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  After dipping my toe in, I can say that I react to Twin Peaks in my 40's the same way I reacted to it in my 20's, to wit: "yes, you're very clever and this is visually stunning, and intellectually fascinating in terms of your storytelling structure, but if you want me to get emotionally invested, you need to give me characters I can invest in...."

I'll probably keep watching for the puzzle, but I may also just wait and read the write-ups, after the fact.

oh well.

May. 23rd, 2016 09:30 pm
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I wanted to like Houdini and Doyle, I really did.

It just didn't take. At all. Anything.
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I take it that show did another thing that upset people and made them swear they're not watching any more until next week?
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So, my Comcast *spit* subscription is as basic and bare bones as they'll let me get, but one of the channels available is MeTV. Which means I get daily doses of M*A*S*H, and also Hogan's Heroes, and Quincy, and even Emergency!, tho it makes me wince to watch that now.

I'm pretty sure a) that Jack Klugman was my first-ever tv crush, and b) that I need to dig out a copy of M*A*S*H the novel and see if it's as rudely, painfully hysterical as I remember...

(and yes, I read the sequel, too.  And liked it, as I recall.)

AND I watched Trapper John, MD and mostly loved it...
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Proposed: that Sleepy Hollow, having embraced the gothic WTFkery with both hands and a leg up, is this decade’s Dark Shadows, rather than X Files or SPN.

With much better FX and mostly better scripts….
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Saw the premiere of The Librarians last night, in a mixed crowd (3 of us were fans of the movies, 2 hadn’t even known there were movies beforehand).

Decision: five thumbs up. As it says on the tin, this is cheese begging for a nice cracker, predictable, and utterly enjoyable. My concerns about ‘there is only one Librarian’ were dealt with in an acceptable manner, the changes in Flynn were heartbreaking but also utterly perfect, we got J and C, if not enough of them, and the series was set up in a predictable-but-enjoyable fashion.

(one small spoiler that doesn't actually affect the plot: I was disappointed that once again Flynn gets the girl, this time without any sense of a real attraction or buildup, but I also acknowledge that the entire series has established in canon a Librarian/Guardian connection, even pre-Flynn, that could and might be a series-appropriate flip on the trad Harlequin "powerful male guardian and female trouble-prone librarian" tropes.)

Here’s to hoping the season continues in good, cheesy fun.

...But WHAT was with the boys’ hair? Please stop that. It’s actively painful to look at.
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I missed most of GOTHAM because I had dinner guests, but what I did see looked well-crafted and interesting, so I'll give it another shot next week.

Even knowing where they were going with that opening, SLEEPY HOLLOW still managed to pleased-surprise me, and the fast-paced storytelling kept me intently focused, so kudos to them for an excellent start to a second season! Now, if they can figure out how to use Katrina's character properly, and not drop her into also-ran status....  (I love Crane and Abby, but I don't ship them.  Not yet, anyway.  The Crane/Katrina story still has interesting legs and I want to see them stretched, so to speak)

AGENTS OF SHIELD's all-important second season starts tonight, so here's hoping they too can keep up the momentum, and not hit any reset buttons. I'm rooting for them, but also worried in a way I wasn't about SH.

why I worry/don't worry... )

And then there's Person of Interest, also back tonght.  My worries about this show are legion for the exact opposite of my worries about AoS: they keep pushing the limits of what the story should be able to hold, twisting expectations and assumptions, and only my utter faith in the writers makes me believe that the newest twist to the structure is going to be amazing rather than a train wreck....
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Last night I woke up and - half-asleep - replaced the summerweight coverlet with the down cover. This morning I am wearing sweats and a long-sleeved t-shirt, and making the season's first stew (lamb and lentils).

If you think all this makes me very happy.... you'd be right!

This is a weekend for working, not play: the deadline for the revisions of CLAWED (Gin & Tonic & 4) is Monday. That's also when 4th Q estimated taxes are due, wheee.  Need to get all the paperwork in order.

On the media side, we're into September, and that means ALL THE NEW SEASONS STARTING YAY! (well, except for those that don't start until October, grumble). But that lead to the realization that the reason I don’t stress or angst over upcoming seasons of shows I love is because I treat them like books - the moment I pick up a book I place myself in the writer’s hands: their vision is the one I am falling into, and I trust them to make the ride worthwhile. Angsting over it beforehand shows - for me and I emphasize only for me - a lack of trust in the writer, and if I don’t trust them, why did I pick up the book in the first place?

Now, they may fail that trust, several chapters (episodes) in. But that’s the review, not the preview.
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Agents of Shield is fun.

Supernatural is occasionally cracktastic and heartbreaking.

But Person of Interest? Is fucking terrifying.
Also, I just totally chewed all my fingernails off.

"...There's still one thing left in Pandora's box."

*hides under the blankets until season 4*
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Because, well, because this episode really nailed me between the eyes, for several reasons. If you haven't seen "Meta Fiction" yet, feel free to avert your eyes....

Main thought:  Yep, yep, that’s kind of what it’s like when the characters toss your script and refuse to go along with the plot….and explaining to them that “but this is the plot! You need to follow the outline!” never seems to work…” But the experienced storyteller also knows that sometimes the plot twists, and the ending isn’t quite what you’d originally thought it would be.

Metatron spent a lot of time transcribing someone else’s words, and reading other peoples’ stories. As a writer, though, he’s a newbie. He hasn’t yet learned that you can’t always force the ending to stay the same form it was when you started….

Second thought: oh Gadreel, what was that look on your face, at the end? What is going on in your oh-so-conflicted and oh-so-damaged head?

Third thought: any Gabriel is better than no Gabriel, I suppose.

Fourth thought: that title was a terrible, terrible multi-layered pun, bless their pointy little heads.

Fifth thought… this one gets kinda long. And there are gifs.

So, yeah.  Overall high marks for Show a) kicking it up a notch in terms of Events, b) using every damn tool in their toolbox to kick it up, and c) not pulling many punches.

But there was one punch that, for me, was straight to the gut.

The look on Castiel’s face was the pullback to the blow: What have you done?

mark of cain revealed

Dean’s fine.  Everyone’s fine.  Right. And they part, each to do their bit to bring this to an end…

But when Castiel returns to his motel room, filled with the detritus of Being a Hunter (shades of John’s motel room in Season 1), the look on his face is of someone who is bleeding internally, who has taken the last blow before his knees buckle.  Because Metatron holds the script, and Dean wears the Mark of Cain.

“You are not the hero in this masterpiece. You are the villain. I’m the hero.”

If they are not the heroes, if they are not The Righteous Man and the Angel - then what chance to do they have?

And then the blow lands - the moment when Castiel stops, turns, and tears down the wall of evidence, clearing it away to make the glyph of the Horn of Gabriel and call his troops to him …


It was the sheer violence that I loved in this scene [where loved means “oh Casbabyno”], the “get the fuck out of my way you useless pieces of paper that can’t save anyone” intensity of his slow-building yet sudden decision.  That is not the rational strategist, the emotionless angel-soldier.  That’s a heart in pain

”Fine,” he is saying.  ”I will play your game.  I will embrace the role you have made for me, leading my people to death in a futile attempt to destroy you.  And we will see how it plays out…”

And oh, Cas, baby, you’re real close to becoming this 2014’s version of EndVerse Dean….

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Look, you really should be following me over on Tumblr at this point, if you're heavily into the media fannish side....

Agents of Shield:

Three…four… a lot of callouts to the various Marvel movies tonight. Also backstory bits, surprise aliens, a female bad guy, and characters who are aware when they’re a danger to those around them/out of control, and actually act responsibly about it. Plus snark, friendly banter, and tight teamwork.

Huh. Agents of Shield, after a very rocky start, you’re finally the show I was hoping for. And I appreciated the fact that you didn't even nibble on my heart, considering what was to come.

Bad Boys:

"They leave, and you’re not responsible for them any more"

Okay, this ep has officially broken me.

And I had some post-ep thoughts on Fathers, Brothers, and Family in SPN... (warning: some very minor spoilers here)

on Dean:Read more... )

on Sam (and Zeke):Read more... )

Person of Interest:

You miserable, magnificent fuckers. Even braced for it, I wasn't braced enough.


but you did some things wrong )
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Agents of Shield: fun and plot-building.

Supernatural: a little heart-breaking, a little adorable, definitely building to something.

Person of Interest: ijjjjfkkshkr can't even *flail* you magnificent bastards who is going to pay for our therapy bills?

Yeah, that about sums up LAG's evening.

Longer thoughts and discussion below the cuts where it's spoilery...

Agents of Shield: I really wish that AoS had trusted us enough from the start to dive into the character-based stories, rather than wasting 5 episodes introducing all the fiddly bits of worldbuilding we didn't need. They had a built-in fandom ready to make it a hit, why not just drag the newbies along, rather than kludging it up trying to explain it to them? In media res, guys. In media res. That said, the last two eps have given me hope....

Supernatural:Read more... )

Person of Interest:Read more... )
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I'm not sick. I am...slightly post-travel run down with an annoying but minor headcold. That's not actually being sick and so all the usual responsibilities and routines apply.

But at half-speed.  Ugh.  It's only the 6th and I'm already behind for the month.

So, let's talk about last night's tv, shall we?

Ugh, I'm too tired. How 'bout some gifs, instead?

Agents of Shield:
son of coul glistens

sammy apology-wave

Person of Interest:


It was a good night for tv, ya ask me.  AoS reminded us that yes, this IS a Whedon show, Supernatural cranked up the crack and still managed to nail some hard truths and foreshadowing, and PoI got well-played all around.

And let's not forget about Sleepy Hollow...

Ichabod's bow
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So yeah, a more engaging Agents of Shield. Character development happening, finally. I'm still not 100% on board, but I'm still in.  We're seeing agents going wrong (again), agents holding the course, and more hints that something was really really ...different about Coulson.  Life Model Decoy, anyone?  I hope not but it's a real possibility, now.

Also, I really don’t want to ship Skye/Coulson, but they’re adorable together (in a platonic way). “AC is way cooler.” Yes, yes he is.

I took the proactive step of pouring several fingers of Scotch before tonight's Supernatural episode began…
the Supernatural stuff (quite spoilery) behind the cut )

Person of Interest does a spouse-overboard story!  And Finch and Reese doing to Awesome Duo thing again, something I've missed with the larger cast, no matter how awesome they are.  And a very smart female PoI who keeps them guessing, and does not need any rescuing damn it. Except when she does....

Carter, you continue to be one tough chica. Your rookie's unnerving, tho. Too obvious? (yep) Shaw is the strangest comic relief ever.  Fusco gets to be the smart thinking. And Bear earns his very expensive chew toys... And a very tense mystery with minimal violence and another wheeeee twist.  Yeah, I'd say they've fucking well perfected the use of the multiple-player cast.

I really love this show.
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The first new show to get an order for additional episodes this fall is the first title that really impressed in the ratings: Fox’s Sleepy Hollow… (via EW)

(they’re still short seasons but that’s okay - 12 episodes of good sassy spooky shit makes me happy)

Although I am very amused by the "like nothing else on television" comment from Fox. Erm, yeah.....


Oct. 1st, 2013 10:58 pm
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My feelings on the government shut down can be found here and here, basically.

My take on Sleepy Hollow:

I love Abbie. I love Crane. I love the storyline with her sister, which gives a nice depth to everyone/thing. The mythology of this will probably drive me insane but I'll be happy until then. And this sort of sums it up

My take on Agents of Shield:

Utterly predictable, and a metric load of fun.

I’m good with that. Especially considering I’ll be watching Supernatural and Person of Interest afterward. One show that doesn’t stick a spoon into my heart on a regular basis would be a good thing…

Oh, wait. Joss. Well, fuck that idea. Also: "afterlife." I hereby say we create the #ItsAMagicalPLace drinking game.

(and stay after the credits on this one, if you haven't seen it by now. If you have, you know why I was squeeing like a preteen at a boy band concert. Motherfucking agents on a motherfucking plane!)

My take on Person of Interest:

Oh, Shaw.  Oh, John, you and Finch really are an old married couple, even without the sex.  Oh Carter, you are still awesome. Yeah, we got it about social media, very bad, nothing on the internet ever goes away, etc etc and "turnkey revenge" is a phrase I'm going to use at some point.... Also, the reminder that maybe having high-tech everything's not such a good idea.  If it has tech, it can be hacked.  Finch getting offended  (and then threatening him with a very mild voice) at the PoI's poking his nose into his tech was priceless. And...oh.  Oh dear.  *drinks whisky*
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Below be spoilers for Agents of Shield and Person of Interest

Read more... )

Yeah, by the time SPN comes back on line, Tuesdays are going to be utter productivity write-offs for me.  Although I might get some knitting done...
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White Collar, also back on W13, and still guesting on SPN.  I hope he's remembering to sleep at some point....

The Fall

Jul. 13th, 2013 09:34 pm
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Okay, I'm sure SOMEONE told me about The Fall, and I put it out of my mind because hey, UK show and I'm in the States (without cable).  But now it's on Netflix and I am watching the HELL out of this.

And not just because of Gillian Anderson.  Okay, maybe a lot because of Gillian Anderson.

Because she can still do "why are you wasting my time being stupid?" expressions better than nearly anyone.

But seriously, this is crime drama that's spooky and atmospheric and drawn-out in all the best ways, while still making you curl up on the sofa already hurting for people who're gonna hurt...

Oh, and the villain?  Creeeeeeepy, particularly when he's not being creepy.  He also has one of the best lines in the first ep.  *shudders*

(originally posted at The Meerkat's Window.)
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Fair warning to all my friends and co-workers: I will be useless Tuesday nights/Wednesday mornings next fall...

(8pm: S.H.I.E.L.D.  9pm: Supernatural. 10pm: Person of Interest.  11pm: weeping and drinking and interneting.)


I haven't been this traumatized by a weeknight lineup since the late 1970's.


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