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 Agent and editor notes are in, my own final markup is complete, and I have a mostly-clear deck for the next two weeks.

I'll be making a supply run this morning, and then settling in for the (hopefully) final pass of fixing-the-broken-things-hopefully-without-breaking-anything-new we laughingly call The Revisions Run.

A lot of stuff to be done, to get this book to where I need it to be. Agent and editor seem to think I've got this well in hand. I hope they're right.

But it has to be done by early August. Because GISHWHES is coming...
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 So, I spent the a few days in the (VERY COLD) Oregon woods, sleeping in a tent and cooking over an open flame (ok, and using those nifty jetpackish water heaters for coffee), reminding myself about the Importance of Civilization, and came home to the discover that the trade paper reprint of THE COLD EYE  (1/18) is up on Amazon for pre-order!

Amazon US / Amazon Canada / Amazon UK /

(as soon as other outlets have it up, I'll do the formal and important "where to buy everywhere" update for those of us who prefer to buy elsewhere)

But this means I can (finally!) show you the nifty new cover by artist Emma Rios, who did an amazing job capturing so much of the Devil's West in one illustration....

(seriously: I gasped when I first saw the sketch.  As much as I loved the first take by Palencar, showing us Izzy in all her glorious non-Anglo self, this hits the spirit of the Territory, dead on.)


(link here if image won't load)







And no, I have no idea if they will be repackaging SILVER ON THE ROAD as well.  Nobody tells the author nuthin' until it's already underway....

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Reminder that I'll be in California this weekend, January 21-22, reading from, and signing THE COLD EYE, at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego at 2pm Saturday (after the March, so bring your sore feet and coffee and hang out for a while!) and Sunday in San Francisco at Borderlands Books, at 3pm!

If you can't get there in person, you can order a signed book from both of those lovely outlets - and if you order it early, you can get it personalized!

Note: for every book signed at Mysterious Galaxy on Saturday, I will be donating $2 (for hardcovers) and $1 (for trade paperbacks) to the ACLU, in honor of the Women's March.
Also: I'm gonna have a Giveaway. Or possibly Two.... ;-)
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Every time a positive review comes in, a writer gets another feather in her wings.


The Cold Eye is a captivating read… Both of these novels are more than “weird Westerns,”
they create an entirely new Western mythos, one I hope to explore for many books to come.
SF/F Blog

The Cold Eye was pretty much everything I wanted it to be, plus some. I had high expectations going into this book, and I’m pleased to announce that Gilman surpassed every single one of them. If you haven’t started this series yet, why not? It’s one of the best things in the genre right now.   5/5 stars.
Bookworm Blues

“Laura Anne Gilman continues to forge her own version of a Western, American myth of the very early days of a West that wasn’t, but I wish it might have been.  I daresay if you are a fan of Weird Westerns, you should already be reading Laura Anne Gilman. And if you are not, the Devil’s West novels may change your mind, too.”                 -The Skiffy and Fanty Show

Tonight is the first official signing/reading, at University Bookstore!  Even if you can’t get there in person, you can order a signed copy…

Virtually, I’m ranting about a book that pissed me off, over on (where they changed the title to be classier)

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In case you missed it: I'm at "My Favorite Bit," talking about...well, my favorite bit from THE COLD EYE!

Also, I visited Magical Words, with some advice to "Slide on the Ice."

I updated my Patreon with an enthusiastic, if pre-coffee, rendition of "On The Occasion of a Book Birthday," and the mailing list got an Advance Update on Stuff!

This week's "Dive Into Worldbuilding" skypecast has been rescheduled for NEXT Wednesday, due to our host having laryngitis.  Everyone send Juliette good-health wishes!

And this Friday, in Seattle, I'll be reading and signing THE COLD EYE at University Bookstore, starting at 7pm sharp!

More as they come along....

and updatery on the updatery!  B&N's sf/f blog just called THE COLD EYE “a captivating read” and said that the series is “more than “weird Westerns,” [but] create an entirely new Western mythos.”

excuse me while I shamelessly give you the buy link.
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It's cold and blustery in much of the northern hemisphere (and too hot to move in the southern hemisphere, I suspect) so that means it's the perfect time to curl up and read!

And it's Bittersweet Chocolate Day, too!  Time to break out the stash of the good stuff, and curl up with a good book.   THE COLD EYE is here for you.  <3

 "[THE COLD EYE is] a fabulous coming-of-age tale of magic and power, set in a    conflict-ridden alternative Wild West so vividly evoked that readers will be saddling up to ride along. ”
- Library Journal   (redstar starred review!  )

“The detail of the writing and steady pace of the story will keep readers intrigued with this tale of the Devil, unskilled magic and the newly formed government in Washington, DC.  …Gilman is a master storyteller.”  redstarredstarredstarredstar  (4 stars) – RT Reviews

“(In THE COLD EYE), Gilman crafts a fascinating vision of a magic-infested continent, set in an unsettled and unpredictable time.” – Publishers Weekly


the cold eye


Simon & Schuster / B&N / Kobo / Mysterious Galaxy / University Bookstore / PowellsIndigo/Chapters /
Indiebound /Book Depository / Amazon / iBooks / Books-A-Million / GooglePlay
or find it at your local library!


For those playing catch-up, SILVER ON THE ROAD is still on sale at Amazon (US) and B&N.  And in case you still weren't convinced by all the reviews, here's a new one out today from SFF World, that concludes, "Silver on the Road is a fantastic novel that shows a writer with exemplary skill playing with conventional story tropes/themes, fully realized characters, and telling quite simply, a marvelous story."

Meanwhile, today I'm talking about writing series books, and advising writers to "Slide on the Ice," over at Magical Words.

And the updated list of where I'm be reading/signing has been posted!

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"I could have done without the weird almost non existent magic and went for more of a historical fiction or alternate history set in the West, which was actually what I expected when I bought this book."

It's a fantasy. Involving the devil. And they thought they were getting historical fiction? Oh, honey. I'm sorry.

There are also a number of people who read the book via Vaginal Fantasy and were "well, I liked this but I'm not sure why it's a romance." Yeah, it's not. Your book club leaders picked it anyway, and warned you ahead of time it wasn't a romance, but I get why you were confused.... (glad you enjoyed it anyway, tho)

Still, over a year later and it's got a 3.84/5 after almost 1200 ratings, so I'm thinking overall that's a win, slow pace and all.

Now to start getting stressed about THE COLD EYE's reception...
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And no, it never, ever gets old, hearing nice things said about your work.  :-)

[THE COLD EYE is] tale of a young traveler trying to figure out the mystery behind the suspicious deaths and magical undercurrents happening in the Territory.... When [Isobel] discovers that the force of the magic is even stronger than her own power, she is at a loss as to how to stop this untamable force. Meanwhile, Gabriel receives a post from an old friend back East who’s heard rumblings that the Congress is looking to branch out into the Territory, which would mean trouble for the boss — and everyone else. With magical and political danger around every corner, Isobel must be on her guard if she wants to save the land that she has signed her life away to protect.

The detail of the writing and steady pace of the story will keep readers intrigued with this tale of the Devil, unskilled magic and the newly formed government in Washington, DC. A great read by the talented Gilman!   FOUR STARS.
- RT Reviews

so, to recap...

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redstarGilman, Laura Anne. The Cold Eye. Saga. (Devil’s West, Bk. 2). Jan. 2017. 352p. ISBN 9781481429719. $26.99; ebk. ISBN 9781481429733. FANTASY

As the Devil’s Left Hand, Isobel serves as his eyes and ears across the land. Wandering the western edges of his territory, she is called to a place where everything has gone wrong: [spoilers redacted]. With her mentor Gabriel, Isobel investigates the cause of these natural disasters. They soon uncover a growing danger that threatens the entire region. Adding to their problems is an encounter with explorers sent by the U.S. president. It will take all of the knowledge and magical power at Isobel’s disposal to keep herself and Gabriel safe—along with the rest of the Territory.

Verdict: ­Gilman’s sequel to Silver on the Road continues a fabulous coming-of-age tale of magic and power, set in a conflict-ridden alternative Wild West so vividly evoked that readers will be saddling up to ride along.

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It's Silver on the Road's Paperback Release Day!  And I really really want to make some brilliant pun on the silver standard and paper currency, but  I'm sure one of you folk will pick up the slack... meanwhile, I'm just going to kvell.

A year ago, I was stressing over the release of a new, ambitious, very different project.  I had no idea how people would like it (although the early reviews had been positive), I had no idea if it would fall down in the opening strides and never be heard from again, or be the book that Made My Name.

Well, neither of those things happened.  I'm not a NYT bestseller, Hollywood didn't come knocking (yet), I wasn't a Hugo Loser or a Nebula winner.  On the other hand, the book didn't stumble and fall, either.  People liked it.  Some people liked it a lot.  And it got talked about.  A lot.  It got an award nomination (the Endeavor Award for Speculative Fiction). And it kept selling.

And now I'm thrilled to see it come out in trade paperback,  so that people who just can't justify $20+ for a book (I hear you, my people, I hear that pain), and don't like ebooks, can see what I - and many others - love this book so much.

How much?

This much:

NPR said: “Silver on the Road take(s) on the sheen and weight of forgotten history….and it’s that echo in the brain that makes the thing hard to put down, because reading Silver on the Road is not like falling into some new and unfamiliar world.  It’s more like a true American myth being found.”

Publishers Weekly said: “In this delightful start to The Devil’s West series… Gilman skillfully plays with western folklore and history, infusing them with ambiguity and subtle strangeness to deliver a memorable adventure out on the untamed frontier. ” said: “Her cocktail of Western folklore, Native American mythos, and known history are seamless, and will be a particular treat to fans of the other master of that kind of mashup, Neil Gaiman.”

Asimov's Magazine said:  "[Gilman] has created a fascinating world for her characters (and her readers) to explore. A lot of the fun comes from her twists on what look at first like familiar tropes from the mythos of the American West—saloons, mining towns, Native Americans, Spanish missionaries—all taking on a new meaning in the Devil’s West. Recommended."

RT Reviews said:  “…Takes an underused setting for fantasy—the American West—and uses it to explore coming of age, the limits of power and responsibility, and the importance of mingling compassion and justice. It’s fresh and original and the language is both stark and lovely. The descriptions of the natural landscape of the West fit beautifully with descriptions of talking animals, travelling magicians and terrifying supernatural forces. 4.5 stars

And more.  More enough that I start to blush with pride on behalf of the entire series.

And now it's available in paperback.  :-D

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One day before SILVER ON THE ROAD lands in paperback (it may already be on the shelves in your local bookstore!) and even NPR thinks you should have a copy of your own...

"Lost in the middle of the story, you'll feel somehow that you've always known the Devil wore a suit and ran a gambling house back in six-gun times, that he once sent a sixteen year old girl out into the world to fight monsters for him — and it's that echo in the brain that makes the thing hard to put down, because reading Silver on the Road is not like falling into some new and unfamiliar world.

It's more like a true American myth being found."

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Four (4!) days before SILVER ON THE ROAD is out in trade paperback, a flashback to when I dreamcast the series. See if - having read the book - any of you agree/disagree....

(note: having now written two more books in the series, I've changed my mind about Marie. I want Kim Rhodes to play her)
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ok, how did I not know this before? S&S has an entire PAGE of booksellers where you can pre-order THE COLD EYE. Thank you, S&S, for making my click-listing so much easier....
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Asimov's (yes, Asimov's) reviews SILVER ON THE ROAD!

"Gilman, who’s had success with urban fantasy and her ambitious “Vineart War” trilogy, begins a new series, “The Devil’s West” with this novel, a solid entry in the currently hot category of Weird West fiction.

Gilman serves up a set of challenges worthy of the premise.....[she] has created a fascinating world for her characters (and her readers) to explore. A lot of the fun comes from her twists on what look at first like familiar tropes from the mythos of the American West—saloons, mining towns, Native Americans, Spanish missionaries—all taking on a new meaning in the Devil’s West. It’ll be very interesting to see what else she has in store in this big, untamed landscape. Recommended."
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"[SILVER ON THE ROAD] has the rare ability to suck readers into a new world from the first chapter. Gilman lures the reader in with what appears to be a familiar setting, but surprises the reader with a bold reimagining of the Western myth and the Devil....The internal mythos of the Territory is a strange amalgam of Christianity, Native American Shamanism, and the inherent magic of the land. This strange mix sounds like it shouldn’t be able to meld into a coherent whole, but Gilman is able to mix these elements into something that feels authentic and real to the reader.

While Gilman adheres stringently to the steps of a hero’s journey, it doesn’t feel forced or just a list of events that the main character has to go through. Instead there is a freshness and purity to the story that is lacking in many other novels.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and had a hard time putting it down. The book’s sequel Cold Eye, which will be published January 2017 is already on my pre-order list."

My only caveat in that interview is that it's Not A Trilogy, Damn It.
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Particularly, things that say of SILVER ON THE ROAD, "this book is SPECTACULAR."

BoookRiot discusses "10 Great Books that Feature the Devil."

Oh, and this, too!

Obsidian Wings' Summer Roundup

The idea that people are still finding the book a year after it was originally published gives my withered and battered soul hope, it does.


Aug. 2nd, 2016 04:25 pm
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Dear Book: so this is it, we've reached the point where I shred the outline into cat-toy confetti and you lead me by the nose to the end-point, have we?

If I wasn't completely aware that this new tertiary character is my lizard brain stepping forward, I'd be more worried. But still: One of these days I'll write a well-behaved book again, I swear it...
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The official t-shirt for Necon read "what happens at Necon, stays at Necon." There are some photos floating about, but convention reports, not so much. You want to know, you've got to go.

This morning, I spent an hour doing preliminary promotional stuff for the paperback release of SILVER (October) and the hardcover release of COLD EYE (January). Now I get to write more of Still Untitled #3 (late 2017/early 2018) and poke people about the proofs for COLD EYE, and news on Still Untitled #4.

Series writing means never getting to say "I have nothing to do."
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So.  This happened.  :-)

Congrats to my fellow finalists!

2016 Endeavour Award Finalists and Judges
July 5, 2016

For additional information contact:
James W. Fiscus, Chairman
Phone: 503-239-7641
E-Mail:     Web:

Portland - Five novels written by writers from the Pacific Northwest are finalists for the 18th annual Endeavour Award.  The finalists were announced at Westercon over the Independence Day weekend.  The Award comes with an honorarium of $1,000.00.  The winner will be announced November 18, 2016, at OryCon, Oregon's primary science fiction convention.

The finalists are:
"Edge of Dark" by Kirkland, WA, writer Brenda Cooper, Pyr Books;
"Irona 700" by Victoria, BC, writer Dave Duncan, Open Road Integrated Media;
"The Price of Valor" by Bothell, WA, writer Django Wexler, Roc Books;
"Silver on the Road" by Seattle, WA, writer Laura Anne Gilman, Saga Press;
"Tracker" by Spokane, WA, writer C.J. Cherryh, Daw Books.

The Endeavour Award honors a distinguished science fiction or fantasy book, either a novel or a single-author collection, created by a writer living in the Pacific Northwest.  All entries are read and scored by seven readers randomly selected from a panel of preliminary readers.  The five highest scoring books then go to three final judges, who are all professional writers or editors from outside of the Pacific Northwest.

The judges for the 2016 Award are Jack McDevitt, Michaela Roessner, and Gordon Van Gelder.

The Endeavour Award is sponsored by Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. (OSFCI), a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

2016  Endeavour Logo FINALIST 150.jpg


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