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So, coming home from the fireworks n Tuesday, I was caught in stop-and-stop traffic for about ten minutes when I noticed there was white smoke rising from the hood.  I cut the engine and trie to convince traffic to go around me, to limited success, until some folk came by to help push me off the side of the road, and help me figure out what the issue was - but seeing as how it was nearly midnight, on a dark road, there wasn't much I could do.  So I locked the car up, and called a Lyft to get home (about a 12 mile ride).

And then called a Lyft the next morning (yay morning commute surge pricing, oy) before the cops could decide the car (clearly marked "breakdown, please do not tow" on the dash) needed to be impounded.

Thanks to the long-distance aid of Jim C, mechanic-on-call, I was able to determine that yes, there was coolant leaking, and figure out the approximate location of said leak, although not the specifics (huzzah for small hands and elbows that bend, when you need to reach onto the guts of a (cooled) car engine.  But that required being towed to a repair place (since the one I'd called that morning never got back to me), and cooling my heels for several hours until they told me the extent (and cost) of the damage.


I am very tempted to do a "one month, one shot, if we hit $X I will give you guys a novella" car repair fundraiser - except between my patreon and the novel revisions and the new book, I just on't have the story-brain for it.

I wonder how much one slightly-used liver would go for on the black market?


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Hi, July. Another month of Holy Shit So Much to Do. I am contemplating backing out of some tentative-not-yet-firmed commitments (work and other), but I'm not sure if that's Common Sense speaking, or Inertia....

Also, I had a morning migraine (a mild stabbity in the brainpan), and decisions are probably not best made under those condition, yeah?


Anyway, the Imitrex was at a small enough dose to not make me throw up, but not quite enough to kill the migraine, so it made itself at home just above my ears and periodically stabbed me with a frozen-hot icepick.  I made it through the work-day nonetheless.  Pretty sure none of our guests realized I was one loud noise away from killing them...

(thankfully, the small child who came in with their parents toward the end of shift  was delightful, and quiet.)

I really should finish off the two pending editing-things tonight before I pass out.

I probably won't, tho.

I should probably go stare at something dinner-like...

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Or rather, I'm an excellent social media correspondent, but it's not always hitting here.  And I've yet to figure out how to connect this blog to my main one... 

Lawless Lands is On the Loose!

Changements de latitudes, changements d'attitude

A little Devil's West Updatery

Meanwhile, my sister and brother-in-law and his mother were in town for a family member's 90th birthday party, so it was good to see them and all the mishpocha (extended family of blood and marriage) from his side.  The weather was warm (HOT, by Seattle standards) but they seemed to be enjoying it.  I took one day off to play semi-local tour guide, and then hid in the tasting room all weekend.  You have to keep wineries/tasting rooms cool, to keep the wine stored in back (much of it in barrels) cool.  A useful hint, next time you get stuck in a heat wave....

Busy week ahead.  Thankfully, temps are supposed to drop 15-20 degrees back to Seattle-normal by tomorrow.  And not a moment too soon...
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 Meanwhile, the Weather Channel is having some Science Opinions about climate change and 45's most recent fail, regarding the Paris Accord...

(So much Factual Science Snark, it would be glorious to see, if the context and content weren't all so depressing)
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 Today:  I worked on the novella-in-revisions, paid bills, cleaned the apartment, went to a Trumpcare protest in Bellevue (the sole Washington congresscritter who voted for repeal is attending a paid benefit rather than meeting with her constituents), and attended the Indivisible meeting tonight (I've missed the past few due to work issues).

Tomorrow:  more work on the novella-in-progress, hopefully handle some other work-stuff, stop by the Tasting Room to prep for the weekend and have an informational interview with someone about the wine industry, go into Seattle for dinner-and-movie with friends.

Saturday: full shift at the tasting room.  Work on the novella is there's brain left, after.

Sunday:  full shift at the tasting room.  Work on the novella is there's brain left, after.

Monday: finish the novella and send it out for the polish-readers.  Maybe catch Wonder Woman in the local theater.  Random winery office work, as needed.  Prep for new Book-work.

And people wonder why I drink so much coffee?

(nah.  Nobody wonders why)

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Originally posted at

Hey there.  Between this cold that continues to linger, trying to get some writing and editing projects finished up, US politics (and a bonus of happier French politics), and the winery getting ready for our Spring releases this week, I've...not been a very good little blogger.  In fact, I've been slacking on a lot of things, and I intend to catch up on all that in the next few days.

Stop snickering.  I mean it!  *stomps paw*

Meanwhile, Spring has arrived in Washington state - we've still got the occasional rain, but more and more often the days are sunny and warming, with just a nip of cool still remaining in the air.  It's exactly the kind of weather than makes me want to go hiking... and I can't, because of this cough that's still lingering, making me more prone to sacking out for an hour on the sofa.  But there will be hiking, and hike-blogging, too.  Soon....

So, anyway.  Not dead (yet).  Getting better, even.  Ignore that hacking cough behind the curtain....

Oh, and I'll be in Pittsburgh next weekend, at the Nebula Awards Conference.  If you're there, or just in town, drop by and say hi!

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So this was a thing I saw last night, driving along 522: A billboard that said "She holds it all together" or something like that, and I have no idea what it was actually advertising, because there was a Starbucks sign a little in front of it so, so help me, the first thing I saw was the Starbucks mermaid in front of that slogan and I thought THAT was the billboard.

And I'm like "yeah, that works. All hail Caffeinea," before I realized it was an optical illusion.

I still think it would be a damn effective campaign, though.
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Someone with a large dog in my neighborhood has a collar for said dog that not only glows in the dark but shifts color. It's a #RavePup!

I know this because it is very dark and rainy outside. Oh well, blue skies, you were a nice reminder of what's coming in a few months. We'll wait.

Meanwhile, the next few days are split, about 30% winery stuff, 70% writer-stuff, and 20% activism. Wait, you say, that's more than 100%? Why yes, so it is. And I have a cold, too.

*Squints at sinuses. Sinuses squint back, then sneeze*

Coffee is required.

How be you?
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Inspired by recent events, and recent observed discussion about the use of the word queer. All thoughts my own; not a political manifesto.

Growing up a kid in central NJ in the 70′s and 80′s - being a sexually (in)active teenager when AIDS became a known thing - I heard pretty much every term there was for non-straights. I had friends who were gay, who were lesbian. I had friends who were ace, but didn’t have a term for it yet. I had friends who were bi, and felt brutally tossed around by their own bodies and brains in ways they didn’t have a handle on, didn’t have a baseline for yet.

I heard every slur that could be thrown at them, and saw them, over the decades, reject or own those terms. Find the ground under their feet, even when they could see the end coming closer (I’m still losing friends to AIDS, I am still not resigned).

And in all that time, in all those years, I heard friends call themselves queer.

Queer: unusual, odd, eerie. Peculiar.

“Queer” was a term that, to me, meant “strong.” A refusal to be shoved into a box, be it a closet or a coffin, without a fight. A refusal to sit down and accept someone else’s expectations or assumptions. A beautiful word. An encouraging word.

Personally, I hate the term ally. An alliance is a political construct, a temporary collision of mutual interests. You are my sisters, my brothers, my siblings. That is not temporary, that has nothing to do with me or my interests. You are, and that is enough. And while I hate the word and the world that has forced you to be so strong, I love the fire within you that forged that strength, and the word that was your anvil.


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