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 The West is still burning.  Texas is wringing out, but Florida is underwater.  Mexico is rattled.  The Northeast, I am told, is bracing for locusts.

(Joking.  Mostly.  Kinda.  Maybe.)

I'm writing again, after a summer of seemingly endless interruptions, but not as quickly as I'd like.  On the plus side, the Patreon story-series is flowing like crazy.  I guess it's true: sometimes you have to walk away from people (characters) to want to come back to them...

and ...Pietr, you spent way too much time in NYC.

"Nobody needed that kind of tsurus, without they were working off a lot of bad karma."

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 A very weird anxiety dream last night that involved herding cats (not actual cats), mysteriously expanding workspaces, random strangers looking to me for instruction, and impossible mixups (really, IRL it could NOT have happened). Most of the time I can tease out the issue/solution from anxiety dreams/nightmares, but this one has me scratching my head and shrugging...

Meanwhile, yesterday's gloom has been replaced by blue skies again, and we're promised more throughout the holiday weekend (this is a lie, it rains ALL THE TIME in the PNW). I keep reminding myself that I took a play day on Monday, and I have deadlines to meet....

But maybe I can work on the patio? Work would totally happen on the patio, right?
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Helped out at our main tasting room in Chelan this weekend. Which meant staying overnight at the vineyard. Which is so very very lovely.


Aug. 24th, 2016 08:07 am
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Well, not exactly. Still chugging away at the words, because Deadline. But my mom is visiting from NYC, so we're going to be playing tourist for the next five days...
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So.  This happened.  :-)

Congrats to my fellow finalists!

2016 Endeavour Award Finalists and Judges
July 5, 2016

For additional information contact:
James W. Fiscus, Chairman
Phone: 503-239-7641
E-Mail:     Web:

Portland - Five novels written by writers from the Pacific Northwest are finalists for the 18th annual Endeavour Award.  The finalists were announced at Westercon over the Independence Day weekend.  The Award comes with an honorarium of $1,000.00.  The winner will be announced November 18, 2016, at OryCon, Oregon's primary science fiction convention.

The finalists are:
"Edge of Dark" by Kirkland, WA, writer Brenda Cooper, Pyr Books;
"Irona 700" by Victoria, BC, writer Dave Duncan, Open Road Integrated Media;
"The Price of Valor" by Bothell, WA, writer Django Wexler, Roc Books;
"Silver on the Road" by Seattle, WA, writer Laura Anne Gilman, Saga Press;
"Tracker" by Spokane, WA, writer C.J. Cherryh, Daw Books.

The Endeavour Award honors a distinguished science fiction or fantasy book, either a novel or a single-author collection, created by a writer living in the Pacific Northwest.  All entries are read and scored by seven readers randomly selected from a panel of preliminary readers.  The five highest scoring books then go to three final judges, who are all professional writers or editors from outside of the Pacific Northwest.

The judges for the 2016 Award are Jack McDevitt, Michaela Roessner, and Gordon Van Gelder.

The Endeavour Award is sponsored by Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. (OSFCI), a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

2016  Endeavour Logo FINALIST 150.jpg
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There are people who use a bicycle for fun, people who bike for exercise, and people who bike for transport. I am - for the most part - in the last category, with the second category being an unexpected but appreciated bonus, and the first requiring some sort of destination (which brings it back to the third category) rather than a random ride to nowhere simply to be on the bike.

However, there is a pleasure I've recently discovered that may fall entirely in the first category: that of biking past the great blue heron who has taken up residence along the river, and saying good morning to them. Or being able to slow down and watch as a river otter swims across said river. Or, as happened this morning, looking up and seeing a bald eagle cruising for salmon, close enough to see details on their tailfeathers.

You miss this, in a car. You miss this if you're jogging, headphones on and eyes on the trail, or zipping along on a racing bike, head down and time sprints in mind. But the combination of slow riding and keeping your eyes open...

But I really need to start carrying my (*^*&P camera with me.
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It's May, and I'm still behind on things. At least I have a better grip on the things I'm behind on, and have spoken with everyone about revised deadlines?  I'm calling that as much of a win as April was going to give me.

Meanwhile, there's some bad news and some good news, and some changes coming down the road for me, and I'm nervous and excited, and there will be posts about all of that, soonish.  Or eventuallyish.  As things happen.

(is that teaser enough?)

In right-now news,  Mishell Baker is incoming tomorrow, staying with me during her SFWA Reading Series tour of the Pacific Northwet, so I probably should wash some towels and dust* the guest space...

* aka "attempt to remove cat hair from upholstered surfaces."
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Yes, this is part of the bike commute I take, twice a week, to the side gig.  My life, it is Woe.  Clearly.

(and now, having gotten a few miles under my wheels, I can face prepping my, I lie, I still can’t face tax prep.  But I gotta do it...)

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Photos from today’s randomactsorg #ActLocal, cleaning up Seattle’s Katie Black’s Garden.  5 hours of hard work, but as we went along, a dozen or more people walked their dogs through the park, stopped, looked around, and said “thank you, you guys are amazing.”

And you know what?  We are.  :-)

Most of the crew (minus those who were camera-shy).  We had 17 volunteers, total.

1/2 acre Japanse-style garden, three years' worth of debris build-up.  Oy.
To the Volunteers Go the Spoils, er, Pizza.

Rake-and-dig, rake-and-dig....

"And they say women are the weaker gender?"

(only 1 of these photos is mine, others snurched from teammates on social media.  Thanks, guys!)

and then I came home, took a hot shower, vegged on the sofa for two hours, ate 10 oz of rare steak, and now am going to do a few hours of paying work.  Because that's how freelancers roll....


Aug. 11th, 2015 08:22 pm
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That's 40 shots over the course of 5 minutes, for one perfect second.



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Yeah, the book's done (for now) but GISHWHES started this morning, and the Agency Retreat is next weekend, and I have houseguests coming, and shifts at the winery, and...

Screw it.

Gonna kick back with a glass of wine and enjoy tonight's rather awesome sundown.

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Because of Reasons, after sending in the corrected page proofs for SILVER this morning, I took the afternoon away from the computer and wandered down the street a bit to check out Bite of Seattle, three days of food carts and demos and food trucks and booths and demos-from-sponsors, etc.  And cordoned-off-for-21-and-older areas for adult beverage sampling, too.

And although there could be more freebie samples, IMO (only 3-4 places were actually giving food out), the prices were quite reasonable, and the quality of all the vendors seemed high.  Plus, there were opportunities to "win" vouchers for food, as well as the usual giveaways.

So yeah, I say it's a fun way to social-nosh for an afternoon or evening.  Recommended for any local foodies.

What I Ate:

-  Key lime greek yogurt (ok, not great)
- a "beyond beef" plantburger bite (didn't taste like meat but wasn't bad)
- spiced pork belly tacos (nom nom nom)
- two different kinds of lo-cal sports drinks
- sugar crepe bite (tiny but nom)
- lemonade

- total cost: $7

I was very tempted to try the Alley ($10 for a sampling of fancier food, plus access to the wine tasting area), but figured that could wait until Sunday...  (I may have to go back and try a corndog, too.  Never having had one - probably for good reason, but hey, you only live once, right?)

I also picked up a lot of freebies, including two insulated lunch bags, a reusable grocery bag (right-sized for greenmarket shopping), and a suction cup phone holder for a car, that seems to be working really well as a raised phone display for my desk, yay.  I declined to take home any gimmie caps or commemorative cups, though.
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A week after the cats & I were forcibly (not really) removed from our home to stay w/ twinling's family (who have central air) during the totally-out-of-character-for-Seattle heat wave, we are back.

I will not lie - as much as I love my adoptafamily, and as wonderful as they were to hang with for a week, it's good to be back in my own space again.

And the cats are thankful not to be sharing space with Two Very Large And Enthusiastic Dogs, however friendly.
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Lacking content (because today was exhausting), I give you pretties.

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Cool and drizzly and dreary on the lovely spring day. The birds are twittering, the cats are snoozing, and the foghorns are speaking to each other again.

I had not been aware, previously, that foghorns could convey exasperation and rudeness quite so clearly as they do.

Slogging along on many thing that need to be written and re-written and rewritten once again.   Meanwhile, it's my turn in the "whatcha reading?" hotseat over at Book View Cafe.


Apr. 11th, 2015 09:07 pm
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Today was a lovely day, given over to squring visiting [ profile] desperance and his K around Seattle, me playing Junior Tour Guide to longer-term resident [ profile] scarlettina.  We did the Theo's chocolate factory tour (nom), and visited the Chittendon Locks, and the Fishermans' Terminal, and had excellent food, and wine, and caught up on too much time since last we all saw each other.

And now I am behind in all the work-things, but that's okay.  There will be time to catch up on those things, and never regretting time spent with good friends.

Here, have some photos.

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Saturday, I hauled myself out of town to take a meeting.  If anything comes of that meeting, y'all will be the third to know.  Then I came home and was a slug on the sofa.  Sunday's been Writers' Cafe and more work on the cracktastic project, and now all the words I didn't get written on Saturday. Plus cleaning.

Oh, and my interview for Qwillery, supporting Genius Loci, went live!
(and Genius Loci is $160 from their next stretch goal, with 3 days to go!)

Next three days: write all the words, do all the things. My friend Christine arrives from NYC Wednesday night for a long weekend vacay, Thursday afternoon I abandon her to the cats and apartment and head off for Norwescon, come back on Sunday, spend some more time touristing with Christine before she leaves, then do a presentation for the Seattle Free Lances Tuesday night.

Wednesday morning: I whimper a lot about being totally burnt out.

Sounds like a plan.
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This weekend, I am not at ECCC or at the Supernatural convention happening in town.  Mainly because I didn't get my act together in time to deal with either.  So it goes.  The weekend seems to be filled with Stuff to Do, anyway.  Imagine that.  :-)

Life is chaotic, and a little stressy, but good.  This diagram pretty much sums it up.  Sadly, it doesn't say "you are paid WELL for it."  But yeah, there are some compensations for hitting the sweet spot....

relatedly, have a picture of my office-mate from yesterday afternoon.

He was about a foot away from me, sitting politely (and surprisingly quietly) for about 15 minutes, before deciding I was far too dull for any self-respecting bird to be wasting time on...

I've always loved gulls - they're such fierce, noisy, gorgeous creatures.  Greedy, yeah, but no more so than is their nature.  So having this guy quietly  hang with me while I worked felt a bit like a benediction....

May we all have such moments, however we define them, every day....
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Here, have a belated Caturday photo.

caturday's child 1

The weekend was spend alternating between WERRRRRRDS! and FAAAAABULOUS MEALS WITH PEEEEEOPLE!  And WIIIIINE!  And as such, I am pleasantly exhausted while still maintaining a vaguely self-satisfied sense of got-work-done.

More of both to come, this week.  All month, actually.  Seattle is spoiling me.   :-)


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