Jan. 19th, 2017

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Reminder that I'll be in California this weekend, January 21-22, reading from, and signing THE COLD EYE, at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego at 2pm Saturday (after the March, so bring your sore feet and coffee and hang out for a while!) and Sunday in San Francisco at Borderlands Books, at 3pm!

If you can't get there in person, you can order a signed book from both of those lovely outlets - and if you order it early, you can get it personalized!

Note: for every book signed at Mysterious Galaxy on Saturday, I will be donating $2 (for hardcovers) and $1 (for trade paperbacks) to the ACLU, in honor of the Women's March.
Also: I'm gonna have a Giveaway. Or possibly Two.... ;-)
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And the next installment of Duchess, PI is about to go off to the beta-readers... are you signed up yet? Only $1 for the ongoing adventures of the best feline PI in the Alley! (plus much more!)

"I lifted my head to look around again, even as I felt my claws flex, digging into the sand like I was preparing to leap on something. The old hunting instinct isn’t as buried as civilized folk like to think, and a smart puss learns to listen to it when it growls."


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