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EtA: this was taken after a Traumatic Trip to the Vet.
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I am very boring this week - revisions and whatnot, and socializing offline. Sheesh.

Here. Have a CatOfSize.

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slothful cats.


He was actually weirdly dignified in this pose. You can also see that his much-hated diet is showing results...

[and yes...he is a Big Boy. Nearly 3' stretched out, from stem to stern.]
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I have a LARGE coffee, a redeye sammich, a comfy sofa, and cats who are glad to see me. And blessed, blessed solitude. The introvert is badly in need of some alone-time to recharge...

Because yeah, I love getting out and seeing readers and visiting other places, and shilling my books to all and sundry, but being social does not negate the "introvert" portion of my personality, and all this? Wears. Me. Out.

So about all I'm good for right now is some cat photos.


Why I need vision insurance more than dental...
(thankfully, this is my older "emergency" pair, so the yelling was limited)


And ElderCat is annoyed that I shifted, and interrupted her lap...
(this is also one of the best photos I've ever gotten of my Duchess at her most feline...)

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A Feline Foto:

"Mooooom! he's touching me!"
Boomer and Pandora, Squish Iteration
It is rare enough that they are willing to sit next to each other, much less sqoosh, and yet it's been 10 minutes and Pandora hasn't moved. Of course, she may not be ABLE to move....

EtA: detente lasted about 17 minutes, when I had to get up to answer the door, and Boomer followed me. He then took up sprawl on the carpet. Pandora is still on the sofa, with a thought-bubble over her head that clearly says "I win!"
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ok, have some Cute to take you into the weekend, after all that.

Boomerang, Supervising the Writer At Work.

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Some days, you look at your lunch companion and say "screw it. Let's go to the zoo.*"

More photos (plus caption commentary) here.

(*it's not playing hooky when you're going to work that evening to catch up)
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d'y'ever get the feeling someone's looking over your shoulder while you work? (spy camera reveals all!)

and this is why I type slowly, some nights....
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Pandora is asleep curled around my left hand. I'm trapped by the cuteness of a purr-snore. Don't send help.

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This photo was brought to you by my actually making a meatloaf this evening - since I had a chunk of ground lamb, and a chunk of ground turkey, and some Other Bits, and... hrm. No bread crumbs. Improvise!

Judgment: a little weird, but not bad. Needed more spices to counteract the improvisation of graham cracker crumbs for bread (a little sweet) but... would try it again.
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here. have some kittypic spam.

Someone who shall remain Of Size thinks mom should spend more time with him than that silly laptop...
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Write-a-thon update coming: the words are progressing, just not the posting-thereof.

Yesterday I spent working (Independence ain't free) and then text and photos under the cut )

The subway ride home was an excellent example of NYC in a good mood. Jammed car, and everyone's laughing and making room for each other, and generally not minding a damn, and as the train emptied out along the line, we all settled into a sort of peaceful reverie. Even the Mariachi guy was slumped over dozing in his seat, rather than trying to work the crowd.

And today, it's back in the saddle again. Holiday over, RWA done, and the deadlines, they gnaw on my ankles and the paperwork it threatens to eat me while I sleep...


A quick glimpse into my mind: yesterday, for various reasons, I switched the position of the knives and spoons in the cutlery drawer. This morning, I reached into the drawer and grabbed the wrong thing. Rather than being annoyed, my brain went "good. that'll teach you to get complacent." Change. It is, apparently, what's for breakfast.
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In case you ever wondered what a cat does while her human sleeps...

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and also proof that everyone but everyone looks dorky in a bike helmet.

look at your own risk )
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Her Grace, the Duchess Pandora, has recovered from seeing the vet. Her human, however, is not yet forgiven.

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Over the weekend, despite Various Follies, I managed to get a coat of paint on the walls (and on myself, as usual), and acquired some nicely simple, stylish towel racks and a TP holder -- all very important essentials. So now I wait for the guys to show up and continue their side of things....

I am hoping that the plastic wall will come down today. I know that the cats would be much happier, then.

And while I wait, a picture for those of you who refuse to see the sunrise in realtime...


9:15: Tile Guy and contractor guys are here, discussing who gets to do what when.... {three guys, limited space][EtA: get your minds out of the gutter. Yes, you.]

10: Shower has been grouted. Vanity is being installed. I am resisting the urge to go watch the progress, knowing a) I'd just get in their way and b) this book won't revise itself...

10:05: oh, and the new door! Yay new door! (guests who have had to argue with the old one will be relieved...)

10:40: Power tools and hammering. I thought we were done with that..... *sighs*

11:55: Baseboard installed (more to paint, whee!). And the tub reglazing has been scheduled for tomorrow, plumber hopefully comes back on Wednesday.....

1:05: Just gave vague-yet-detailed -- "I want it to go here, like this...but use your best professional judgment" -- instructions on the placement of towel racks, shelves and tp holder. And now I leave, not knowing what will await me on my return....
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Because I used up all my content on the Bookview Cafe blog.

Cats Snoozing on a Snowy Day

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Takes assessment: the cats let me sleep until 7 (after I sleep-fed Boomer at 6am), there's coffee being poured, and I know how to fix the next chapter in Book Under Revisions. And I feel....yes, I feel Motivated. Huzzah! Not a bad start. Now if I can just keep focus-ooo, shiny!

And, in case anyone wondered who ruled this household....

"Stop typing and pet me, woman!"
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Because the cats are being boring.

remember Mei-chan as a wee pup?

Well here she is, full-grown but still an adorkable Muppet-dog...


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