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So, we've been talking behind the scenes for a while (with breaks for holidays, illness, and pretty much every other interruption you could imagine), but I'm pleased to say that it's now official: I'll be writing two more historical fantasies for Saga Press/S&S!  (thereby covering your Gilman-related reading needs through 2019).

from Publishers Lunch: 

Bestselling author and Nebula Award finalist Laura Anne Gilman's untitled historical fantasy, described as a grown-up Johnny Tremaine meets The Blue Sword, in a two-book deal to Joe Monti at Saga Press, by Barry Goldblatt at Barry Goldblatt Literary. 

These books will be stand-alones - this was my request, as I've been writing series books for fourteen years now (!!), and wanted to play within self-contained stories for a while.

This does not mean the Devil's West is over.  With book 3, Isobel came to a natural pausing point, so I'm taking it.  However,  other characters in that universe have been asking for their time on the page  (details on THAT to come).  And I'm incredibly excited about these new books and new characters....

Many thanks to my agent, Barry Goldblatt, and my editor, Joe Monti, for listening, and making it all happen.  :-)


And yes, this means I will spend much of 2017 writing about rebels and royalists during the War for Independence.  Yes, my timing is either impeccable, or uncannily unnerving.

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It's cold and blustery in much of the northern hemisphere (and too hot to move in the southern hemisphere, I suspect) so that means it's the perfect time to curl up and read!

And it's Bittersweet Chocolate Day, too!  Time to break out the stash of the good stuff, and curl up with a good book.   THE COLD EYE is here for you.  <3

 "[THE COLD EYE is] a fabulous coming-of-age tale of magic and power, set in a    conflict-ridden alternative Wild West so vividly evoked that readers will be saddling up to ride along. ”
- Library Journal   (redstar starred review!  )

“The detail of the writing and steady pace of the story will keep readers intrigued with this tale of the Devil, unskilled magic and the newly formed government in Washington, DC.  …Gilman is a master storyteller.”  redstarredstarredstarredstar  (4 stars) – RT Reviews

“(In THE COLD EYE), Gilman crafts a fascinating vision of a magic-infested continent, set in an unsettled and unpredictable time.” – Publishers Weekly


the cold eye


Simon & Schuster / B&N / Kobo / Mysterious Galaxy / University Bookstore / PowellsIndigo/Chapters /
Indiebound /Book Depository / Amazon / iBooks / Books-A-Million / GooglePlay
or find it at your local library!


For those playing catch-up, SILVER ON THE ROAD is still on sale at Amazon (US) and B&N.  And in case you still weren't convinced by all the reviews, here's a new one out today from SFF World, that concludes, "Silver on the Road is a fantastic novel that shows a writer with exemplary skill playing with conventional story tropes/themes, fully realized characters, and telling quite simply, a marvelous story."

Meanwhile, today I'm talking about writing series books, and advising writers to "Slide on the Ice," over at Magical Words.

And the updated list of where I'm be reading/signing has been posted!

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Before I disappear for a day or revising the entire first third of the book (sob), lemme tell you about a Thing! Even better, A Thing I'm In!

The Usual Path to Publication

27 stories about 27 ways in
edited by Shannon Page
A BVC Original

With as many "success stories" as there are authors, there is no usual path to publication. Here, for your edification and entertainment, are a double dozen (and more) examples.

An essay collection of the many Unusual, inspirational, bizarre, even dreadful tales of how writers actually got published -- and how even that is not the end of the story.

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The CEM for SILVER ON THE ROAD has gone back to Mr. Monti​.

That means.... it's time to go back to Yet Untitled #2 for the second pass, wherein I take an ugly rough draft and turn it into something that doesn't make me cringe. Prepare for weeping, swearing, hand-waving, and occasional impassioned headdesking...

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Since I just got yet another reader email asking about the future of the PSI novels... here's the FAQ.
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The truth is that in recent years the idea of a single launch day has pretty much fallen into disuse, if only because the physical books are on the shelf before the digital books are officially released.  But still, it's nice to have a single point in time when you say, "It's here!  It's a Real Book You Can Read!"

And so, today is the day that HEART OF BRIAR is (officially) out in the wild!  And I’m too busy with deadlines  to do more than go “wooo!" and remind you. Party for me!


“You can always count on (the) gifted Gilman to deliver richly layered fantasy filled with winning characters and well-defined worlds, and she doesn’t disappoint with HEART OF BRIAR. (A) terrific series starter.” ♦♦♦♦ (4 stars) – RT Reviews

and here, don't take it on faith - Read an excerpt!

Available via...


Your Local Independent Bookstore

Barnes & Noble

and I will be out and about in the next 4 weeks, doing signings and readings and whatnot...

Powell’s Cedar Hills Crossing  (Portland, OR)
(signing for HEART OF BRIAR)
Monday August 12th, 7pm

Pacific Northwest Reading Series (Seattle, WA)
Tuesday August 13th, 2013

Pacific Northwest Reading Series (Portland, OR)
Wednesday August 14th, 2013

SF in SF (San Francisco, CA)
Saturday August 17th, 2013

Barnes & Noble (San Jose, CA)
Almaden Plaza, 5353 Almaden Expressway
Sunday August 18th, 2013 4PM

DragonCon (Atlanta, GA)
August 30th-September 2nd, 2013

Baltimore Book Festival (Baltimore, MD)
September 27-29, 2013

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"Heart of Briar is an engaging fantasy read that works to turn a number of fantasy tropes and legends on their heads. There are elements from traditional tales like Tam Lin to ideas that would be more at home in a modern paranormal romance, mixed together and subverted." (from GoodReads)

Why yes, yes I did. I did that thing*.

The reader was less certain about Jan and Martin's motivations, but more of that will be coming in SOUL OF FIRE (October), as more of the curtain is pulled back....

As a reminder, this is what RT Reviews said:

“You can always count on (the) gifted Gilman to deliver richly layered fantasy filled with winning characters and well-defined worlds, and she doesn’t disappoint with HEART OF BRIAR. (A) terrific series starter.” ♦♦♦♦ (4 stars)

This is a very different book from anything I've done before, and I'm not sure I'll ever write anything like this again, but it was fun. I'm glad that's coming through in the reading experience, too. :-)

It ships in eight days. meeep!

Your Local Independent Bookstore
(note: if you order it from Posman Books in NYC, I might be able to get it signed/personalized for you.)

or you can pre-order a signed copy from
Powells Cedar Hills Crossing where I'll be August 12th

and don't forget to check the sightings and signings page, to see where else I'll be this summer!

*I should point out, quietly, that I'm pretty sure TPTB at Harlequin didn't know that I was subverting the tropes when they approved the outline for Portals.
I mean what's the fun of subversion if you tell people you're doing it beforehand?
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(really like magic, if you order a digital edition!)

He has been taken. And you are his only chance.”

That wasn’t something Jan expected to hear-especially from strangers who’d just rescued her from some mysterious and ferocious creatures. And she really hadn’t expected her rescuers to be shape-shifters….
Now it turns out her boyfriend, Tyler, hasn’t gone missing, he’s been stolen-and Jan’s the only one who might be able to get him back.
From Elfland.

"“You can always count on (the) gifted Gilman to deliver richly layered fantasy filled with winning characters and well-defined worlds, and she doesn’t disappoint with HEART OF BRIAR. (A) terrific series starter.” ♦♦♦♦ (4 stars)
(RT Reviews)

direct Amazon link:

direct B&N link:

To buy from an independent bookstore:

originally published at writer. editor. tired person
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So, a long while back (two years, more or less) I had a story out on submission. And an editor said "I like this, I want to buy it. But... we haven't signed the contract for the anthology I want to buy it for yet so can I hold onto it for a while?"

And I - respecting and trusting the editor - said yes.

(okay, there was more negotiation than that, and a 'pending contract' and whatnot, but basically I said 'yeah, you can have it for whenever you can publish it.'  Because you do that for editors you like and respect, and think would be a good match for the story.)

That trust paid off, 'cause today the anthology was Officially Announced.


"Titan Books announced today that next spring it will publish Dead Man’s Hand: An Anthology of the Weird West (May 2014, Trade Paperback), an exclusive “weird western” anthology, edited by John Joseph Adams, that will include stories from many of today’s most talented authors, some new to the genre and others well-known to readers."

And me!  And my story "The Devil's Jack."

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Yesterday, I put the final touches on the revisions for SOUL OF FIRE, and sent it off to madame editrix. The next time I see the book, we'll be in copyedits, and then page proofs, and then a finished book. So it's not dusted, but yeah... it's done.

And that means my ten year, twelve-book relationship with Harlequin has also come to - well, a pause, if not an end. HEART OF BRIAR and SOUL OF FIRE will be the last books from Luna for me. The next fantasy book I want to write isn't one they thought would be right for their list, and I really didn't want to put this one aside for another year or more

So we'll see what we see.

Meanwhile, I'm still working on the 3rd Gin & Tonic mystery for Simon & Schuster, and putting "Promises to Keep" into production for the Kickstarter backers, and there's half a dozen other non-novel projects, as well as That Book I Want to Write. Which is good, because the morning after you hit a deadline, there's this sense of panic - but what do I do NOW? I mean, after you catch up on all the old tv episodes you've been meaning to stream on Netflix, and sleeping all the sleep...

Life goes on. The work goes on. Being bored is, thankfully, not an option.
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You know, if you have a desire for such a thing.

He has been taken. And you are his only chance."

That wasn't something Jan expected to hear-especially from strangers who'd just rescued her from some mysterious and ferocious creatures. And she really hadn't expected her rescuers to be shape-shifters....

Now it turns out her boyfriend, Tyler, hasn't gone missing, he's been stolen-and Jan's the only one who might be able to get him back.

From Elfland.

Yeah, Jan's pretty sure the entire world's gone crazy. Even if the shifters claim that the naturals (like her) and the supernaturals (like them) belong in this world...but the preternaturals, what humans call elves, don't.  And the preters have found a portal into our world. A doorway they can use to infiltrate, to take, to conquer.

Jan's not just Ty's only hope - she's got to rescue humanity, as well....

Heart of Briar

July 30, 2013

$7.99 paper/digital

"Do you believe in magic? You will when Gilman's done with you." -- New York Times bestselling author Dana Stabenow

At Amazon

At Barnes & Noble

At Powell's

At Mysterious Galaxy

Via IndieBound

Those of you who are sharp-eyed will have noted the price, and the format.  That's right: HEART OF BRIAR is a paperback original.

I know that for a lot of writers, trade or - better yet - hardcover is where it's at.  And yeah, the more expensive, more durable format is  nice.  But I remember being a teenager and going into a bookstore with my allowance -and later, my wee teenaged summer camp counselor paycheck - and trying to buy as many books as I could with the money I had.  Paperbacks - the lower price point - allowed me to do that.

As much as I love trade paperbacks and hardcovers, I flinch when I see the prices, and think about the books I wouldn't be able to buy.  So yeah, when Harlequin said "we're thinking about publishing this duology in paperback first..." I leapt on it with both hands and some unabashed glee.

I hope y'all feel the same.  :-)

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As folk who know me will tell you, I am not good with being patient*. I'm especially not good with patience when waiting for Ts to be dotted and Eyes crossed. Which means for the past week or so I've been bouncing in my chair and saying now? How about now? How about NOW?"

Now? Now!

I am very pleased to say that there will be two more "Gin and Tonic" mysteries coming from "L.A. Kornetsky" and S&S/Pocket Books!

does happy writer chair-dance

Although I've been writing mysteries-in-fantasy for a long while, the move to straight mysteries was slightly nerve-wracking, and I'm thrilled that the response was "yes more please."

The Very Very Tentative Titles are DOGHOUSE and CHIP AND SWITCH. This will follow 2012's COLLARED, and the forthcoming FIXED (10/2013).

*editor M and Agent J were (I think) vastly amused by my twitching

Film/TV rights are still available. Y'know, if you happen to have a checkbook and interest... (what? It could happen!)
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The Year-End Project has been...not exactly put to rest, but it's on a back burner, 40,000 words prepped and waiting for Discussions.

So, what's up, what's on deck?

Right now, the main priority is getting "Miles to Go" into final shipping shape for the Kickstarter backers. They're also due a few stories (I haven't forgotten, guys!). Plus, working with the good folk at PlusOne to get the second novella done, etc etc. That's January/February.

I also owe some other folk stories in the next six weeks. That's front-burner for January. Also, revisions to the books I handed in to my editors in, respectively, October and December. And there's February/March, sorted.

After that? I don't know. A lot of possibles. If the reaction was good, more Sylvan Investigations. The short story e-collection. Possibly another Gin & Tonic mystery or two. Hopefully, another fantasy or three. Waiting on callbacks.

Also, A Project I Can't Talk About Yet, but that has me really excited.

I do know that in the second half of this year I have three novels coming out - the next Gin & Tonic mystery, FIXED, and the Portals fantasy duology, HEART OF BRIAR and SOUL OF FIRE. So it's going to be a busy 2013 no matter what....

And that's how I like it. :-)
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So, the last week of the year probably isn't the best of times to announce a deal (nobody's around to cheer) and I'll probably re-announce it come January, but the details have been hammered out and I'm pleased to say that PlusOne Press will be doing the trade paper edition* of Miles to Go/Promises to Keep, the first two Sylvan Investigations** novellas!

Ebook format will be available via BookView Cafe, and various and sundry other Official EBooksellers.  

Estimated publication: November 2013.  Details as they happen.

(if you Kickstarted, you should get the first e-book this January, and the second in February, after which they will be re-prepped for the General Readership.)

*all other rights remain with me.  If you're interested in, say, audio, translation, adaption know who to call.  ;-)

*aka "the next Cosa Nostradamus stories, featuring Danny Hendrickson, a half-faun ex-cop PI."
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Most of the folk here, if you know me as a writer, know me for my novels.

I also write short fiction. Some of it's similar to my novels, and some of it...isn't.

Many years ago, I wrote a story. It was called "End of Days," and it was, in a phrase, one fucked-up child of a story. And I loved it, because it was so fucked-up, and painful, and true. And because it asked me to do things, writing-wise, and write things, theme-wise, that I'd never done before.

And then, a little while later, with entirely different things in my head, I wrote a story called "Dragons." And it was only mildly fucked-up, and in a totally different voice and time and setting, and - and they were set in the same world.

And I realized that they were the start and end points of.... call it a story-cycle.

And Dragon Virus came into being.

In 2011, Fairwood Press published it as a limited edition, signed hardcover.

And now, in 2012, BookViewCafe is publishing it as an ebook.

a tragedy in six evolutions / an evolution in six tragedies

Words, even beautiful words, cannot explain what this project means to me.  It was the challenge to me-as-writer, and me-as-human.  It's the challenge to all of us, to look at our beliefs, our expectations, our presumptions and our prejudices, and our innate, bastard/angel, human impulses.

I won't say I hope you enjoy it.  I do hope it moves you.

(yes, it will go up on Amazon and B&N, for those who prefer those markets. Just...not quite yet.) And it's now up at Amazon and B&N!
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There's nothing like the panic of waking up and thinking OMG NEW BOOK TODAY! If I ever get blasé about that, please hit me. Because EEEEEEEEE! *manages to hop in excitement and shudder in concern, all at once* And yes, launching a new identity AND a new series kind of cranks both sides of that up to 11.

Because yes, today is the day L.A. Kornetsky officially "lands" in bookstores (and the ebook should be available to download). Excuse me while I go have a celebratory and essential double espresso and chocolate for breakfast.  And you can help celebrate by buying the book!

And this also means that it is time to trot out the Sundry Sillies, and "Written On the Occasion of a Book-Birthday (with Apologies to Master Shakespeare")
“To brace or not to brace; that is the question:
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The inevitability of that Klausner review,
Or to take refuge against a poor store display,
And by ignoring deny them? To work: to weep;
No more; and by weeping to say we endure
The heart-ache and the thousand returned books
An author is prone to, ’tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wish’d. To work, to weep;
To weep: perchance to go out of stock: aye, there’s the rub;
For in that work of bookstores what fears may come
When we have shuffled off this contractual coil,
Must give us pause: there’s the respect
That makes calamity of too little backlist;
For who would bear the whips and scorns of Locus,
The reviewers’s wrong, the disappointed reader’s spite,
The pangs of despised love, the payment’s delay,
The insolence of wannabes and the spurns
That patient merit of the unpublished takes,
When he himself might his quietus make
With a delete button? who would fardels bear,
To grunt and sweat under a weary life,
But that the dread of there being nothing after,
The remainder’d country from whose bourn
No author returns, puzzles the will
And makes us rather bear those ills we have
Than fly to others that we know not of?
Thus publishing doth make cowards of us all;
And thus the native hue of resolution
Is sicklied o’er with the pale cast of thought,
And manuscripts of great pith and moment
With this regard their currents turn awry,
And lose the pacing of action. – Soft you now!
The fair New York Times list! Nymph, in thy orisons
Be all my words remember’d.”

Meanwhile, you can check out a Day in the Life of Mistress Penny, and enter for the chance to win a copy of COLLARED... 
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Last year, I decided to try a Kickstarter to, well, kickstart a novella set in the pre-history of The Vineart War trilogy. That story became "From Whence You Came," and it was funded, written, published, and, well, people seemed to like it.

It's now available to the general reading public (or at least, the tiny segment of said reading public who need more sea-serpents, magic, female scientists, and cranky merchants in their lives).

At the moment, you can buy it via BookView Cafe, in DRM-free mobi and epub formats.

Eventually, it will be available at Amazon and B&N (and, hopefully, participating Indiebound stores).... but I'll be blunt and say that I'd rather you supported BVC, as the monies raised go not only to me, but to support the co-op as a whole, so we can keep bringing you fine reading at reasonable prices.....

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Phrases you generally don't expect to read in an urban fantasy: “Am pleased to report that our little string has hit critical mass and gone fucking viral."

Yep, am working on Soul of Fire, the conclusion to Heart of Briar. Elves, kelpies, gnomes, and geeks.

Look for both from Luna at the end of 2013.

Look for me in the Recuperative Home for Really Tired Writers, starting in mid-2013.
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According to the just-released schedule, my short-short "The Cost" will be on Daily Science Fiction July 16th.

Free stories, in your mailbox. Every. Day.

Seriously, why have you not signed up already?

And for those of you who misse it the first time around, my other DSF story, "Mad Cats and Englishmen" is here. If you read/like it, give it some ratings love. And, y'know, say nice things about it elsewhere. Praise makes me work harder/write more. :-)
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Under the heading of “better not-early than too-late,” I have (yeah, I know, finally!) updated the DRAGON JUSTICE page, complete with excerpt & ordering info!

Soon (how soon? Two weeks. Maybe three…) there will be a chance to Win Valuable Prizes on the Official Release Day(s)! Keep an eye on this page….

I’ve also updated the ordering info (where available) for THE SHATTERED VINE paperback (scheduled release: August 28th).

And now I need to go back to avoiding the utterly disgusting and unwanted heat wave most of the country seems to be laid out under, and finishing the revisions on Heart of Briar, and writing Miles to Go, and…. y’know, all that other stuff that (I hope) keeps you coming back….


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