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 Have signed the contract, so can officially mention that Lightspeed Magazine has picked up the reprint of my Lands Vin novella, FROM WHENCE YOU CAME, set in the world of the Nebula award-nominated Vineart War trilogy

Quite pleased about this, as I think it's a splendid story about magic, sea serpents, hubris, and the inevitable, if unintentional, erasures of history...


(the novella was originally published as an art-by-Bob Eggleton ebook, via Kickstarter, and is also available in audio format from Audible)

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SF Signal reviews "From Whence You Came"! They had some gripes about the novella form, but conclude:

"A thoughtful examination of the consequences of magic; stands alone and away from its progenitor series well. Getting to see a legendary hero as a real and flawed person is a strong technique, and the author takes full advantage of that....if you aren’t inclined to start with the Nebula nominated novel Flesh and Fire, this is a way to try Gilman’s work, and her secondary world work in particular."

The e-novella is currently available, DRM-free, from Book View Cafe.
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Last year, I decided to try a Kickstarter to, well, kickstart a novella set in the pre-history of The Vineart War trilogy. That story became "From Whence You Came," and it was funded, written, published, and, well, people seemed to like it.

It's now available to the general reading public (or at least, the tiny segment of said reading public who need more sea-serpents, magic, female scientists, and cranky merchants in their lives).

At the moment, you can buy it via BookView Cafe, in DRM-free mobi and epub formats.

Eventually, it will be available at Amazon and B&N (and, hopefully, participating Indiebound stores).... but I'll be blunt and say that I'd rather you supported BVC, as the monies raised go not only to me, but to support the co-op as a whole, so we can keep bringing you fine reading at reasonable prices.....

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Under the heading of “better not-early than too-late,” I have (yeah, I know, finally!) updated the DRAGON JUSTICE page, complete with excerpt & ordering info!

Soon (how soon? Two weeks. Maybe three…) there will be a chance to Win Valuable Prizes on the Official Release Day(s)! Keep an eye on this page….

I’ve also updated the ordering info (where available) for THE SHATTERED VINE paperback (scheduled release: August 28th).

And now I need to go back to avoiding the utterly disgusting and unwanted heat wave most of the country seems to be laid out under, and finishing the revisions on Heart of Briar, and writing Miles to Go, and…. y’know, all that other stuff that (I hope) keeps you coming back….
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I woke up this morning to an amazing start to 2012 – we’ve broken $5000 on “From Whence You Came!”

*falls over dead of shock*

Which means we now not only get an amazing cover from Bob Eggleton (and trust me, it’s pretty damn awesome) but “bonus” sketches too!

I have NO idea what Bob’s going to pull out for this. I’m not sure he does, either. I can’t wait to see, though!

And there’s still about 20 hours left! I doubt that we’ll hit the next bonus level (turning the novella into a novel) but hey, if you guys can do it, the words will be written! At this point I am indeed,

yr obedient scribe-servant,

Laura Anne

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This post is for Active or Associate member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

I am reminded (h/t [ profile] rolanni) that the Nebula Nominating Period is open, until February 15, 2012. This is where titles are thrown into the hat at the rate of five per category per member, and it is from these titles that the works appearing on the final Nebula ballot are drawn. So I henceforth commend THE SHATTERED VINE (The Vineart War, Book 3) to you for consideration in the Novel category.

You might also consider DRAGON VIRUS for Novella. If you are so inclined.

Thank you for your patience and good humor while I do my little shill. :-)
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So I woke up this morning thinking about - not the urban fantasy I planned to work on today, but "From Whence You Came," the Lands Vin novella I'm offering via Kickstarter.

Good time management would say that working on FWYC makes no sense, as we're not even to 70% funded, and there are projects that have actual contracts and due dates and - bluntly - money waiting on them.

Good time management, apparently, can kiss my lizard brain's tail. 2,600 new words on the story before 9am, and the Previously Unnamed Female Character not only has a name, but a voice and a backstory and a 'tude - and she hasn't even hit the page yet.

The story's currently at 5,000 words of an estimated 25,000. Although it may be 30,000. A secondary character has decided he's hanging around for longer than expected.

Is this going to happen? I have no idea. I hope so, cause hey, a full-length, epic fantasy novella, with sea serpents! and magic! And treachery and greed and honor and love! But we still need another 255 people who think that $5 is a good price for a novella from moi. Sadly, those 255 people seem to be scarce on the ground. Kickstarter: it's not a game for the fragile.

On the other hand, there's still 46 days to go. Even if it's not for you, you might mention it to someone who says "wow, that sounds like a good read, I want in!" And they might mention it to someone. And someone might look at the neat story-things that come with a higher pledge, and say "I want me some of that!" 

We'll see.

Meanwhile, I'll be over here in the corner. Writing. And giggling.

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Hit the 10% mark on writing "From Whence You Came." Discovered something I hadn't known about the Lands Vin. Giggled madly. Poor Bradhai.

But you'll never know, unless you're in. Are you in? :-)

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So I swore I was going to be sensible, and cautious, and not start writing "From Whence You Came" until I had a pretty good idea if this was going to succeed but.... yeah.  Well.  So much for that plan!  Because yesterday the story demanded its share of my writing time.

[sleep?  who needs sleep?]

So to thank you guys who've gotten us thisclose to 50% (49!  Over the slower weekend, yet!), here's a snippet of what you're going to be getting...


The water’s surface broke, and a blunt-ended muzzle surfaced, whiskers first.  Bradhai clenched the railing, but could not otherwise move as more of the long, thick neck emerged, and the great head – the length of a wagon – rose to eye-level, and turned to look at him.  He could have reached out and touched the nearest whiskers, thick as cable and stinking of salt and dead fish, if he had a mind to.

He most emphatically did not.

“Kill it!”  the captain, behind him a safe distance, if such a thing existed, was shouting madly.  “Someone kill it!”

If it were that easy, they wouldn’t have needed him.


*giggles madly, pours more coffee, goes back to work*

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The thing about "From Whence You Came" is that I never had any intention of writing it.  Master Vineart Bradhai  just a bit of backstory in the trilogy, to explain why there were no longer any sea serpents.  But I couldn't get him out of my head - the question of what, exactly he had done, and who he had been...

So I did what writers do, I sat down and wrote a quick paragraph, filling in some of the details.  Just for backstory, you understand.

And just like that, he was in my brain.  And he Won't. Go. Away.

So now I have this story about magicians, monsters, betrayal, and honor.... and not just one but TWO very insistent characters demanding their time.

Because I have time for this?  I have two other novels to write, and freelance, and....

*flails like a flailing thing, then settles down and Obeys the Voices In Her Head*

EtA:  Huzzah! We hit a goal-point, so it's official - I get to write the story of how Jerzy became a slave/met Master Vineart Malech as a bonus for everyone who kicks in $75 or more!

Click here if you want to join in the fun (or just watch me flail and squee and mutter about characters who won't shut up).

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1: I've started up a Kickstarter project!  Short version for those new to crowdsourcing: you pledge a $ amount and, if we reach goal, you get an original novella in digital format (plus additional prizes,depending on how much you pledge and how much money we raise).

Slightly longer version:  This is a "prequel" story to THE VINEART WAR, telling the story of Master Vineart Bradhai, and what really
happened to the sea-serpents of the Lands Vin.  Bob Eggleton has agreed to do the cover art for this, and we've already started
tossing back and forth some really cool ideas.  And there may be other things thrown in, too, including the story of Jerzy's
encounter with the slavers.... and cookies!

But none of this happens without reader support.  Writer <--> Reader, direct connection.  Brave, scary new world.  We're at 40% - help us get to 100!

You can check it out here:


2.  Okay, it's Official - I will be signing TRICKS OF THE TRADE* at Posman Books in NYC on the afternoon of November 19th, 4-6pm.

If you live anywhere nearby you have NO excuse not to come - the store is located in Grand Central Station, which means massive amounts of mass transit. Seriously. Trains. Subways. Cabs. Pedicabs.

I expect to see you there**.

Yes, you.

*and whatever else they might have in-stock
** Yes, I know it's Philcon weekend. 

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The Vineart War trilogy told the story of Jerzy, who defended the Lands Vin from a threat from without.  But generations before, there had been a threat from below. It was a passing reference, part of the history of the Lands Vin... but once mentioned, it grew in my head, until I couldn't not tell the story...

"From Whence You Came"

In The Vineart War, mention is made of Bradhai, the Master Vineart, who generations before had rid the seas of the last of the deadly sea-serpents.  He is known as the greatest of Vinearts, a myth second only to Sin Washer himself. Bradhai was as great and as powerful a Vineart as legend claims.  But there was far more to the story than is told….

the year 438 ASW is a time of prosperity and growth for the Lands Vin….   But trouble is coming to the surface. From deep within the seas, schools of serpents – larger and more fierce than any can remember, are attacking ships that dare venture beyond the shore.  If they are not stopped, all commerce and exploration will cease, and the Lands will falter. The princes, whose strength depends upon commerce, cannot allow this to happen.  They will use any weapon, any defense… any magic.

Any man.

Does this intrigue you?  Does it make you want to read this story?  If so, check out my Kickstarter page for "From Whence You Came," and help make it happen!

The really cool thing about this, for me, is getting to work with Bob Eggleton on the art.... dragons! magic! No art directors or editors getting in the way & cluttering the vision! (I love my editors & art directors. but sometimes.... it gets like a very bad game of telephone. Not this time!)

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Where the hell did the month go?  And yet, here is is, the end of October, and so, tomorrow I am off to World Fantasy Conference, in San Diego.  I will miss the group signing tonight at Mysterious Galaxy, which makes me Very Sad, but it couldn't be helped.  If you happen to be there, and want a copy of my books signed, I'm sure Mary Elizabeth and crew would be happy to get me to sign things over the weekend. Mmmmjsutsaying.

As usual, the surest way to keep up with me when I'm on the road is via Twitter (@LAGilman).

Meanwhile, I've been trying to cram five days of work into three.  Yeah, I know.  I said trying. Focusing on wrapping up a freelance gig, and motoring along on the novels (aka "the mystery" and "the fantasy").  The plan had been, the cafe desk was for writing, the new comfy sofa of doom was for reading. Except now the cats are INDIGNANT if I sit at the desk (where there is no room for them) and only shut up if I sit on the sofa (where there is room for both of them to sprawl and be with me, but not have to deal with each other).

So I find myself writing far more on the Comfy Sofa.*

Does this mean I can write it off as an office expense?

And because the kittens gotta eat, a reminder that the entire Vineart War trilogy is now available, and the third PSI novel, Tricks of the Trade, is going to ht the shelves in two weeks - pre-order it now!

(No, really.  Pre-order it.  Bookstores are doing their "we'll take one copy, maybe two" inventory thing again while they shove more non-book merch into the store, and you can't be sure they're going to have the books you want unless you ASK for them...)

*thankfully, comfy sofa of doom turns out to be very good for writing.  when it's not better for napping.

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Should anyone care to indulge, this is where discussion of any of the books individually, or the trilogy as a whole, will occur. Questions, squees, comments, complaints (keep it polite, please).

This will be a spoiler-heavy zone: You Have Been Warned.

[I have turned off the usual log-in requirements, but anyone who posts as anonymous (without signing their name to the end of their post) may get ignored, since we have no idea who is talking. That's fair, yes?]
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And so, the Vineart War trilogy has been finished - on my part.  It now exists in whole for readers to discover, as I hope they will continue to do for many years to come.  If you read it and like it, pass the word along.  Books only survive through word-of-reader-mouth (and online review).

As for me, I'm doing what writers do: working on the next project.  Or, in my case, projects.

Here's what the list looks like, right now.

  • Portals #1 (a new urban fantasy) due somewhere around January (delivery in flux due to  circumstances publisher-related)
  • Gen & Tonic #1 (a new mystery series) I need to finish up by December, to give my betas time to reality-check me.
  • "Don't Push Your Shove" (title uncertain) a short story due in December  the draft is done!
  • "The Woods Are Lovely" (title uncertain) a short story due in November  the draft is done! 
  • fun little freelance gig due 1 November
  • write the remaining Practical Meerkat essays
  • consider a Kickstarter project for "Wine Dark Sea" (would y'all be interested in a Vineart world novella?)
  • write forward on BEYOND THE REAL, aka "the project nobody except Madame Agent has seen yet."

This list fills me with... utter satisfaction and not a little glee.  A writer is never quite so replete as when she's writing.  Also, it
keeps the cats fed.  And we all know, that's my real and true purpose in this world...

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And, finally, THE SHATTERED VINE, Book 3 of The Vineart War trilogy, is out today! Which means... I have to start stressing about the NEXT book to write. But for today, I'm just going to enjoy the conclusion of a 4-year arc in my life....

“[The Shattered Vine is] both compulsively readable and full of
complicated characterization… The story builds to a climax which is both
unexpected and utter perfection.
   4.5 stars (out of 4.5) and a Top Pick
- RT Reviews

[A] rewarding and rich experience of high fantasy. This trilogy is a keeper.
- JM Cornwell, Red Room reviews

“If you like a traditionally inspired fantasy story minus faeries,
elves, etc., but with an original, complex magic system; if you like a
smart, well written story with depth and complexity, with characters who
are both realistic and likable; if you appreciate detailed world
building, then you will like this story. ” — Bea’s Book Nook

And remind you that the entire trilogy is Now Available! I kept my promise, I did not make you waaaaaaaait for the story to be finished!

I will be curious to hear peoples' reactions to the ending.  I mean, assuming any of you are actually reading it.....

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from JM Cornwell at Red Room, a review of THE SHATTERED VINE…

Gilman has ended the trilogy with a subtle power that leaves questions about the nature of religion and magic and the
truth of Zatim Sin Washer and what really happened to create the Lands Vin and the legacy that comes full circle with Jerzy. Each of the friends—Mahault, Käinam, and Ao—as well as Lil and Detta and Washer Brion, become fuller and more complex as the final confrontation nears, giving depth and complexity to Gilman’s trilogy and showcasing her writing and world building skills. There is so much more that could be written about the Lands Vin and the Exiles and I hope Gilman will eventually take that task in hand.

The Shattered Vine is intelligent and complex and satisfying. I am glad I had the chance to follow Jerzy’s education and his journey and sad that the tale is ended. Aside from a few minor pacing issues, the Vineart War trilogy is a rewarding and rich experience of high fantasy. This trilogy is a keeper.

(all emphasis mine, natch)

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I know, I know, I am full of Book News and then I disappear...  it's not because I don't love you, but rather because I've been goofing off (read: not working 10 hour days) and now I'm paying for it.  All to bring you MORE stuff to read, so you can't be too mad, right?  *hopes*

1.  There is - a day late but no less useful - a new Practical Meerkat up, explaining why you really shouldn't listen to me....

2. The setting for the new "Gen & Tonic" mystery has been confirmed. It took me a week of research, and a lot of deep thinking and forward plotting, but I finally decided on Seattle.  Portland, you're lovely and weird and have some kickass restaurants, but I just didn't find the neighborhood I needed.  But now I know how easy it will be to get Gen and Tony on a train, expect Portland to show up at some point...

3. The marketing folk at Luna rejected my idea for a title for PSI #4, for arcane marketing reasons.  The Discussion Continues.  As soon as I have something, y'all will know...  [meanwhile, you can pre-order November's TRICKS OF THE TRADE from
BN / Amazon / Powells / Mysterious Galaxy /BooksAMillion]

4. The next book for Luna, which will be something... slightly different *insert gleefully evil cackle here* is well underway.  I am having far too much fun with this one; that can't be legal.

5.  There will be a launch party for THE SHATTERED VINE this month in NYC, wherein we will also be celebrating the entire trilogy.  If you're in the area and want to stop by, send me an email at lag(@)lauraannegilman(dot)net and we'll see what we can do.

5a.  We will also have a bookseller at the launch - if you're interested in getting a signed copy, drop me a line and we'll see if we can arrange something....!

and now I must flit back to the Desk of Writing...

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WEIGHT OF STONE (Book 2 of The Vineart War) is out today in paperback!  Happy re-birthday, book!

How am I celebrating?  By getting books in the mail, things into storage, and many words on the page. And maybe cookies.  :-)

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