% behind this idea.

Also, the vet seemed to think that 18.5 pound was perfectly fine on the Boomerster, so if he does put on a little more weight, it's not a huge concern (heh. huge).  It wasn't a very thorough exam, but the vet did seem to be paying attention and he had, as I siad, read the full fille, including his most recent checkup only a few months ago.

Overall, the new vet's office - which specializes in felines - is getting high marks for cleanliness, promptness, and generally nice forward-facing staff.  So that's good.

And, in closing, tonight's sunset, courtesy of fog and sun.
fog sunset
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I have things I need to do (upload this month's Westward Bound post to Book View Cafe, answer emails, write many many words, start reading the new massive reference book I picked up yesterday), but first I have to pick up the rental car, then put the cat into the rental car, then take the cat to their new vet and leave them there for a day's worth of glucose curve testing.

During which I will probably be checking out the local-to-the-vet cafe that seems to have Real Proper NY Bagels. Report to come.
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This morning I dealt with a feline sugar crash (perfect timing cat, you couldn't have done that while at the vet's tomorrow?) and then delicately hammered out my daily dose of new words-

Brassy child, he muttered, not first the first time since she’d issued that threat.  His own fault for teaching her to tie knots, and to praise her for learning them so well.

- and then to Ikea to return a thing, and theb my twinling and I sat down, as we oft do - though now in the flesh rather than Skype! - and bemoaned the current state of our PiSS (projects in stalled stasis).  And in the bemoaning, as we oft do,  we able to fix each other - or at least give ourselves a new and more profitable direction in which to go.

So now I can toss the three failed attempts at an opening in this novella,  and start somewhere entirely new, in a different pinpoint of time. That should work, yes.

But right now, I need to put on my editor hat and knock other people into shape.  Cabana boy, where's my wine and lash?
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Things I had forgotten:

for all their lives, the Kitten of Thursday and Boomer have been apartment cats. To them, the washer and dryer are things that live Elsewhere.

Not so, here.

Things I learned:

While the washer sounds a lot like the dishwasher, and so is mildly interesting but not terribly disturbing, the dryer is.... well.

Stage One: WHATTHEFUCKMOMWHATTHEFUCKISTHAT? starting nervously and hiding behind my legs.

Stage Two: ....cautious, crouched staring from a safe distance.

Stage Three: we have not been eaten, therefore we are ignoring it utterly.

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A week ago, I arrived in Seattle for the long stay.  Woke up this morning to a cat's nose in my face. Life is back to what passes for normal.... (except they let me sleep until 6:30! A West Coast Miracle!).  The apartment's still a work in progress, but we're getting there.  It feels like home now, anyway.

Today's schedule: testing out Instacart's delivery system (I already know I'm not impressed by their website), editorial work, and trying to make a short story of my own behave. Oh, and checking out the building's gym, since I have no plans to walk several miles anywhere, today...

I'm also going to be setting up 2015's client schedule, so if you think you might want to work with me next year, now's the time to mention it, so we can discuss.... (I only work with one client at a time, so slots do fill up).

Meanwhile, An Amusement:

In the NYC apartment, the only mirrors were a) a full-length one on the inside of the coat closet, b) a decorative one hung on the wall, and c) the medicine cabinet.

None of them ever seemed to catch the cats' attention.

However, in the Seattle apartment, the bathroom mirror is an oversized wall-mounted one, backing the entire length of the vanity. And Castiel is fascinated with it, up to and including jumping into the tub, then stretching up to stare at the mirror from a safe distance, and then leaping forward over the tub ledge, up onto the counter, to get a better look.

I'm not sure what he thinks is going on, or who that handsome devil he keeps spotting might be, but it's pretty damn funny to watch....


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