Sep. 3rd, 2017 07:26 am
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 I'm kind of failing at blogging here, aren't I?  The inability to connect this to my website blog and the Amazon feed is more of an irritation than I'd anticipated, and this seems to be falling behind Fb and Tumblr for ease of copy-and-paste.

Back in the PNW (did you notice I was gone?)

Trouble in Mind (and a new story-series!)

Meanwhile, this is a PSA for Americans:

This year’s enrollment period for ACA is short, November 1 to December 15.  

Also keep in mind that in addition to shortening the enrollment period, 45 has also slashed the budget for getting word out, so it’s up to us to get the word out.

Getting everyone in the US covered by ACA would REALLY piss 45 off.

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 The reading at KGB went very well, I think (the rapt silence meant either people were listening, or they've learned to snore quietly), although it was depressing to note that many (most) of my NYC friends did not show up for my first local appearance in three years.  Those who did, I <3 you and appreciate your support.

/not-subtle grump.

But it was a good crowd, and good feedback, and then there was drinking later and a Brilliant Idea hatched over whisky that still seemed like a Brilliant Idea when we woke up the next morning, so call the entire evening a win.  :-)

And since then I've been running about doing family things, meeting with my editor, and possibly meeting with my lawyer (nothing bad, don't worry).  Mainly, a lot of running about.  I'm averaging 5 miles of walking every day.  I've missed that about living in NYC....

But now I have to go do a few more hours of work, because as much as I'd like this to be, it's not a vacation....

How goes your weekend?
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 Heading to the airport for a week in EnWhySee, including a stint in front of the mic tomorrow night as part of the Fantastic Fiction series at the KGB Bar in Manhattan.  As well as some gadding about, and Family Stuff.

Meanwhile, before I go:

This month's flash fiction is up at my Patreon!  A Market of Peridot and Drizzle

And I blogged about How Not To Promote Your Book

And that's all I got before I gotta get...
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 Which continues to be a lively,bustling convention, with a wide range of interests attending and represented.  Even the 10am panels had a sizable crowd, and while the mass signing was quiet, my kaffeeklatch afterward was packed and vocal.  So that was fun.  And I got to see people I only see once a year, or thereabouts.

Gave the first public reading of "Remembrance" from the anthology "Weird California."  It's a ghost story with a side order of wine history. Because of course it is. Halfway through the story I realized I was reading from  a production file, and I'd turned off track changes so's not to get hung up on the red marks, and... there were therefore words missing.  I plowed through, nonetheless, improvising where I couldn't figure out/remember what 'd written.  I don't think the story suffered much (or nobody seemed to mind, anyway).

I gave my last panel of Saturday night a pass (after clearing it with Ops), and came home to spend time with the felines, because I'm off to work this morning (we had queries as to if we'd be open today, so we're open today.  As I've said more than once, this is why you have diversity on your retail staff: so nobody has to work on their particular holy days if they don't want to.  I'm fine with covering Easter, someone else can handle Yom Kippur).

And on Tuesday I'm off for EnWhySee, where I'll be reading at the Fantastic Fiction series at the KGB Bar, attending a wedding over the weekend, and generally reconnecting briefly with my city (and my mom).  Updates as they happen...
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Currently in San Francisco, after a signing (and a March!) in San Diego, and then another signing, and then going to hear other people reading at SF in SF, and now a day of relaxation - where relaxation means updating Patreon with a new serial episode, answering emails and calling my representatives - before heading home tomorrow morning.

It's been a great, if whirlwind trip, and much love to Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego and Borderlands Books in San Francisco for hosting me! 

(but despite host loaner cats, I miss my boys...)

Meanwhile, there are now signed copies of SILVER ON THE ROAD and THE COLD EYE at both those fine establishments, so even if you missed out on the buffalo and the cocoa and the gossip by not being there in person, you can still get a few author-defaced copies for your own....

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After the whirlwind of San Diego and San Francisco, where it was Too Warm but I got to see all sorts of friends new and old, and sign a lot of books, there was the whirlwind of New Hampshire and Another Anime Convention. Which was awesome in all sorts of ways I didn't expect, and there were all sorts of awesome people there, and did I mention New Hampshire, where it was cold and there were snow flurries and massive swathes of gold and red and orange leaves?


Oh, and there was an Outing.

During Another Anime Convention, a small group of voice actors and writers were taken out on a cold, dark New Hampshire night, and turned loose into a haunted park.

This is the only photo that exists of that fateful night.

(they all made it home safely, and were revived  with beer and cake)

And now I am home again, but the soft push on SILVER ON THE ROAD continues.....
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"Why did the buffalo cross the road?"
"Dude, I didn't stop it to ask questions!"

Hi! I'm home!

There will be a trip report at some point, probably at BookViewCafe, and my photos are up on Flickr, but for now just know that it was wonderful, my travel companion Jaym Gates is awesome, even if she is kinda slow-moving in the morning, and we managed to both shake loose bits of the book that had been sticking and nailed down some details that had been lacking.

Which is good, because the book's due to m'editor in... three weeks. Wheeee.
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I had a lovely, if brief visit in NYC, getting to see friends and have meals with friends, and just hang out with friends, despite our incredibly busy, indeed hectic lives.

(in one instance we literally had time for HALF a cup of coffee. But that was lovely too)

And then to Boston, for my mom's 80th birthday party with family and friends and friends-who-are-family. And the weather was PERFECT (sunny, warm, not TOO warm), and then the rains came and did not stop for two days. Gilman weather luck strikes again.

And now I am home, and the cats have been reclaimed, and the new book is due in 29 days, plus graduations and editorial work and social gatherings, and a short story I need to revise, and the side-gig shifts, and the Research* Road Trip....

Hi! How're YOU doing?

*actually the Fact-Checking Road Trip, but that is less tripping on the tongue
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Well, no, I'm currently in the city - NYC to be exact - and thence on to Boston, for Family-Related Celebrations And Stuff.

Also: under deadlines.

Content and Connectivity will be variable for a while.

Meanwhile - have you ordered your copy of CLAWED yet?

Have you pre-ordered your copy of SILVER ON THE ROAD yet?

Have you caught up with the first two Sylvan Investigation novellas, before the 3rd one comes out?

/obligatory promotional memo, cause the kittens need their kibble
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I spent much of the weekend making plans for the research trip for the current WiP (Book 2 of The Devil’s West.). If nothing else, by the end of this series, I will know my country a hell of a lot better via boots-on-the-ground…

(we’ll be driving from Washington State to Wyoming via Idaho and Montana, adding to last year’s Missouri-to-Colorado trip across Kansas.)

If anyone out there happens to live between Spokane (WA) and Cody (WY) and would enjoy a drive-by of road-tripping writers, sing out! *g*

And meanwhile, a reminder that you can pre-order the first book, SILVER ON THE ROAD, to get ready.... *g*

Small Wins

Oct. 14th, 2014 05:51 pm
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Any day you come home on a (delayed) redeye, and still get things done, however minor, is a productive day. I have so decided this.

(even if those things were, in order: sorting books, talking to your agent about a proposal, and cleaning out the litter box).

Tomorrow I need to be more productive, which means a) getting all the sleeps tonight, and b) forcing my stress into useful formations, rather than the formless aiggghhh that's been dogging me today.

I can do that. I can.

But or now, I'm going to feed the cats, have some fried dumplings, and watch some tv.  Because it's Tuesday night, and that's what we do on Tuesday nights.  Especially when we're brain-zonked.

Oh, yeah, and Seattle was lovely, and productive, and you'll be hearing some more about that in a bit....
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But first, I am dropping CatofSize off at the vet's, for boarding, because nobody was able to give him his 2x/day insulin shots was I was gone. I feel like the Worst CatMommy Ever.

(he's not spent a night not-at-home since we moved in together).

The Kitten, not needing 2x/daily care, will be staying home with varied caretakers. Hopefully his social nature will survive not having his big brother around 24/7.

(yeah, Worst CatMommy Ever).

But despite all that, I will ATTEMPT to have fun at DragonCon. Panels! Drinking with fellow writers! Readings! Meeting New Peoples! Signings! Trying not to die in the Atlanta heat! (ugh).

I've also send down a box of backlist books, including a number of Anna Leonard paranormal romance titles. If you're going to be at D*C, take advantage of my cleaning-out-the-closets sale! ;-)

As always during conventions, look for me on Twitter...
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I have checked in for my flight tomorrow to Dublin and Shamrokon. I have settled on what I'm taking, made sure I had all the carry-on things I need (passport, cables, chargers, euros in wallet, medications), packed it all into as small a bag as I can manage, and printed out the cat-sitter information.

There may be on-location updates, there probably won't be.  Twitter, as usual, will be the way to go if you're looking to catch sight of my virtual shadow.

Dubliners and early-arriving convention-goers, I'll hit town mid-morning on Thursday. If you're around and want to do lunch/drinks/dinner/wandering around town, I'll be at the hotel and/or reachable via text....
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After the insanity that was last week's GISHWHES, I'm back on the pony...mostly.


The draft of WORK OF HUNTERS is with the editor, and I have the revisions letter for CLAWED (Gin & Tonic #4) on my desk. The revisions letter for SILVER ON THE ROAD is supposed to hit on Friday (more likely next Monday, I suspect). I'm also working on a short story, and fine-tuning the plot for the next SI novella. I think that's enough? Yeah, that's enough. And August was the light work-month.


Finished up one client's manuscript and sent her editorial letter out last night; another client's manuscript lands today, plus two shorts to edit for Buzzy Mag.  I may or may not have slots open in October/November, depending on what the email brings in the next week... (but I do have slots open for December/January right now...)

Conventions & Travel:

Shamrokon in Dublin, August 21-24.  (reminder to self:  sort out the currencies drawer and check the pound vs euros situation!)  Spending my birthday weekend in a foreign city with friends and friends-to-be-made and readers... yeah, that's about as good as it gets.  :-) My schedule's here.

DragonCon: August 29-September 1.  Atlanta in the summer.  If I didn't love DragonCon so much.....  But I do. My schedule's here.

RoberCon (Binghamton, NY), September 27-28th.  New and small, but it's got good bones, so if you're in the area, check it out! There will likely be hijinks...

Reading at WORD (Brooklyn, NY)  October 1  (as L.A. Kornetsky, with Nick Kaufman and Laird Barron)

World Fantasy (Washington DC) November 6-9.  The usual suspects plus new suspects...

And at some point between October and December, I will be in Seattle again.  Alerts will go out when that's finalized....
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The rocks are frogs.

The trees are watching.

The air’s kinda thin up here.

But I’m not wrong.


Dec. 24th, 2013 12:47 pm
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First off: merry Christmas, to those who observe!

I've been away the past few days (for them as noticed), taking a long weekend retreat up at Zen Mountain Monastery, where my sister lives/studies.

There was meditation, and talks, and talking (and listening) and hiking and cookie-baking and a lot of sleep (generally asleep by 10pm and awake by 7 - my body isn't quite sure how to handle it).

And now I'm back with the World's Worst-Behaved Cats (Cas has learned to open drawers; I'm doomed) and 2014 peeking around the corner. Ready or not....

photos under the cut )
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(Tower Bridge, a Tower Raven, a grey heron and gulls in Hyde Park, Serpentine Bridge)
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I'm alive! I'm in Brighton, after two very busy days in London (including a signing at Forbidden Planet, where everyone was lovely and I got a wee Clint Barton to hang with... (yes, there are photos...somewhere).

And now we're about to dive into World Fantasy proper, and god knows what connectivity will be like.

Photos will doubtless emerge, as the weekend goes on...
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been this "oh what the hell" before a trip. We have tickets, we have a flat. We have vague plans.

More than that, we have not.

I may have become blase about traveling to places where I speak the local language (more or less).

And I haven't started packing yet. I pulled out both suitcases last night, and tried to convince myself that yes I could fit a week's worth of clothing, including dress-up for the banquet, in a carry-in case. I'm probably not kidding anyone.

(kitten-of-Thursday on the larger case)

We leave tomorrow.  I probably should get a move on...

(at least the cat-and-flatsitter's engaged and triple-checked.  I deal with the important things)

and a reminder to London locals and folk in-transit to WFC - I'm signing at Forbidden Planet Wednesday evening.  Be there, or have a note from the coroner as to why you missed it...
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Starting to actually plot out the trip to the UK later this month. Convincing myself that cannot take newbie international traveler from a redeye flight and expect them to dive into a full day of touristing, especially since I have no idea how we'll be packing (we're going to be there for a week, so just-backpacks isn't possible).

So: Monday arrival, haul ourselves into Brighton via Victoria Station to get the keys to our apartment, then do an afternoon's browse through town, depending on A's recovery rate*.  Early but not too early to bed, and on the morning, back to London for a full day of tourist revelry...  (mainly museums, this go.  Possibly a few Landmarks.)

And I need to figure out where to eat, Tuesday night.  Oh Londoners?  Any advice on pubs?  Any of you want to meet up with us?

Then back to Brighton on a late train, turn around and repeat on Wednesday, with the additional fillip of me having a signing at Forbidden Planet that night.  Londoners, if you don't show up I will cry at you forever.

Thursday begins WFC.

We depart Monday evening, which means a last go around Brighton, then a lot of transit.

That should keep A. from expiring of overtouristing, right?

*I have been known to hit town, take a hot shower, and then go all day until collapsing around 9pm. But I've Done This Before.


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