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The 4th Gin & Tonic mystery,CLAWED, is out today!

Which means all 4 Gin & Tonic mysteries are now available for your binging pleasure.

Read Responsibily!

(ah, screw that.  Read irresponsibly!  Read wildly, flagrantly, with mad abandon.  Wallow in words!)
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Oh hey, Monday. A Monday I actually have to think about the fact that it' a Monday! This "days of the work week" thing is going to take some getting re-used to...

Meanwhile, have I reminded you recently that CLAWED, the 4th Gin & Tonic mystery, is coming out next month? I haven't? Well. Silly me...


CLAWED at Amazon

And CLAWED for all your indiebound needs (and so Maryelizabeth Hart​ doesn't puppy-eye me)

Or, you could just go to my website and make the click to your Store of Choice from there...
no title
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God, I hate going over page proofs in .pdf.  But I will admit that being able to email them back is better than having to pack up 300+ sheets of paper and FedEx it...

Meanwhile, my favorite "I wrote that!" bit:

"The advantage to telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth was that it was a lot harder for someone to catch you out in a lie. But it got boring, repeating it over and over again."

(from CLAWED, May 2015)

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This landed in the old in-box today, via my publicist at S&S....


With a magazine circulation of about 200,000, go Team Kornetsky!

B&N| Simon & Schuster |Indiebound |Book Depository | Indigo/Chapters|Mysterious Galaxy|Seattle Mystery Bookshop

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A new review for L.A. Kornetsky’s DOGHOUSE!

(if you’re too busy to click through, I’ll give you the sum-up: “Explosions, bar brawls, and intelligent sleuths combine for a great read. I’d recommend it to fans of cozy mysteries.” - Krista McKeeth Woo!)

More info and buying links here

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And lo, after much waiting... okay, it's been eight months since FIXED, I'm hoping you've been waiting! It's here!


When Ginny Mallard and her sometimes-partner Teddy Tonica are asked to look into the situation of an old man about to be evicted, the part-time investigators think it’s just a matter of sorting out misunderstandings.  But this is no simple landlord-tenant spat, bringing them headfirst – and nose-deep in trouble – into the world of back-room fights and animal rights…

And this time, Ginny’s shar-pei, Georgie, and the bar cat Penny are the only ones who can get the truth out of their sole witness: a puppy named Parsifal!

Normally, I don't mind much if you buy a book the day-of-release, or if you buy it a week later, or even a month later, when it comes up in your budget rotation.  But right now, with this book?  Really good week-of-release sales could be important.  So, yanno, if you're planning to pick it up, you might want to do it now.

The kittens and the time-share puppy would really appreciate it.

IMG_61282011-06-22 14.22.37


Here're some places you can buy it.

B&N * Simon & Schuster * iTunes * Mysterious Galaxy * Seattle Mystery Bookshop * Amazon * S&S Australia * Chapters/Indigo * Foyles * Powells * Better Read Than Dead (AUS)

And here.  Have an excerpt.

Read more... )

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Author copies! (Plus a curious Kitten)

doghouse copies

When Ginny Mallard and her sometimes-partner Teddy Tonica are asked to look into the situation of an old man about to be evicted, the part-time investigators think it’s just a matter of sorting out misunderstandings.  But this is no simple landlord-tenant spat, bringing them headfirst – and nose-deep in trouble – into the world of back-room fights and animal rights…

And this time, Ginny’s shar-pei, Georgie, and the bar cat Penny are the only ones who can get the truth out of their sole witness: a puppy named Parsifal!

DOGHOUSE will be in stores July 22nd.  But I am running out of shelf space, so I need to find good homes for some of these. Want one? Two randomly-chosen commenters will win!

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1. SILVER ON THE ROAD, being deemed readable by mine agent, is now with mine editor, as is GIN & TONIC #4 (different editor). I am thereby released from all - oh wait, I still have two novellas to finish by September. On it, boss.

2. I have copies in my own greedy little hands of DOGHOUSE (Gin & Tonic #3)!! There will be a contest, most likely next week when America's recovered from our three-day holiday weekend and picnic-a-thon. But you know, you can order your own copy now, too...

3. The new iPad mini has officially been named. We ran through a number of suggestions and ideas, including Dum-E, Loiosh, Bucky, Jeeves, etc, but I finally determined that the iPad Mini has just enough evil in its brilliance, just enough petulance in its helpfulness, and is just wee enough that it really needs to be…


sterling wave
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Both SILVER ON THE ROAD and Gin & Tonic #4 go to their respective editors this week. Yes, I had two book deadlines the same month. No, that wasn't ideal. Yes, I'm pretty much worn to a frazzle right now and because of that convinced that both are utter dreck and if I only had more time...
chuck's stressful day
And did I mention that both editors are new-to-me, work-wise? (I like 'em both, and obviously they like my work, but this ups the stress level considerably)

So yeah, becauseofstress my sense of competence is pretty low right now.  One of those days where all the patpats and theretheres in the world won't do fuck-all, but one unexpected positive review in the media would refill the well.  Not that I don't love y'all and I know you're passing fond of me, but this isn't about me it's about the work.

I guess there's a downside to being able to separate the two, huh?

this too shall pass.  this too shall pass.  this too shall pass.  this too shall pass.  this too shall pass. this too shall pass.  this too shall pass.  this too shall pass.  this too shall pass.  this too shall pass.

And did I mention that DOGHOUSE launches in three weeks?  I might be recovered enough by then to do more than kick it out of the house, but no guarantees.
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For those who've read the earlier Gin & Tonic books, I'm pleased to say that Agent Asuri is back.

And she and Ginny are just as much fun to write in-conversation as ever.

“I know that you would not interfere with a police investigation. And I know that you have at least enough sense to be aware that you’re a person of interest, by virtue of [plot redacted].” Asuri held up a hand. Her nails were cut short, polished with a dark red that, on her, looked professional as hell. Ginny was envious. “Yes, I am aware of your claim that [plot redacted] and I’m also aware that you have no reason to trust the local police to believe you and so might be contemplating investigating this on your own, to cover your own ass.”

Ginny tried to come up with a suitable “never would I ever” response, but came up blank. Because the agent was right, of course. On all counts.
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What I did over the weekend. For the most part, I think it stands up, and will help me see the first half of the book in a new, clearer light. So yay.

But it also reminds me that hard pushes are a thing I should use judiciously, because this morning my brain was still hurty, and my enthusiasm for butt-in-chair was low. Writers, remember: aftercare is important!


Potentially spoiler-y excerpt, here... )

and in other projects, this afternoon I had to rewrite an entire chapter of the mystery, because the wrong people were in it.  *headdesk*
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Look!  A Cover!


Amateur sleuths Ginny Mallard and Teddy Tonica and their furry partners prove that twelve legs are better than four when it comes to solving a risky new case in the third novel from L. A. Kornetsky’s “entertaining” (Library Journal) Gin & Tonic mystery series.


(coming July 2014)

At her favorite Seattle bar, professional concierge Ginny Mallard can always count on a perfectly mixed gimlet and a friendly welcome for her shar-pei, Georgie, from resident cat Penny. But on this visit, Ginny gets an unexpected bonus: One of the regulars asks her and her sometime partner, bartender Teddy Tonica, to save an old friend who’s facing eviction.

This is no simple landlord spat. Rumors abound of an underground dog-fighting ring on the premises—a crime guaranteed to get Gin’s hackles up. Gin and Teddy want to believe the old man is innocent of all charges, though a new piece of evidence suggests otherwise. Penny and Georgie keep their noses to the ground as they help their humans investigate the vicious animal rights case. But the truth is buried deep, and digging it up will unearth dangerous complications for owners and animals alike.

pre-order now and have it ready for beach reading (or when you're hiding from the evil summer sun....)

Amazon / B&N / Kobo / Pocket / Find Your Local Bookstore

Seattle Mystery Bookstore / Mysterious Galaxy

L. A. KORNETSKY’S “CHARMING” (Publishers Weekly)


Get your paws on the whole series!

And yes, for those of you paying attention - DOGHOUSE will be available in mass paperback!  Same mystery goodness, half the price!

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Publishers Weekly just reviewed FIXED! I'm afraid they're not entirely sold on Penny and Georgie as investigative sidekicks, but call it "well-crafted" and "(a) comfort-reading cozy."

Yanno, we'll take that. Because it's true. :-)

FIXED revised cover
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“Perhaps indeed I was, and perhaps I wasn’t and what’s dead to the wind and bones?” He spoke lightly, but there was a deepness to it that Izzy felt, the way she thought she’d feel loneliness or sorrow, an ache that stretched from her mouth to her ribs, a twisting line of darkness, hard and hollow.

Occasionally, this book fucking guts me. Those are the good writing days.

Averaging about 10k/week on this, and another 5K/week on the 4th Gin & Tonic. I'd like to do more, but then I'd be falling behind on other (editorial-ish) deadlines, and that's a no-go.  Still, if I can keep this up reasonably well, the deadlines will come at an easy trot, not a mad, heart-thumping dash.

That would be a nice change.

sam sunglasses is done
(boo, my animated gifs are not animating in LJ.  LJ, some days I swear...)
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Look what came today!  (shown with the US edition, for comparison).  The Japanese translation of COLLARED (translated by Momoko Wani)!

collared japanese

I really love the cover - the expression on the cat's face is SO Mistress Penny-Drops, and the gentle touches on the shar-pei say "Georgie" to me so beautifully....

I really wish I read Japanese.  Do you?  Do you want a copy?  Tell me why you need it, and if you can convince me, it's yours.

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FIXED was mentioned in Publishers Weekly's "Beyond Her Book" blog!

"I sure like the opportunity to read mysteries that aren’t all shoot-’em-up or violent, so the calm and cerebral investigations L.A Kornetsky offers are refreshing. To my way of thinking, it’s a plus that Ginny’s dog and Tonica’s companion cat are quietly driving forces in the team’s investigations, not that the humans are aware of it. I’m enjoying Ginny and Teddy a lot, and continue to be interested in their tentatively growing friendship."

FIXED revised cover

Want your own copies? Start here!

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Tease Tuesday is a special FIXED excerpt!

And there's a contest to win a copy of FIXED (in both digital and print!)

PLUS! I will be doing an AMA (ask Me Anything) later today at Reddit Fantasy (direct link here) for both my fantasy and mystery sides.... plus my wine-drinking, cat-owning, world-roaming, NYC-centric sides....

Oh, and you want Buying Links? Oh I can do that...

FIXED revised cover

Links to Buy:

Amazon | B& | Book Depository|Indiebound|Simon & Schuster

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Beta reader, given the first half of "Doghouse" to, well, beta: *readsreadsreadsdamnpatronsneedtobuggeroffsoIcanread*

Me: oh, she's liking it  it must not suck too badly!

3 seconds later:  she must not be reading it closely enough.

Just as no mother can see the ill of her child, no writer can see the good in theirs....

Regardless, we progress.  At some point in the next few days, I will have a submission-ready manuscript will go on to my editor, who will then tell me succinctly and in detail (I hope) what's broken.  And then the cycle beings again.  It's a good cycle: I take comfort in it.

And then I can get to the laundry list of Shit I Should Have Done Already.....
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This week I've been head-down on the final push to get GIN & TONIC #3 into submission draft shape (aka "where I don't flinch at the thought of my editor reading it and telling me what STILL needs to be fixed").

The problem with reading your draft out loud: by the time I get to a certain point in the manuscript, all I have left is a squeak. The brain may be able to go on, but the voice is throwing in the towel....  So it doesn't all get done in a day.  Or even two.

Last night's dream involved foreign travel, unexpected and quite beautiful snowfall, photographs of same, and running into a friend/fellow writer on the steps of the piazza of an old stone monastery that had been turned into a cafe...

Yeah, I don't know either. My brain, man. It needed a break?

Other than that, I got nothing.  I'm holed up in the meerkat's den, revising and drinking too much diet Coke (allowed only on road trips and revision trips), having pizza slid under the door, and leaving only to go for the daily miles, so I don't end this round with less muscle tone than I started it....

Meanwhile, FIXED (Gin & Tonic #2) will be out in a few weeks.  I have a Thing Planned, if I can finish this revision in time to get it in motion....

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