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Today's meeting has been postponed/cancelled, and I have taken this as a Sign that today's office should be the sofa, and I am not getting off it for love or money (unless amount of love or money is sufficient motivation for moving).

Also, I was awake at 4am and I can't even blame the cats for that - that's purely my own brain being an ass. On the plus side, the kitchen's clean and laundry's prepped for a reasonable hour to start the washing machine.

What do you do, when you accept that you're awake too damn early? 
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We're updating the website, so if you have any Qs for the SILVER ON THE ROAD/The Devil's West FAQ, now and here is the time and place...
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If I can get X number of people to show off their copies of SILVER ON THE ROAD (or receipt of ordering), I'll make a certain sized donation to a relevant organization (one that helps protect native wilderness/animals, etc).

If I can get Y number of people, I will double that donation.

Does this sound like something people would play along with?
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There exists, already, a Cosa Nostradamus story collection.

Likewise there exists DRAGON VIRUS, the collection/linked novella of stories set in that universe.

But I have a great many stories that fall into neither category, that are currently out of print and out of contract. So now it falls to me to determine which will go into the new collection.

So if anyone has a favorite, sing out!

(there may be a poll to pick specific stories, later, but if you don't vote now, there's no surety your fave will be on the list...)
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I'm ears-deep in the final pass of Book 2 before it has to go to Mine Editor, and the stress levels are high enough to match the current temperatures (still in the 90's, please dog make it stop).


Clearly, what I need to jumpstart the pre-release chatter for SILVER ON THE ROAD is for a celebrity to be spotted/photographed reading it. Based on, well... the blurb for the book, your best knowledge about my work, and your sheer perversity, er, good taste, who do you think would be my best celebrity "pusher?"
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I need suggestions for characters from televised media (ideally television, movies are good too) who would qualify, either self-described or otherwise, as "functional alcoholics."

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Lovely gripe-about-work/planning-the-move dinner with a friend at An Beal Bocht last night (Irish comfort food and microbrew FTW), followed by relatively early-to-bed. That means I should be wildly productive today, right?

Yeah, right.  But there are some things that have deadlines today, so we'll get to that.  Appropriate, no, having a deadline today....?  (perhaps more appropriate tomorrow, but: Saturday)

And - knowing that we don't get trick-or-treaters in this building - I have not bought any candy. This was probably wise. Not much fun, but wise.

If anyone has any leftover Butterfingers or KitKats tomorrow, I promise to give 'em a good home....

(fess up: what's your "I swear I bought 'em for the kids!" favorite Halloween candy?)
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With apologies for anything I accidentally phrase wrongly, I'm looking for someone who is/knows of someone who is Hinonoeino/Arapaho, to double-check some historical facts and public legends against not-a-reference-book.

Ditto, anyone from the Ho-Chunk/Winnebago tribes.

I can only offer my sincere gratitude, a mention in the acknowledgments, and a copy of the finished book, if so desired, in payment....

and yes, since someone asked, I HAVE tried contacting the official websites and several museums. And gotten dead silence back. And the two academics I tried to reach out to basically told me "nobody will talk to you because you're white." Which may be true [as I elaborate on in comments], but since I'm looking to NOT fuck things up, I need to TRY.
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So originally I named this account "suricattus" because, well, "LAGilman" and variations of that sort are me being Professional, while "suricattus" is personal/professional getting tipsy together at the bar.

But it has been suggested by Some that maybe it would be better - and make it easier for people to find me - if I changed both LJ and Tumblr names to the more identifiable Gilman variants, and just accepted that my entire personality is personal and professional getting tipsy together at the bar....

(I cannot say they are wrong. not-alas.)

Anyone have any strong feelings about this? Anyone have any feelings at all about this?
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Answer 1 if you like the way the current website ( is set up, with links up-front and the blog offset, rather than front page.

Answer 2 if you'd prefer to see the blog first, and have the other information off links.

Answer 3 if you never actually go to the website so don't know what I'm talking about.
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[Poll #1965029]

EtA: why do I have the feeling that y'all are voting "wing it" just for the eventual on-the-road tweetathon amusement?
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Which is harder than it seems/should be.  What do you leave in?  What do you take out?  How many versions do you have? (some places have a 100 words requirement, others 250, some 500…)

What do you want to see in a bio?  How far out do you want to know about upcoming books/how old is too old for information to be included?  Mention pets, or don’t mention pets?

Here’s the one I sent to various conventions for 2014:

Laura Anne Gilman is the Nebula-nominated author of the “Vineart War” trilogy, the popular Cosa Nostradamus books, and the forthcoming “Devil’s West” series (Simon & Schuster, 2015). She also writes mysteries under the name L.A. Kornetsky (COLLARED, FIXED and the forthcoming DOGHOUSE), and has been known to sell the occasional short story or three. A former editor for Penguin, she now runs d.y.m.k. productions, an editorial/writing service, and keeps herself busy splitting her time between writing, editing, and traveling.

When I’m acting directly as L.A. Kornetsky I mention the animals, because hey, writing an animal-featuring mystery series!  But do CatofSize and the Kitten of Thursday and the Time-Share Puppy belong in LAG’s bio? (of course they think so…)

Originally published at Writer, Editor, Tired Person.
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Do I have any minions out there in western Kansas? Do you own cameras (or picture-taking devices)? Are you not afraid to go out into the uncivilized lands (aka "away from large structures and/or roads") and bring back some landscapes shots?

(With extra bonus points if you live anywhere near the Red Hills)

Sign on, and await orders....
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I need two (preferably non-Christian, Jewish/Muslim acceptable) sigils - one to represent character A (essential matter, lawful neutral, totality) and the other to represent group B (lawful good, impartiality, harsh justice). I would like them to have some grounding in existing mythos, but not so associated with one particular entity/religion that they can't be reinterpreted....

any pointers?

(EtA: I mean 'sigil' in the older sense of "representation of a word of action/effect," if that helps)

Viral Art

Feb. 2nd, 2014 10:03 am
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Over on Facebook we're doing "OccupyArt" - giving each other artists to look up and share, to fill out spaces with art. I ran people the gamut of animation to sculpture, ancient watercolors to modern photography.

Hayao Miyazaki
Nermine Hammam
Wassily Kandinsky
Ivan Generalić
Ansel Adams
Claude Monet
Kara Walker
Auguste Rodin
Tang Yin
Mary Cassatt

Who would you have suggested?
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What I need:

Five - seven people (more or less) who have the ability (and the willingness) to read a WiP carefully, and give useful feedback in a prompt (no more than a week after each section is posted) manner. I'm looking for READERS, not copyeditors.

Useful feedback: "I didn't like X because Y" and "I really liked X because Y."
Not-useful feedback: '"This was good/this was bad."

I can't predict how quickly the sections will come - this is not a project that's being written quickly, except when it is. I can tell you that it will start in February, and probably run through July. You will be seeing it straight off the brain, so if occasional spelling errors and [brackets of wisdom] irritate you out of a story, then you're probably not right for this gig (sorry).

Things I can tell you: It's fantasy. It's not urban fantasy. It's not medieval-analogue fantasy. It's going to run approximately 100,000 words (wild guesstimate at this point). That's about it. :-)

You can volunteer here, or email me at LAG-at-LauraAnneGilman-dot-Net

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So, knitting as a get-off-the-computer hobby didn't work out for me - in addition to my (mild but annoying) learning disability making patterns a negative issue, knitting after an entire day spent at the keyboard was doing bad things to my wrists. So that's out, except as a very occasional pastime. And macrame, while something I can do, has a limited level of interest for me.

Photography, while a thing I love, these days also ties back to the computer. So that's a non-starter.

So my sister suggested art.

I am...about as unartistic as a creative can get. In short, I couldn't draw a respectable line if you gave me a ruler, and even my doodles are one-legged chicken-scratchings. But I do have an eye for colors and shapes. So...we're going to go with smudges. Which means pastels, things I can get messy with.

Which means I need suggestions of both pastels, and paper. Not too expensive, please (until I discover if this is something I enjoy) but not so cheap I won't be able to get full satisfaction out of them.

If you happen to know of any that actively smell do-not-eat-me to kittens, that would be awesome.
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Trying to figure out my time allocation for social media, for various time-management reasons. So I'm wondering know how many folk are still reading here, either casually or on a daily basis...?

Sing out when you come to this, even if it's a week or more old, please thank you.

And yes, let me know if you're reading via GoodReads or some other feed!


(I'm not going to disappear, just reconfiguring my usage)
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I'm working on an essay about getting called on your shit (for the record: I'm for it) and how it can be done productively versus unproductively.

If anyone wants to weigh in, I'm going to hide responses, so you have privacy to speak, if desired.


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