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After a delay that was making me twitch (and no, I don't know why there was a delay), TRICKS OF THE TRADE (Paranormal Scene Investigations #3) is available digitally in the UK!

Book 4, DRAGON JUSTICE, will be available 1 June.

*throws confetti*

(and while you're there, check out the short fiction of DON'T READ THIS BOOK and DRAGON VIRUS!)

Thanks to  reader Catherine Sharp for the news!

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So I agreed to write a freebie storie for a Valentine's Day blogparty. And, y'know, freebie stories... they shouldn't take TOO much of your paying time and words, right?

So why did this story take all weekend, and end up nearly 4,000 words long?

(because it's Bonnie and Venec, that's why. And a smidge of sexual content.)

And yes, y'all will get a chance to read it next month.

Speaking of short stories... I may have finally settled on the TOC for the digital short story collection. Looks like it's going to focus on the dark fantasy side... Twelve previously-published stories and either one or two new ones, depending on how the work goes. Updates as they happen.

And two new stories will be entering the market-search this week. Okay, so maybe I was more productive this weekend than I thought....

I suppose that's my cue to get to work?
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Reposting the good news from late December, for the New Year.

from Publishers Marketplace:

"Laura Anne Gilman's SYLVAN INVESTIGATIONS, a two-novella set about a half-human, half-faun PI, investigating cases that fall between the cracks of the magical and the mundane, to Jacqueline Smay at Plus One Press, for print rights only."

Yes, these are the Danny novellas. Yes, I am pretty damn pleased. :-)

Kickstarter patrons will get their novellas soon. The general-release print and digital editions should go on sale in Autumn 2013. Updates and info as it happens.
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Reportedly, one last day of over-90's heat, and then we're back to reasonable seasonable. I plan on spending all of next week in various stages of Outdoors, to celebrate.

[hopefully, everyone has come through their heat, excessive rain, or quench-already-you-damn-fire, and can relax a little now, too.  Why can't we send the rain to the fire, anyway?  Science, get on that, stat.]

Meanwhile, revision work on Heart of Briar continues. It feels like a good book, if somewhat different than I've been doing. Fixing things that were broken, making sure to lay down the proper details for book 2, making notes for book 2.... I really wish I'd time to write both books of the duology and then do the revisions, but my publisher wants to release them both in late 2013, so that's not going to happen.

Once this revision is in the can, it's back to "Miles to Go," and all sorts of digital production work, and some editing, and.....

oh yeah. There's this book coming out in a few weeks, isn't there?  *nervous glee*
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Tricks of the Trade is featured on Beyond Her Book today! (with a mention of Dragon Justice).

Among other nice things, they call the world of PSI "a fascinating place to visit, mysterious, suspenseful, exciting."

Nope, I had no idea this was coming... but it's always always nice to see an older book (2011) get new mention.

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Ok, the #M2GP2K Kickstarter is starting to get a bit crazy, ’cause I just got sweet-talked into throwing another short story into the bonus-pot.

At $9 you get two novellas. Not bad, yeah.

At $15, you get that, plus a previously published story.

Bump that up to the $40+ pledge? You’re getting TWO novellas, a thank you letter from the main character, the previously released story, and TWO original-to-Kickstarter Cosa Nostradamus short stories.

One of which will feature Madame, the Great Worm of Manhattan.

I’m already giggling in (evil) anticipation.

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Mmmm. Fusilli with garlic, ancho chiles and sardines, topped with grana padano and pignoli  [beats CatofSize off with a stick]. The only thing that could make this better would be - oh, look at that, a glass of wine!


It has been a Very Long Day, mostly dealing with the AA (author alteration pages) for DRAGON JUSTICE that were... messy. Whoever moved the copyedit changes into the master file left a lot for me to clean up, after (lack of spacing, mis-entered words, etc) so I've been cranky and muttering.

But it is done. And y'know what? I really love this book. It brings the pups to the next level, gives them parting gifts, and sends them off in a way I'm proud of. And if the Sylvan Investigations kickstarter fails to reach funding, well, I'll be sorry that E (introduced in this book) doesn't get her chance to shine, but at least I did right by PSI.

I really hope Danny and E get their chance, tho.  My god, are they a couple made for disaster...

And now, to complete my exciting day, I get to... finish painting the bathroom.  Oh yeah.  *wooo*

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EtA:  As dog is my witness, when I launched "Miles to Go" / "Promises to Keep," I did not realize today was Robert Frost's birthday.  That's got to be a good omen, right?

So, I've handed in Portals #1 (now called HEART OF BRIAR) to my editor at Luna, and I'm working on Portals #2 (SOUL OF FIRE) and.... I still can't get Danny out of my head.

Even thought I'm having a blast with the Portals duology, I had really, really wanted to write Danny Hendrickson - ex-cop, PI, human/faun crossbreed, and believer in True Love -  his own adventures.  He was such a good supporting character for so many of the Cosa Nostradamus novels, and he was so much fun to write in his own stand-alone story (in THOSE WHO FIGHT MONSTERS).  And everyone I mentioned the project to seemed to feel the same.  "I love Danny," readers kept saying.

Yeah.  Me too.  And I had such fun working on the Lands Vin project, I decided that I'm crazy enough to say let's do this thing.  If we can make it work.... yeah.  Danny will get his adventures.  And I will be a giddy, giggly meerkat.

(that sound you hear is my mother saying are you INSANE?  WHEN WILL YOU SLEEP?  I'll sleep when I'm done, mom.  Promise.) 

If y'all are willing to come along with me.... click here, and join the Kickstarter party!
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So this afternoon I finished the book yet-known as Portals #1.  When by "finished" I mean "I hit the last page of the draft but will have to revise it before it goes to Madame Editrix."  So finished good enough to collapse for the weekend. *thuds*

This book was both really hard to write (oh characters, why must you change the story on me mid-stream?) and a lot of fun (there was much mad cackling as dialogue flowed and trouble unfolded), and I hope that y'all enjoy it, too, when it hits the shelves in 2013.  But there's a book that will be out before this one, and even as I was putting the finishing touches on it, I got an email from my editor saying "Look!  I give you a cover!"

And I get to give it to you.

(warning: not final, some details on color, size and text may yet change)

Does it have anything to do with the actual scene in the book?  Not really.  And the artist and I had MASSIVE arguments (via the art director) over the setting (among other things, it's supposed to be set in the northern part of Central Park, near the Harlem Meer and the artist used a bridge in the South end, but, oh, non-New Yorkers won't know the difference anyway.)  And the expression on Bonnie's face is just perfect.  She knows she's just landed herself in a shitload of trouble but she has no. idea. what. it. is. Yet.

And that sky... yeah.

Pretty cover.  *pets the pretty cover*  Dragon Justice isn't blind: it sees everything.

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And lo, DRAGON JUSTICE (PSI#4) has gone off to Madame Editrix, and from there into the clutches of the copyeditor, and from there...

What began in 2004 with STAYING DEAD has come to a close. Ten books later, the last Cosa Nostradamus novel for Luna has gone into production.

There is rare steak and red wine tonight, to toast its journey. *raises glass*

You will have it in your hot little hands (or e-readers) in August. I hope you enjoy it. Actually, I hope you love it, devour it, howl at me, and demand that this Not. Be. The. End.

Because, although I will be writing something else for Luna (more on that in another post), I'm not sure I'm ready to say goodbye to the Cosa yet, myself. I had, after all, promised to tell Danny's story. So I'm looking at Kickstarter, and thinking "hrmmmmmmm...."

*insert evil laugh here*

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Started working on Sylvan Investigations #1 (Cosa Nostradamus #11) this morning.

This is the story of Danny Hendrickson, cross-breed bastard son of a faun and a career Navy woman who grew up to become a NYC cop and then - when things got dicey for non-humans in the NYPD - left to become a PI.

Danny's seen a lot, and let most of it go. But there are two things he can't resist: a child in need, and a woman who sees him, not just the badge and horns. He's about to run into both - but not the way he expects.

If you haven't met Danny before [either in the previous Cosa novels or his story "Dusted” in THOSE WHO FIGHT MONSTERS: Tales of Occult Detectives (ed by J. Gustainis)], all I can say is that you've got a treat waiting for you. :-)

And if you have met him before, you know why I'm giddy at finally being able to tell his story....
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HARD MAGIC didn't make PW Best of 2010 list, but it did get a "next-best" honorable mention from PW editor Rose Fox on Genreville. Honorable yay?

(Hey, there were five slots and they all went to damnfine books. I got one of the next five slots, and that's prettygoodOK in my book.)
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So. In the way that production screws with your sense of time, and when a book finally reaches Actual Readers you're already on to the next book, or even the book after that... PSI/Bonnie #3 is due this week, which meant it was time to send in my option material and see if they were interested.

Yes, option material to a series that won't start until May.

No, I don't get confused, but my larger sense of time* is kinda loose to begin with.

Anyway. I sent a proposal in to madame agent, who liked it, and sent it on, and... oh hell, cut to the chase, and I'm delighted to say that Luna has, through Madame Agent, made me an offer for three more books in the Cosa Nostradamus universe, and I have accepted.

*pause for quiet squeeing which you, hopefully, will join in on*

some of the specifics, for those interested )

I'm really, really psyched about these books. As in, doing the happy-author excited wicked giggle dance kind of excited. (The cats, having ascertained that they will, indeed, be fed throughout 2010, yawned and went back to sleep.)

And um, yeah. For those playing along at home? That means these are the 10th, 11th, and 12th books in the Cosa Nostradamus universe. 6 Retrievers, 4 PSI, and 2 in the yet-untitled new series. Why yes I am sort of quietly hyperventilating, nice of you to ask. *takes paper bag, breathes into it.*

*"what year is it" time as opposed to deadlines and be-there-by time.
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Apparently, there is someone out there ranting on-line about CURSE THE DARK. Mainly that it's all about the sex*, and that the sex scenes are just dropped in there for no reason, and don't do anything, and etc etc waste of ink and paper and why don't I just focus on the story?


There is one significant sex scene in the book, where Wren and Sergei finally stop doing the dance of avoidance. It's pretty tasteful, all things considered, and rather funny (if I do say so myself) and sets up the change in their relationship in a way that also illuminates their own personalities and how they deal with each other. Everything after that? Pretty much in service to the evolving Personal Situation (spoilers averted for those of you who haven't read all the books), and to move along the case -- like many couples, they tend to talk about things in bed, and for them that often means work-things.

I suspect we're seeing this particular person's Issues in this review, not anything about my book. Hopefully, it will intrigue people to pick up a copy, rather than making them avoid it.... [and they won't be disappointed that it's not particularly smutty]

Also, and totally off-topic: couscous with feta -- a perfectly reasonably breakfast, y/n?

*this will be a particular surprise to my publisher, who often bemoans the fact that I refuse to throw more overt romance into my fantasy.
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1) Today is the official on-sale date for BLOOD FROM STONE [BN/Powell's/Amazon]. With this book, Wren and Sergei's story ends -- for the time being, anyway. Bonnie and her crew get a run now, and I'm delighted to be playing with them, but... *blows nose, pretends it's just from the flu bug*

2) Today is the official on-sale date for BLOOD FROM STONE, so Monday's contest is now officially closed. I'll be sorting and choosing a winner today.

3) Today is also National "Buy Indie" Day. If you haven't already ordered your copy from a chain (and even if you have!) find a local independent bookstore and show 'em some love. Remember -- local dollars spent locally tend to STAY local!

4) A reminder for the completists: ILLUMINATION (Bonnie's story) is available in UNUSUAL SUSPECTS (edited by Dana Stabenow) and INFERNO (PB's story) is available at (for the quite reasonable price of 99 cents!)

5) Today is also the start of the Brenda Novak On-Line Auction to Benefit Diabetes Research! Hundreds and hundreds of Fabulous Prizes! to bid for, including the full set of Retriever novels and an advance ARC of FLESH & FIRE . Bid early, bid often!
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First off: congratulations to [ profile] cypherindigo, the winner of last Monday's contest*! Everyone else who entered is now entered as well to win a copy of BLOOD FROM STONE.

And now, in the final run-up to Friday's official release date** of BLOOD FROM STONE, we have one last contest...

Tell me who is your favorite secondary character in the series.

That's it. That's all. Excepting Wren, Sergei and PB... who is your favorite?

If you give me a name, you're entered once to win.
If you give me a name and a reason, you get entered twice.

(yes, if you entered the previous contest you can enter again and double [or triple] your chances to win!)

*random winners are chosen by the oh so scientific method of randomly assigning numbers to each entry and then using to pick a winner.
** yeah, I know it's already shipping. Shhhh.....
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Okay, not quite, but it may seem that way this month, since there's Stuff going on in April.

First, all week the authors included in the MIDNIGHT CRAVINGS anthology will be blogging and giving away stuff! Here's the schedule:

April 6 - Michele Hauf
April 7 - Bonnie Vanak
April 8 - Karen Whiddon
April 9 - Lori Devoti
April 10 - Anna Leonard (that would be, yes, me.)
April 11 - Vivi Anna

Stop by their blogs all week, to see what's going on! My contest will start on the 10th, and run for 48 hours. Comment on that post, and you'll be included in a drawing to win a copy of MIDNIGHT CRAVINGS, a copy of THE NIGHT SERPENT, and -- because this is me, and I know you guys -- chocolate! And none of that Hershey's or Godiva stuff, either. :-) You don't have to guess anything or write anything more than "hi!" -- all you have to do is comment.

And now for today's contest/challenge:

Yesterday, coming back from the Park, I saw something odd: someone on the 3rd floor had put a knife block -- complete with knives! -- on the ledge outside their window.

(alas, I didn't get a picture of it, being too damn tired to rummage for my camera at that point).

So. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to establish plausibility: why was it left there? What was the reason, the purpose, the intent? Plausibility is the important thing here: make me believe it! You have 75 words, maximum. The contest will close on Friday, and the winner will be announced next Monday, at which point another contest will be announced, every Monday until BLOOD FROM STONE is released on May 4th.

Best response to this challenge as chosen by me (ties to be broken by A Celebrity Judge) will get a copy of the new mass market edition of CURSE THE DARK. And, oh what the hell -- chocolate!

[you do not have to be a LJ member to enter/win.!]
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Finishing up the proofs for BLOOD FROM STONE, at the point where all hell is breaking loose and everything's finally coming together, and one line suddenly stood up from the page, slapped me across the face,and said THIS! HERE! THIS IS THE POINT! And be damned if it didn't tie into everything previously set up, all the crossed trails and dropped hints, the side comments and, yes,the fortune cookie....

I know I wrote it. I know I planned it, however subconsciously. But damned if I didn't just stop and go "wow, that's gooooooood. That works."

I loves my job sometimes. Even the drudgy bits that make me want to gnaw my leg off in frustration.
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The plans for today (making cookies and other party-prep) have been modified by the arrival of author proofs for BLOOD FROM STONE. They're due back on the 7th, tho, so for once I'm not feeling a mad rush about them. Yay for the holidays actually adding time to schedule, not depleting it!

So, cookies and proofs. I call that a Good Plan.

[specifically, meringues, sugar cookies and, if I have energy, tortes. Gingerbread will have to wait for another day]

Also, I am having coffee for the first time since coming down with the Ugh/Sinus Sludge last Friday (coffee when I'm sick is always a Bad Idea). Yay! My taste buds are still out of whack a bit, but the caffeine is welcome...

EtA: note to self: if eggs are not forming nice peaks, it is time to stop, have another cup of coffee, and then restart using only egg WHITES this time, not whole eggs.

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Damn. I missed my anniversary. Five years a freelancer, this week. Yay?

Lots of changes since then. Some good, some sad, all of them a part in landing me here, where I am content. There are far worse fates.

And yet, no matter how many times it's happened since then, I'm never ready...

You can pre-order BLOOD FROM STONE now.


At Amazon, anyway. B&N and Borders some day as well, I suppose, but they're not admitting to it yet.

Or, you can pre-order it from a local independent store..

Why should you pre-order? Because that tells the stores they will have money coming in, so they will order the copies, so the publisher will print the copies, so everyone gets their copies and the wheels of publishing keep turning.... and you still don't have to pay until the book actually comes in!

As always, send me an e-mail [LAG(at)lauraannegilman(dot)net] telling me you pre-ordered it, and I will send you a signed bookplate.


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