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If you missed last month's new story on Patreon, "Trouble in Fear," you can still sign on and read it - plus the first Pietr Cholis story, "Trouble in Mind"!  Otherwise you're going to have to wait until the series is complete, and then buy the full set....  (and that may not be for another 6+ months!  Delayed gratification is all well and fine, but $1/month gets you satisfaction now!)



Meanwhile, we've got an exclusive "false start" excerpt from the NewBook, that nobody outside of Patreon will ever see.  Hints at what's coming, and a peek into what my brain is like during first drafts.  If that's your cuppa, anyway.  :-)

Coming this week: October's "WTF is writing?" discussion, the monthly Rant, and more of My Youthful Folly (aka "annotated-with-snark excerpts from the first book I ever tried to write")....


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 The West is still burning.  Texas is wringing out, but Florida is underwater.  Mexico is rattled.  The Northeast, I am told, is bracing for locusts.

(Joking.  Mostly.  Kinda.  Maybe.)

I'm writing again, after a summer of seemingly endless interruptions, but not as quickly as I'd like.  On the plus side, the Patreon story-series is flowing like crazy.  I guess it's true: sometimes you have to walk away from people (characters) to want to come back to them...

and ...Pietr, you spent way too much time in NYC.

"Nobody needed that kind of tsurus, without they were working off a lot of bad karma."

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 Reminder: if you're frustrated because I'm only doing one novel a year, you can get a MONTHLY fix of fiction via my Patreon....

A new short story guaranteed every month, for just $1, plus additional levels of Stuff!

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For those new to the game, every week we're given a word (the "book quote for Wednesday") and challenged to come up with an excerpt from our work to match it.

This week, the word is "short," and I'm sharing a bit from the ongoing "cat noirish" (really!) serial I'm creating over on Patreon....


I’d found over the years that the reasonable explanation, especially when it came to professional crime, was usually the true one. 

Still, I was up.  And short of curling on the seashell-upholstered sofa and reading a tatty paperback all day, I might as well go see if the alleged crime scene gave up anything more under direct daylight.
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 Part Two of "In My Youthful Folly," aka the read-along of my first attempted novel (at the ripe age of barely-22), is up at Patreon. For Just One Dollar! a month, you too can follow along as I make snide commentary to my younger self...

(plus, cat noir serial fiction, flash fiction, Irritated Meerkat Rants, excerpts, and more!)
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OK, I'm doing the thing.  

That unfinished first attempt at a fantasy novel I wrote when I was 22,  just found during the great unboxening?  I’m posting it (or as much as we can stand, anyway) to my Patreon for mocking.  Yep, that's right, pay $1/month to help support the feline medical fund, and get full mocking rights....

Disclaimer: I have very little memory of this book at all, and no idea how bad it gets.  But I suspect you'll also find the roots of a lot of my current work already lurking in the storeroom of my brain...

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Whoops, looks like I'm going to owe my patrons an audio this month - we hit the "have Auntie Meerkat read each episode of the serial" bonus level of the Patreon!

(thankfully, we've just started the newest serial, so I should be able to catch up easily enough.)

  • - "Author's notes" video updates, discussing each new episode and whatever else is on my alleged mind

  • - Monthly deleted excerpts from works that will never be seen elsewhere (warning: there may be spoilers!)

  • - Each complete serial you supported (in mobi or epub format), digitally "pawmarked" and numbered.

  • - An original flash fiction, every month.
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And the next installment of Duchess, PI is about to go off to the beta-readers... are you signed up yet? Only $1 for the ongoing adventures of the best feline PI in the Alley! (plus much more!)

"I lifted my head to look around again, even as I felt my claws flex, digging into the sand like I was preparing to leap on something. The old hunting instinct isn’t as buried as civilized folk like to think, and a smart puss learns to listen to it when it growls."
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December's Rant is up for my patrons!  Guaranteed politics-free, but with added coffee shop bad behavior...

and for those at the $9+ level, the new flash fiction piece "All Things Considered" is also up!

$1/month gets you entry, if you're not already a patron!  Original fiction, Rants, behind the scenes updates, and more!  Funds go to support the very expensive medical habits of the Diabetic Feline and his asthmatic brother.
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For all patrons on my Patreon, episode 5 of The Case of the Feckless Ferrets is now up for your reading amusement!
(and if you haven't been patronizing, now is an excellent time to jump in, since we have a stand-alone story coming next month!)

Meanwhile, this week's #bookqw, for those not on Twitter, is "nothing."  As in, there's nothing to be afraid of....  except, of course, when there is.

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Starting this month, there has been a change to some of the Patreon rewards (adding, not subtracting!)

In addition to the on-going original serial fiction, the monthly rants, the "writerbrain" updates and the deleted extras, for patrons at the $9 level, there will be a new flash fiction every month, and the $25 tier has been upgraded to a new Tuckerization for every new serial.
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WRITING. Again. Finally. I was starting to worry I'd gone full-on into editorial mode and would never get out. (I kid, I kid, I always know my way out)

Currently playing in the Patreon-only world of Duchess, PI. $1/month gets you entree into the mind of the Alley's best snoop-for-hire....

"For someone in my line of work, people-watching was both a professional skill and a hobby, and this crowd was a masterclass in expensive boredom mixed with a smear of middle-class pretension."
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You have a patented Meerkat Rant in your inbox, entitled "History Will Fuck you Up."

If you're not a member, you get nothing. That's how it works.

($1/month gets you in the door, though. Whatcha waiting for?)
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One last reminder before the new episode starts: if you want in on the Adventures of Duchess, PI (specifically, "The Case of the Feckless Ferrets,") not to mention the random ranting, fannish flailing and Insider Information, now's the time to sign up for my Patreon...

$1 gets you the basics, $5 gets you so much more...
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A taste of what my Patreons will be getting in their in-boxes soon...

My partner Dickie was greying around the muzzle, but still stocky and strong, pure bulldog down to his claws. “Pup,” he’d started, and never mind I was full-grown, to him I was forever going to be working on my milk-teeth, “Pup, ya gotta learn how to leave the job on the job.”

“Yeah Dickie, I know.” I’d been getting that speech for a month straight now, ever since he decided I wasn’t going to wash out and might some day make a decent cop.

Join in here!
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BTW and FYI, we're $32/month shy of me adding a monthly rant/essay to my patreon (first up: when history fucks with the writer). If that sounds like your kind of thing...

(Come for the cat noir crackfic! stay for the rants! Or come for the rants and stay for the crackfic! Both are good choices!)
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Despite Life Happening, I managed to get episode 3 of "The Case of the Tom in Trouble" written! In which and old flame appears, and poor Duchess (and her new sidekick) finds themselves in more trouble than they'd planned......

(the episode will go up today or tomorrow, depending on my connectivity)
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THE COLD EYE has gone back to my esteemed editor, wherein he will hopefully assure me that I did not break anything new in the fixing of previous breaking things, and ready it for production. Which is good, because we have a Pub Date! And a Pre-order page! (for Amazon US. Canadians click here. Australians! The UK only has the Kindle option up)

and we also have a pre-order page for the trade paper edition of SILVER ON THE ROAD, too. (Amazon US again - Canadians!  No UK option yet).

What's that, you say?  A cover for THE COLD EYE?  Excellent question.  I hand you over to my editor and art director for that.  guys?  Guys?  *echoes bounce back*  Right.  Updates as they happen, then.

Meanwhile, I am working on the second episode of The Case of the Tom in Trouble, and getting ready to post the Patrons-only vid. What's that? You're not following along yet? No fears, it's easy to get in: $1 a month gets you the story, more gets you more.

And in-between that? Still working at the tasting room - biking to work when weather permits (and in the PNW the weather mostly permits), so the meerkat is rebuilding her cardio, five and ten miles at a time. Also, I can now successfully bungee-tie a bottle of wine to my bike's rack and not worry about it slipping. Is there a Scout badge for that?


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