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Part I of THE COLD EYE is now marked up with red ink (notes) black ink (rewritten bits), and post-its tacked to relevant passages. 5 more parts to go, and then another pass to put it all together, and then another to polish it, and...

Yeah. And people ask me if I ever read my books once they're done. After an average of 10 passes, including the copy edit, would YOU?

Meanwhile, today there is more revising, and some editing of Other Peoples' Work, and dealing with the ACA for 2016, oh joy...

Tomorrow there will be socializing. And probably some whinging about the ACA paperwork. Because Tis the Season.
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Today is when estimated 3rd Q taxes are due in the mail, if that's a thing that you need be concerned with. Just a friendly reminder from your neighborhood freelancer....

Meanwhile, the editorial revisions to CLAWED (Gin & Tonic #4) are back with my editor as of this morning (on schedule, go me!). So what's up for the rest of 2014?

Well, I'm still waiting on the revisions letter for SILVER (I keep reminding myself it's 'only' been 10 weeks since I handed it in....argh). So when that does hit, it's all decks on hand for that. And it will be an intensive revision, because we're also going to be working with the language experts and the weaponry experts, to make sure no Actual Facts got FUBARd during the creative process.

Other than that?

I'm still waiting on the edits for WORK OF HUNTERS, and I need to finish AN INTERRUPTED CRY, and get those out to the kickstarter backers.

And I owe an editor a short story, and there are two other short stories that have been waiting in queue for...a while now. Oops.

Hrm. 2014 was a relatively quiet year for new releases from me, with only the new mystery and a short story, but it looks like 2015 might be...kinda busy.

(Plus - wearing my other hat - I have a client manuscript incoming any time soon, and a handful of short stories to edit.  Wheeeee.)

oh yeah, and if you're in the upstate NY area, I'll be GoHing at RoberCon in Binghamton at the end of this month.  Hijinks at this location are highly probable.
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After the insanity that was last week's GISHWHES, I'm back on the pony...mostly.


The draft of WORK OF HUNTERS is with the editor, and I have the revisions letter for CLAWED (Gin & Tonic #4) on my desk. The revisions letter for SILVER ON THE ROAD is supposed to hit on Friday (more likely next Monday, I suspect). I'm also working on a short story, and fine-tuning the plot for the next SI novella. I think that's enough? Yeah, that's enough. And August was the light work-month.


Finished up one client's manuscript and sent her editorial letter out last night; another client's manuscript lands today, plus two shorts to edit for Buzzy Mag.  I may or may not have slots open in October/November, depending on what the email brings in the next week... (but I do have slots open for December/January right now...)

Conventions & Travel:

Shamrokon in Dublin, August 21-24.  (reminder to self:  sort out the currencies drawer and check the pound vs euros situation!)  Spending my birthday weekend in a foreign city with friends and friends-to-be-made and readers... yeah, that's about as good as it gets.  :-) My schedule's here.

DragonCon: August 29-September 1.  Atlanta in the summer.  If I didn't love DragonCon so much.....  But I do. My schedule's here.

RoberCon (Binghamton, NY), September 27-28th.  New and small, but it's got good bones, so if you're in the area, check it out! There will likely be hijinks...

Reading at WORD (Brooklyn, NY)  October 1  (as L.A. Kornetsky, with Nick Kaufman and Laird Barron)

World Fantasy (Washington DC) November 6-9.  The usual suspects plus new suspects...

And at some point between October and December, I will be in Seattle again.  Alerts will go out when that's finalized....
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Killed any number of little darlings today.

He’d thought the brim would shade her face enough, the crown suitable to a woman. He hadn’t thought much more than that. He hadn’t thought, once her face was half-shaded, the dark brown felt matching the dun of her jacket and the dust on her boots, that the Isobel of the saloon would begin to disappear.


One of the faro dealers had developed a case of nerves that made him imagine spiders on his arms when he was falling asleep.  He’d sworn off drinking and moved south to take up farming, instead.  But Izzy hadn’t had a drop to drink, and quitting wasn’t an option for her.

Still ended up adding 3k new words.  Oops.  Chapter 8 is with betas. Chapter 9 and 10 revised.  Chapter 20 rough-drafted.

In other projects, we're 4,000 words into Gin & Tonic #4. The opening line: Going sixty miles an hour was no time to feel someone licking the side of your face.

So that's 7,000 words on the day.  God, bring me that pizza, and a drink.

And two new freelance stories just landed for editing.  Better make that drink a double.
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March did not exactly start off with a bang - Saturday was reasonably busy, but then I got nailed with serious insomnia Sunday morning (not a thing I am normally prone to, thankfully) and the rest of the day my brain felt much like wet taffy. I can no longer function on 4 hours of sleep.  Oh hell, I never could. Six, yes. Four, no.  Managed to get some editing and pre-editorial reading done, but not so much with the writing.

On the other hand, I did manage to clear out and sort my email, so that the Actual In Box (as opposed to the side subject folders) is easily scannable, and nothing will get lost.  For at least a week, anyway.  However, in the process some settings got wonked (I touched nothing, I swear!) and now Thunderbird will only d/l email from the Gmail account, but not SEND anything, and ignores the account entirely.  I have access to mail, I just have to interact with it via the web portals, which I HATE. Have sent out the usual cries for help to the usual suspects.

This week, I'll be doing the final pass on DOGHOUSE (Gin & Tonic #3) page proofs, working on a client manuscript edit, starting work on the Kickstarter bonus projects, and continuing work on SILVER ON THE ROAD (The Devil's West 1) and TAGGED (Gin & Tonic #4).  Oh, and there's that short story I started, too.  Should go poke at that some more.

Slide a pizza under the door, willya?

Meanwhile, there's a nice review of PACK OF LIES here, from Musings And Ramblings. It's always good to see older books getting discovered/loved. :-D
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Today, no matter how I try to deny it, is March 1st.  That means my month of focusing-only-on-the-fantasy is over, and I now must not only pick up  the yoke of the 4th Gin & Tonic book (which will be fun, so not too much grumbling) but also put the editorial hat back on.  Which is...not AS much fun, right now.  One of the pleasures of freelance editing is that I can say "no, I can't right now" when I'm not up to it.  But the current project was agreed-to months ago, so...

(and there's a project coming up later in the year that I'm really looking forward to, so there's that)

Anyway, speaking of books, I'm reminded (because apparently I need reminding, I am such a crap self-promoter) that you can acquire many of my books for your e-reader via Book View Café  and also via B&N, Amazon, and Kobo.

(I encourage BVC, as it's writer-run, and DRM-free)

If you're more of a print person, well, you know where to buy those, but also remember our Small Press Sponsor - Plus One Press.

and for those of you who're more into listening to your storytelling than reading, Audible has your ears covered.  :-)

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‹LauraAnne› I just regretted out of an all-day party tomorrow. Because I COULD just go for a few hours, but I know I wouldn't...
‹pooks› And that's what makes you a pro.
‹LauraAnne› a grumpy, grumpy pro.
‹pooks› Is there any other kind?
‹LauraAnne› .....maybe?
‹pooks› A nongrumpy pro just hasn't been a pro very long.
‹LauraAnne› or just got a check.
‹pooks› Oh yes, there is that.
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The contract for Gin & Tonic #3-#4 arrived in my inbox, and has been gone over. I will say that reading the marked-up pdf on my iPad mini was more enjoyable than trying to wrangle the legal-size paper Simon & Schuster still uses.  Anyway, it reminded me that #3 is due in SEPTEMBER, not October as I had in my mind, so the pace on that's been picked up a bit.

I'm still knee-deep in reading submissions for Entangled, trying to get back into the editorial mindset of "scan-for-brilliance."  I know the skill set's intact, it's just taking a while to reclaim.  Two projects that were almost-but-not-quite, and one that's probably-not-sorry.  This is the brutal part of the editorial job, and the one that many people sneer at, but my job here is to find the best stories I think will sell the best, not to make allowances or be gentle.  :-(

Meanwhile, I'm working on the on-spec manuscript, and juggling my two long-term freelance clients, and going through the final stages of production for PROMISES TO KEEP for the kickstarter release.

So yeah... if I've been quiet lately, all that would be why.

I still haven't seen either Iron Man #3 or the new Trek, mainly because I'm a social movie-going creature and nobody's schedule seems to be syncing up with mine.  *sighs*  But soon.

Coming up:  BEA and the related chaos thereof, and then a brief pause before I'm into the whirlwind of HEART OF BRIAR's release, and the related book-pimping. The sightings-and-signings page has been updated, and will continue to be updated on a probably-weekly basis... (so if you have a bookstore or book festival you think I should swing by, let me know!)

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"Being in the devil’s debt was a damned uncomfortable thing."

It is entirely possible that I haven't loved a book this much since writing STAYING DEAD.

(my feelings for THE VINEART WAR were more akin to your first Bad News relationship, where you know you gotta even though everyone's shaking their heads sadly at you. Less fun, more obsession. Although there's some of that obsession coming through in this book too. So I may be screwed. In a "regret nothing" sort of way.... ).

And no, this has no pub date, because I'm writing it on spec (as I did with FLESH AND FIRE), and even my agent hasn't seen more than the early proposal/sample pages yet. I want to have at least 30k before I drop it on him....


First week on the job for Entangled, and I've already got three manuscripts on my desk (two for evaluation, one for an edit. I am both filled with glee and thinking whatthefuckwereyouthinking? So: pretty much normal and as expected. :-)


A break in the rain yesterday, and I got to squire some friends visiting from Ireland around the High Line and the West Village. I'd thought about taking them over to the Greenway and the Frying Pan for drinks, after, but decided not wearing them into the ground was a better plan....

and they gave me this!

writers tears

Tomorrow, I get to hit the local crafts fair, and Mother's Day Brunch (which is also my mom's Birthday Brunch), so I'm hoping there's another break in the rain.  But for now, I should hunker down and get to the writing and the editing (and the cleaning of the bathroom, just so you don't think my life is so terribly glam...)

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As-you-know-bob, if you've been around for any length of time (or actually read my bio), I got into this publishing gig via editorial, not writing, back in the Long-Ago.  in 2003, I flipped my percentages, and went from full-time editor/part time writer to full-time writer/occasional freelance editor.

I love doing both, and I missed working long-term with writers, from acquisition through publication, but I didn't want to go back to 9-6 Corporate.  I hate meetings.

And then, a few months ago, I got into a discussion with Liz Pelletier of Entangled Publishing. And although I am normally leery of no-advance publishing contracts, what I heard from her made me think "huh...yeah okay, they're putting their money where their mouth is."

Or rather, they're NOT putting their money - authors are paid on a royalty basis, but nobody else at the company makes a cent until the book starts earning, either (not editor nor copyeditor, etc. They're all paid out of the post-publication earnings).

That is, Entangled is actually walking the no-advance walk, and sharing the risk with the author.

Huh. Okay. I could respect that.

So when they offered me a job as Senior Editor, on a contract basis, I said yes.

It's a strange new world, and an interesting new business plan. It seems to be working for them - and for their writers. And I'm always game for an Adventure...

So yeah, that's what's been in the works, the past few months.  And now it's official, I am once again Writer. Editor.  Really Tired Person. *g*

(No, I'm not acquiring manuscripts....yet.  For now, I'm working with already-contracted writers, and helping out around the farm, as it were.  But that situation will change soon enough.)
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You may have remembered, on Friday, that I set up a list of Things to Do.

I did not get to all of them. But I nailed the important/deadline-insistent things, so that's okay.

Monday: spent the morning doing the last pass on the copyedit, then headed out to have late lunch with a friend who was in town for the day. Came home, did some editorial and admin work in the evening while watching Castle (pretty decent for a clip show), but was pretty wiped out, mentally, from a 5 day push on the copyedits (plus everything else).

(you can read about said copyedits here, for those who're looking for actual writing-related content)

Tuesday was All Client Work All the Time. Plus a haircut. Plus setting up software for a new gig I'll be talking about soon. Again, by the time 6pm rolled around, I was exhausted. All this braining is tiring.

So tonight, I have a DVD, and a nice healthy dinner, to be followed by some dark chocolate with sea salt, and while I might get some writing done, I also might not.  The plan is (relatively) early to bed (if not sleep) in a freshly remade bed, and not getting out of said bed a minute before 7am.

The rest of the week can worry about itself, then.
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The weekly accountability post.

Carried over from last week

- make travel plans for WorldCon/Chicago Research Trip
- SHATTERED VINE mass market proofs (due April 3rd)

New Stuff

- post new "writers I'm reading" blog entry
- finish revisions on the mystery project (due: April 6th)
- finish revisions on "Dance" (due April 6th)
- work on freelance project(s) (1 novel, 1 novella)
- put together proposals for Madame Editrix
- get Operation Oy out to alpha readers
- copyedits on SHIFTER'S DESTINY (due April 1st)
- copyedits on DRAGON JUSTICE (due March 30th)
- get the internal art formatted into "From Whence You Came," ideally without killing anyone

Focus, Gilman. With focus, all things are DOable.
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I've decided to pass on the Giants victory celebration parade today in order to try to keep on top of deadlines (I did say try).

So. Deadlines and Needtos for this week:

- finish tax prep (stop procrastinating, Gilman!)
- DRAGON JUSTICE once-over
- send out first few chapters of Portals #1 to betareaders
- polish Jerzy's story and send to betareader #2
- finish writing chapter 9 of Portals #1
- dentist (ugh)
- chase down missing freelancer payment (now AWOL 2 months + counting)
- finish up pending freelance
- write up proposal for G&T#2 (ok, cheating on this one. I have all but a plot twist done)
- talk to madame agent about follow-up to Portals

EtA: call back dr who left urgent "call me back about your bloodwork" message yesterday, only to be told that she's not in today so I have to call her tomorrow. Assume I'm not going to die terribly in 24 hours while I wait... [if I am, above list becomes meaningless]

There. That's not too bad, right?
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One of the things I love about editing – other than the fact that I like working with other people, getting them to the Best Their Story Can Be – is that it teaches/reminds me of shit I need in my toolbox, too.

And so, here’s a useful reminder. When working on a story, always go back and make sure the assumptions you’re working with at the end of the story match the assumptions you used at the beginning of the story. That is, if your main character believes X, and nothing happens to make her change that belief, she should not then believe Y instead, at the end of the story.

It’s not a flaw or a failure to have things change in the process of writing. It IS a failure to not take the time and go back to check and fix.


Also: contact info on your manuscript is BASIC SUBMISSION PROCEDURE. If you can’t/won’t manage that, you’re giving off Speshul Snowflake vibes, and no editor wants to work with Speshul Snowflakes. They tend to melt down and leave a mess behind.

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Editing a short story this morning (wearing my freelancer hat), and I am reminded that there is a distinct difference between "not well-written" and "not how I would have written this story." The reader may have an opinion, the writer will certainly judge against their own inclinations, but the editor - even as a reader and a writer - must understand where you have no say on the story's choices, must think not subjectively about the work, but objectively.

It is not your work. You must accept the choices made by the author, even as you nudge them into ways to clarify or strengthen those choices.

This is an interesting balancing act, and one that creates an ongoing dialogue in my head between editor & writer, even as I'm working on the project....

[this is one of the things that makes editing - or deep beta-ing - so useful to the writer. When you can slip into an editorial mindset like that, it allows you to see your own weaknesses and work on them as well. And, likewise, when you see something positive, you can bring it into your own toolbox, suitably McGyvered for your own style and needs. Ideally, anyway. In theory. ;-)]

in brief

Jun. 23rd, 2010 06:12 am
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At a point yesterday, I decided I had consumed too much caffeine. How did I know? I could feel my blood shimmering

That? Is a very very very bad sign.

Little writing accomplished [my brain is still trying to work its way through a scene that's gotten knotted], but a metric deskload of editorial work done and dusted and invoiced, finally. And yay, just in time for the copyedit of "By Your Command" to land in my in-box, due back on the 29th...

There will be Writing today. Or maybe a movie. It's supposed to hit 90 today, which is the point at which I give up and melt.

Why yes, I am a delicate winter flower. Any other questions?
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Book View Café author Sarah Zettel has been nominated for the 2009 Sidewise Award for her novella, "The Persistence of Souls," from the collection THE SHADOW CONSPIRACY, Tales of the Steam Age, Vol. I, edited by Phyllis Irene Radford and Laura Anne Gilman.

THE SHADOW CONSPIRACY is an anthology of new fiction released in 2009 from Book View Press, the publishing arm of Book View Café, which is the Internet's largest professional authors' cooperative. All the stories are set in a steampunk universe where the inventions of Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage changed the world and Mary Shelley's tales of creating life were far more than a ghost story. Available exclusively as an ebook from Book View Press, the collection is part of the ongoing drive of Book View Café's professional authors to bring their work directly to the rapidly growing numbers of online and on-screen readers.

Following on the heels of the success of the first volume, Book View Café will be releasing a second volume later this year: THE SHADOW CONSPIRACY VOL. II.

THE SHADOW CONSPIRACY can be purchased from the Book View Café bookstore.

For more information on the Sidewise Awards, visit the Sidewise website.
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The temperatures have broken, after high winds and occasional rain yesterday. We can breathe again! For that alone, this is a Good Monday.

Yesterday I worked a bit in the morning and then, needing a break, went downtown to the "Egg roll and Eggcream" festival. Yes, really. Possibly only in NYC, where the Chinese and Jewish immigrant communities keep crossing in an odd sort of pattern, could the restoration of an 1880's synagogue (which is, btw, utterly gorgeous and should be seen if you're in town) in what has become Chinatown be celebrated this way. Vegetarian egg roll (no pork or shrimp) and eggcreams and half-sour pickles and Chinese acrobats and it didn't rain while we were there, yay!

Today, I have sent off the last of my pending (aka "overdue") writing obligations to madame editrix, leaving me with nothing on my docket save Vineart War #3 (and some editorial work for Carina, including an editorial letter and a copyedit once-over before sending it on to the author).

Only one writing project to work on? All week?

*has quiet, undignified glee*

Meanwhile, I can haz new toy! Delivery this morning from the folks at aforementioned Carina Press Digital, to celebrate today's launch of the imprint: a Kobo e-reader. Hrm. Guess I know what I'll be playing with tonight...

Meanwhile, I am out of coffee. This needs to be fixed, before tomorrow morning rolls around. coffee in da house!
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Came home from a lovely dinner last night to discover the solicitation covers for the mass market edition of FLESH AND FIRE. With the starburst "Nebula nominee" on them. And embossed lettering. *quiet satisfaction*

Woke up at the not-ungodly hour of 6am and made it to the gym for my first decent workout in weeks (after a leg injury sidelined me for too long). Got the new cat perch up, and Pandora claimed it as her own (best case scenario), then got a lot of small work-details sorted, wrote 1,100 new words, had lunch at the local Dominican place that makes awesome sandwiches, walked a mile without my leg hurting, discovered a deadline I thought I'd blown had some leeway built in and made it under the wire, rejiggered copy for WEIGHT OF STONE and dealt with some more small details [including getting a story to an editor], wrote another 1,000 words {2,100 total, not including copy or story notes] and did Mean Things to Characters.

Dude. I have rocked today.

Now... I have to put on the editor's hat and read submissions. And, um, try and figure out what I'm packing to take to the Nebs. Which are, um, this weekend? Really? Howthehelldidthathappen?

So, what do you think, oh LJ-mind? Should I go with Basic Black for the awards, and show off my not-a-tan? Or try and flow with a more tropical theme, since I will be in Florida, land of Too Damn Much Sun? Or drag out the classic Cocktail Chic? And do I bring the Bitchin' Boots of Doom, or the Cuban heels? okay, the boots might be a Bit Much for Florida in May, I agree...
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Things underway:

- the story that's due next week that is cutting a smidge close to older emotional bones
- The Vineart War #3, which has decided it's ready to come out and play now, and BTW time to do some research on difficult-to-find stuff, okthnxbai...

Things simmering:

- the story that's due in two weeks where I have only an outline and a hope.
- revisions to a short story due at the end of the month.
- the next in the "having an agent" essays for the Liberty State Writers newsletter.
- my lectures for Odyssey.
- the fact that I have Travel coming up [Nebs, Balticon, BEA] and I haven't really prepped for it at all.
- the new proposal that wants to come out and play NOW, please.
- having Joel the Contractor run up specs for the much-needed bathroom overhaul [yes, same guy who did my kitchen, and my parents' kitchen, and their bathroom... J is considered a Family Treasure].
- reworking a project for a small press, TBA later...
- waiting on the new batch of submissions to read, while also waiting on revisions to come in for me to line edit...

Um. And a few other Needful Life Things that need dealing with. *facepalms, gets more coffee*

So, what's everyone else finding on their Merrie Month of May to-do list?


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