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 I'm kind of failing at blogging here, aren't I?  The inability to connect this to my website blog and the Amazon feed is more of an irritation than I'd anticipated, and this seems to be falling behind Fb and Tumblr for ease of copy-and-paste.

Back in the PNW (did you notice I was gone?)

Trouble in Mind (and a new story-series!)

Meanwhile, this is a PSA for Americans:

This year’s enrollment period for ACA is short, November 1 to December 15.  

Also keep in mind that in addition to shortening the enrollment period, 45 has also slashed the budget for getting word out, so it’s up to us to get the word out.

Getting everyone in the US covered by ACA would REALLY piss 45 off.

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Or rather, I'm an excellent social media correspondent, but it's not always hitting here.  And I've yet to figure out how to connect this blog to my main one... 

Lawless Lands is On the Loose!

Changements de latitudes, changements d'attitude

A little Devil's West Updatery

Meanwhile, my sister and brother-in-law and his mother were in town for a family member's 90th birthday party, so it was good to see them and all the mishpocha (extended family of blood and marriage) from his side.  The weather was warm (HOT, by Seattle standards) but they seemed to be enjoying it.  I took one day off to play semi-local tour guide, and then hid in the tasting room all weekend.  You have to keep wineries/tasting rooms cool, to keep the wine stored in back (much of it in barrels) cool.  A useful hint, next time you get stuck in a heat wave....

Busy week ahead.  Thankfully, temps are supposed to drop 15-20 degrees back to Seattle-normal by tomorrow.  And not a moment too soon...
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 Heading to the airport for a week in EnWhySee, including a stint in front of the mic tomorrow night as part of the Fantastic Fiction series at the KGB Bar in Manhattan.  As well as some gadding about, and Family Stuff.

Meanwhile, before I go:

This month's flash fiction is up at my Patreon!  A Market of Peridot and Drizzle

And I blogged about How Not To Promote Your Book

And that's all I got before I gotta get...
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okay guys, today's the day to do it. My Reddit/f AMA is now officially (unless I screwed up the opening steps) LIVE.

Go on, do your best. Rock the forum so hard they think AC/DC's in town.
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I'm off to the airport, heading down to California (San Diego and San Francisco) and I hope to see some of y'all there (at Mysterious Galaxy and SF-in-SF at Borderlands Books, respectively).

For those hanging out online...

TODAY: The "Big Idea" behind SILVER ON THE ROAD, admitting where (and why) SILVER almost didn't get written....

In radio/virtuality:

Dive Into Worldbuilding (via YouTube)

Elsewhere in the blogosphere:

Geeking Out at Geek Mom

Slippery Words: 5 Questions in 5 Minutes

Dreamcasting SILVER ON THE ROAD at My Book The Movie

Talking about the origins of SILVER ON THE ROAD with Juliet McKenna
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Cool and drizzly and dreary on the lovely spring day. The birds are twittering, the cats are snoozing, and the foghorns are speaking to each other again.

I had not been aware, previously, that foghorns could convey exasperation and rudeness quite so clearly as they do.

Slogging along on many thing that need to be written and re-written and rewritten once again.   Meanwhile, it's my turn in the "whatcha reading?" hotseat over at Book View Cafe.
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I'm over at Charlie Stross' place right now, guest-blogging about writing American history that isn't my history.... or is it?

Meanwhile, the topic of that blog, SILVER ON THE ROAD, is starting to propagate pre-order links, although there's no cover or copy available yet. Shall we see how high we can push it before they even give us details?

Kindle US
Kindle UK
Amazon Hardcover
Amazon UK Hardcover (tk)

B&N print  (tk)
B&N Nook (tk)

Kobo (US)


(updates as they roll out)
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that Ms. Kornetsky was up at XOXOAfterDark yesterday!

(I'm blaming the old and the new fridge for me being...distracted)
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I'm featured today on The Talkative Writer!

Meanwhile, I'm wearing the editor hat from here until Saturday afternoon, at which point the work hats go off and the Sock Monkey hats go on....

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to my fourth and final Magical Words post this month, on "Rising from the Ashes..."


Jul. 7th, 2014 06:58 am
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Fresh coffee, sleeping cats, and work to be done. There's my morning sorted, then.

Meanwhile, for you, I'm doing a guest stint this month at Magical Words....
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In which I have not learned the fine art of "no comment, apparently.... :-)

my favorite bit: "The thing about Tam Lin that always fascinated me was the “stand-fast” aspect. And I wanted to explore that outside the relatively narrow grounds of True Love—what does it mean to stand fast for someone you might not always love, who might not be your True Love, or your Love at all? How do you stand fast for someone you might not even like, if they need you to be there?"

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I am interviewed by the fine folk at Skiffy and Fanty, about writing, history, and yes, flesh-eating gnomes.

It’s a long-ish interview, but a pretty good one, methinks (and I rarely like any interview I do, so take that as a rave).

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I'm not sure if it's New Toy Syndrome, or if right now, head-deep in finishing a novel and editing two others (plus a short story I need to get fixed up and out) visuals are my preferred means of communicating, but there's a lot more activity over on my Tumblr account than here.

So if you're on Tumblr and have been missing my occasional inane natterings and rantings, or want to see how Cas and Boomer are doing, that's where it is right now.

And yes, I could link but I'd have to hand-code and right now that's one more thing I'm not finding the energy for...

Anyway, I'm here.

(the 'pro' tumblr is here, but I've been thinking about giving in and merging them back together.  Anyone have any opinions on that?)
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I've posted the Tuesday Tease, for those of you interested in such things.

And I'm submitting myself to the Wendig Inquisition over at Terrible Minds....

And... it's D-11 for Gin & Tonic #3.  So that's where I'll be, if y'all need me.
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Summer is Road Trip season, so the folks at SF Signal asked us about our favorite SF/Fnal road trip...

(as usual, I seem to wander down a slightly different path than the others...)

Originally published at Writer. Editor. Tired Person.
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For things Fannish, Silly, and otherwise reblogging Neat Stuff, there is: the meerkat's window

For things book/wrting related (and a fair amount of silly, because hello, have you MET me?), there is: writer. editor. tired person

I have no idea how much overlap there will be between here and w.e.tp.  There's not a hell of a lot of overlap of anything in the window - that's mainly me being goofy, with occasional flashes of serious....

But now you know.


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