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This landed in the old in-box today, via my publicist at S&S....


With a magazine circulation of about 200,000, go Team Kornetsky!

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Okay, here's me being shameless again because hey, if I'm not, who will be?

(on my behalf, anyway.)

For your Pre-Ordering Pleasure:

DRAGON VIRUS (June 2011)
- a limited edition signed hardcover. Novella-length. Not My Usual Stuff, for those of you who only read the novels. Damn proud of this project, though.
(and thanks to those of you who pre-ordered already: that's an additional $20 to Doctors W/O Borders to help in Japan)

WEIGHT OF STONE (mass reprint) (September 2011)
BN / IndieBound / Amazon

THE SHATTERED VINE (The Vineart War #3, hc) (October 2011)
BN / IndieBound / Amazon

Meanwhile, the website has also been updated, including a (hopefully) live link in the sidebar to sign up for the Gilman Quarterly newsletter.

Oh, and tomorrow night I’ll be chatting on the Authors’ Advisory Conference Call this Wednesday, May 4th - Anyone can join!
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okay, in two places.

By now you should know: if it's Friday, there's a new Practical Meerkat! Week 15 talks about hanging out in the bar....

and I am also guest-blogger over at Marianne de Pierres's site, with "How Do You Do It?"

As always, if you leave a comment there, somewhere a fairy gets her claws...

And now, back to the book. *pours more caffeine, dons shop glasses, picks up wielder*
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"In DRAGON VIRUS, an impressive 6-part story cycle, Laura Anne Gilman tackles mutancy, a theme which has become a staple of the superhero comics, transforming that material into a sensitive study of the pressures of childhood and coming of age during a period of cataclysmic cultural and biological change. It's a bold tale of generations and families in conflict over the very definition of what it means to be human."

-- Steve Rasnic Tem

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and before I forget, carried off by new book and new bookcase and Much Weather...

there are two new stories hitting the shelves late February/early March (but pre-order now!)!

First, courtesy of THOSE WHO FIGHT MONSTERS, you get "Dusted" - a short story featuring former cop/current PI Danny Hendrickson, who also happens to be half-fatae. This is the 'kickoff" story for the Sylvan Investigations books coming in 2013. Danny also get a lot of play in the 4th PSI novel, SIGHT UNSEEN.

And then there's AFTER HOURS: Tales from the Ur-Bar, which has my story "Paris 21." The dream of glory, Paris 1921, meets an ancient demi-god who likes to meddle.... (you can check out more info if you're on Facebook

I have also updated the Almost Inevitably Incomplete Bibliography
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and not informed you prior to this that tonight (okay, Thursday morning) I will be on Hour of the Wolf from 1:30am until 3am on WBAI in NYC, talking about whatever comes into my head at that hour, and possibly reading from something I've written recently....

Listen in, call in, and make me feel that dragging my backside down to the studio at 1am was a worthwhile endeavor...!

[and yes, you can hear it online, too: "In addition to the broadcast over 99.5 FM in New York, Hour of the Wolf can be heard live over the Internet at and a streaming archive of the two most recent episodes are available at"]
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We all know what it's like to escape into a great work of fiction -- but it's quite another leap of pleasure to get lost in a truly exotic, alternate-reality world of an author's unique creation. Critic Glen Weldon trips out on the haunted, vivid landscapes of 2010's best speculative fiction.

Their choices? Oh, Cronin, Bear, Collins... me!

"Gilman is a charming writer, and her main character — the feisty, funny Bonnie Torres, who first appeared in the Retrievers series — benefits from the spotlight she is given here."

To celebrate, I'm going to give away three copies of HARD MAGIC to randomly-chosen posters from the comments below (starting now, ending @ 12:45 Tuesday afternoon. 24 hours to get in!)
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An Interview with Moi, via the Fabulous Amberkatze

(the tricks is on me, finding all the typos after I had the chance to proof it. Oh well..)
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The short but nice lovefest from PW has ended: Although the reviewer says WEIGHT OF STONE "will delight fans of the first book and plenty of action sequences keeps things moving" (yay!) s/he also found the characters "self-deprecating," and "the book itself slow-moving."

Negative reviews are the inevitable counterpoint to the positive ones. The reviewer didn't love the book, but neither did s/he hate the book, or call me a hack. I am Zen.

(Okay, I'm actually pouting like a 5 year old. But that will pass and Zen will come.)

The only comment I will make about the review is that yes, Jerzy is self-deprecating. It's up to the reader to decide if that's appropriate for the character or not. For this reviewer, not.

Now I'm going to blow up modern Manhattan something fierce.

EtA: for the record, Zen arrived about 90 minutes after this post. And without booze or chocolate. I'm actually pretty proud of myself for that. Also? I still like this book a lot. I did a good job. That's essential to Zen.
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For those who are completists/gluttons for punishment/want to see what I look/sound like coming off a Very Long Work Binge, consider, in which I am interviewed by Ron Hogan for, and the video makes me wince....

[and yes, I talk as much with my body as my voice. This surprises...anyone?]
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before I forget:

Tor.Com has a special Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy program for the Month of July, featuring many notables blogging and talking, including Yrs Truly...
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Hrm. A review of FLESH AND FIRE in Asimov's that's sort of "moderate praise with subtle damns." Trying to parse how I feel about that, and trying to decide if I might be reading more derision into the text than was intended....

After basically laying out the entire plot*, the reviewer** says "Gilman throws in the added fun of a completely fresh body of esoteric knowledge, the ancient and highly evolved technology of wine-making. This, along with a novel religion underlying the magic, gives the book an energy that many more generic medieval societies don’t ever achieve....The new series is definitely a step up in ambition, and has a good chance to appeal to a larger audience than the “Retrievers” books that have been her most notable work so far."

So, yeah. Positive, but also leaving me feeling a little "wow, did it hurt you to not dislike it?" as well as what felt like a slam against my previous work.

Oh well. Ya rolls with it...

*seriously. Paragraphs of it. WTF?
** who is, in fact, not unknown to me, personally -- take the lesson from that, oh newbies. Friends is friends but biz is biz....


Jun. 22nd, 2010 09:11 am
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I am informed that it is National Lightning Safety Awareness Week (June 20-26).

I think a celebration like that should best be observed by reading a book where magic users can "source" off lightning, don't you? Hrm. Where could we find such a book...

Oh wait! I know!

Staying Dead
Hard Magic
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My interview at "Reading with Tequila" is up today.

EtA: Also, the Dragon Virus project that lost its publisher in the econocrash may have a new home. Waiting on paperwork before I say more, though (burned meerkats approach the stove cautiously)

EtA2: and despite freelance job schedule insanity and the insurance annoyances, I managed 2,100 new words on TVW#3, including two lines that made me shiver.
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So Wednesday morning the phone rings. "Hello, this is Mary Robinette Kowal." And I swear to god, my first thought is "why is Mary (secretary of SFWA) calling, and using her formal voice? No, wait, I'm a lifetime member, I can't be late on my dues..."

And then she (gently) broke the news to me that FLESH AND FIRE: Book 1 of The Vineart War, had made the final Nebula ballot.

And, oh, by the way, don't tell anyone yet*.


But now it's official**.

The Nebula Awards, for those new to this game, are the peer-voted awards for writing in the SF/F community, voted on and given by the Science Fiction Writers of America (and International Members). Basically it means your fellow writers thought you did a good job worth noting.****

So to those of you who liked FLESH AND FIRE enough to nominate it, I thank you. To those of you who are not SFWA members but liked the book and would have nominated it if you could, thank you. I am, truly, honored. I don't have half a prayer of actually winning***, but it would be great if we at least made a strong showing in the runner-up category....

And congratulations to my fellow nominees, the nominees in other categories, and you guys duking it out for the Norton and Bradbury awards, too! Go, us!

* I told my editor and my agent. I didn't even tell my mom, mainly 'cause her phone was busy and for once i didn't want to leave it to e-mail/IM
** We'll send out an announcement by Friday, she said. And it will be all over Twitter three seconds after that, I added. And lo, it was.
***I've already placed my bets on who the winner will be, but hey, if it wasn't a horse race the horses wouldn't run, right?
****And since I'm starting Serious Work on the revisions for Book 2, this was a really nice and much-needed pat on the back and reassurance that I'm Doin' it Write.
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I'm spotlighted on the Chronic Rift today, interviewed by our own [ profile] kradical. Hopefully they edited out the part me going "Boomer, please get down from there..."*crash!* *swearwords*

And I am also e featured on Harlequin's, talking about the changeover from the Retrievers series to the PSI books. (we're live, now)

and at 2pm today I'll be interviewed for something else that won't go live for a while. I'm living in the future, baby!

Meanwhile, pay no attention to the meerkat behind the curtain. I have the bit in my teeth and caffeine in my veins....
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An interview w/ me is up at Temple Library Reviews.

Also: it is 20 degrees colder right now than it was yesterday at this time. Also, windy as hell. Winter's back.


Dec. 17th, 2009 03:24 pm
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You can, by the by, find me talking (hopefully with coherence and an informative style) about BookView Cafe and The Shadow Conspiracy at The Big Idea:


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