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 So, I spent the a few days in the (VERY COLD) Oregon woods, sleeping in a tent and cooking over an open flame (ok, and using those nifty jetpackish water heaters for coffee), reminding myself about the Importance of Civilization, and came home to the discover that the trade paper reprint of THE COLD EYE  (1/18) is up on Amazon for pre-order!

Amazon US / Amazon Canada / Amazon UK /

(as soon as other outlets have it up, I'll do the formal and important "where to buy everywhere" update for those of us who prefer to buy elsewhere)

But this means I can (finally!) show you the nifty new cover by artist Emma Rios, who did an amazing job capturing so much of the Devil's West in one illustration....

(seriously: I gasped when I first saw the sketch.  As much as I loved the first take by Palencar, showing us Izzy in all her glorious non-Anglo self, this hits the spirit of the Territory, dead on.)


(link here if image won't load)







And no, I have no idea if they will be repackaging SILVER ON THE ROAD as well.  Nobody tells the author nuthin' until it's already underway....

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Yesterday, Tor.Com did a reveal for the cover of SILVER ON THE ROAD.

But I know some of you tend not to click through on things. So here. Let me SHOVE THE AMAZING OH MY GOD SO BEAUTIFUL UNDER YOUR NOSE.
SILVER ON THE ROAD editorial revision - Laura Anne Gilman

This?  Is never the cover I would have asked for.  But it's so incredibly perfect I can't even tell you how perfect it is.  And Isobel didn't get white-washed, or turned into some delicate flower!  (blessings on my editor, the art director, and Mr. Palencar) She's frumpy and grumpy and strong in the way all frontier women (no matter the frontier) have to be, and the bones of her face were perfect, even though I'd never described her to Mr. Palencar beside the fact that she's of Spanish/Mexican descent. And for the first time ever - in over 20 book covers - I RECOGNIZED my character when she looked back at me.
*is a little weepy right now, don't mind me*

Want to know more?  For that, you are going to have to click through....


Feb. 19th, 2015 08:13 am
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#TBT all the way to 2003, when I first saw the art that would become the cover of my first original book, STAYING DEAD.

staying deadstaying dead

That was my favorite cover of all my work ever... until now. Now there's maybe a new winner.  *g*


Jan. 31st, 2015 10:56 am
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So on Friday, I finally saw the almost-finished cover for SILVER ON THE ROAD. And I had some nitpicks, because, well, ARTISTS, she said in mock disgust. But overall? I kind of fucking love it.

But it's not Officially Finished Yet.  So I can't show it to anyone.

*flails and dies a little*
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Look!  A Cover!


Amateur sleuths Ginny Mallard and Teddy Tonica and their furry partners prove that twelve legs are better than four when it comes to solving a risky new case in the third novel from L. A. Kornetsky’s “entertaining” (Library Journal) Gin & Tonic mystery series.


(coming July 2014)

At her favorite Seattle bar, professional concierge Ginny Mallard can always count on a perfectly mixed gimlet and a friendly welcome for her shar-pei, Georgie, from resident cat Penny. But on this visit, Ginny gets an unexpected bonus: One of the regulars asks her and her sometime partner, bartender Teddy Tonica, to save an old friend who’s facing eviction.

This is no simple landlord spat. Rumors abound of an underground dog-fighting ring on the premises—a crime guaranteed to get Gin’s hackles up. Gin and Teddy want to believe the old man is innocent of all charges, though a new piece of evidence suggests otherwise. Penny and Georgie keep their noses to the ground as they help their humans investigate the vicious animal rights case. But the truth is buried deep, and digging it up will unearth dangerous complications for owners and animals alike.

pre-order now and have it ready for beach reading (or when you're hiding from the evil summer sun....)

Amazon / B&N / Kobo / Pocket / Find Your Local Bookstore

Seattle Mystery Bookstore / Mysterious Galaxy

L. A. KORNETSKY’S “CHARMING” (Publishers Weekly)


Get your paws on the whole series!

And yes, for those of you paying attention - DOGHOUSE will be available in mass paperback!  Same mystery goodness, half the price!

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Since Amazon got the jump on me, without too much further ado, the cover for FIXED, the second Gin & Tonic mystery....


When someone from the local animal shelter approaches her about finding  grant funds that have gone missing, Ginny Mallard convinces her bartender friend Teddy Tonica to help her investigate once again.

They soon discover that something is disturbing the animals at the shelter at night...and then a dead body shows up.

With the help of Ginny’s Shar-Pei puppy  and Tonica’s tabby cat, this unconventional crime-solving team has to figure out what’s going on before the shelter - and more people - lose everything....

on-sale October 2013.

Available for pre-order NOW



Find FIXED At Your Local Independent BookStore

Some of you may have noticed a change from the first cover:


Basically, editorial and sales listened to the feedback they were getting (yeah, I know, crazy but it DOES happen) and said "yeah, you're right, these books aren't cute, they've got more of an edge, and we're sorry about that Portland/Seattle screw-up in the copy of the first book, so.... we think this fits the series better."  And I quite agree.  :-)

(I still have my gripes, of course, because we mystery folk are perfectionist on the details. Who can identify what's itching me about this otherwise lovely cover?)

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1) Did you see my happy cover reveals for HEART OF BRIAR and SOUL OF FIRE?  If not, checkit!

2) The Skiffy Internet is in an uproar because some white male readers got ewwwww!cooties from all the females and non-whites (and non-white females!) on the Nebula ballot.  All I can say is: cootie-fearing fandom, grow the FUCK up already. And if you can't, then stay in your own cootie-free playpens and leave the adults alone.  Sometimes there are more guys than women on the ballot(s).  Sometimes there are more women than men. Genders and nationalities and skin tones shift.  This?  Is all GOOD. It means we have a vibrant and expanding genre with lots of good work to choose from.  If you think this is something to moan about, please see above re: playpens.

3. There are a lot of new books out from Book View Cafe this week! Go checkit.

4. 2013, in addition to being the year of Being Really Damn Busy, is also the year I let myself work ALL the hours... M-F.  And very few hours S-S.  So far, this is... working extremely well. Workaholicism With Limits.  It's the hot new religion cult philosophy.

Status Report:

Today I: wrote 2k words. Edited someone else's story. Signed on for a long-term freelance project. Mended a coat.

All four of those things filled me with the same level of competent accomplishment. Or accomplished competence. Whatever.

The daily darling:

The boss never forbade them anything stronger, but Marie frowned on the girls drinking while they were working, saying men could make themselves foolish, but a woman never should.

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[yes, I am making you go to the main website for the visuals. Click! Look! Comment!]
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So this afternoon I finished the book yet-known as Portals #1.  When by "finished" I mean "I hit the last page of the draft but will have to revise it before it goes to Madame Editrix."  So finished good enough to collapse for the weekend. *thuds*

This book was both really hard to write (oh characters, why must you change the story on me mid-stream?) and a lot of fun (there was much mad cackling as dialogue flowed and trouble unfolded), and I hope that y'all enjoy it, too, when it hits the shelves in 2013.  But there's a book that will be out before this one, and even as I was putting the finishing touches on it, I got an email from my editor saying "Look!  I give you a cover!"

And I get to give it to you.

(warning: not final, some details on color, size and text may yet change)

Does it have anything to do with the actual scene in the book?  Not really.  And the artist and I had MASSIVE arguments (via the art director) over the setting (among other things, it's supposed to be set in the northern part of Central Park, near the Harlem Meer and the artist used a bridge in the South end, but, oh, non-New Yorkers won't know the difference anyway.)  And the expression on Bonnie's face is just perfect.  She knows she's just landed herself in a shitload of trouble but she has no. idea. what. it. is. Yet.

And that sky... yeah.

Pretty cover.  *pets the pretty cover*  Dragon Justice isn't blind: it sees everything.

Originally published at Practical Meerkat.  You can comment here, or there. 
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The cover for PSI#3: TRICKS OF THE TRADE!

*is squeefully joyful*

The setting is the banks of lower Manhattan, off the East River. It doesn't actually LOOK like that, but the feel is dead-on perfect. Am very happy writer-meerkat.

And before anyone asks: November 2011, and no you can't pre-order it yet, I don't know why...
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and lo, we have the final cover for DRAGON VIRUS (June 2011), and it is not only pretty but chock full of Nice Quotes. So why haven't you ordered your copy? Remember, once pre-order ends, the discounted price goes away.....

(limited, signed edition - once it's gone there will be no more!)

Anyway. See the pretty!

behind the cut for those who DGAS )
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I'm not even going to start pimping (yet) but for those who might be interested, the cover for the next PSI/Bonnie Torres novel, PACK OF LIES (Feb 2011)


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