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For those new to the game, every week we're given a word (the "book quote for Wednesday") and challenged to come up with an excerpt from our work to match it.

This week, the word is "short," and I'm sharing a bit from the ongoing "cat noirish" (really!) serial I'm creating over on Patreon....


I’d found over the years that the reasonable explanation, especially when it came to professional crime, was usually the true one. 

Still, I was up.  And short of curling on the seashell-upholstered sofa and reading a tatty paperback all day, I might as well go see if the alleged crime scene gave up anything more under direct daylight.
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 Since "insert image" still won't work for me, you guys are getting the text-only version.  Sorry!

This week's BookQW is "prepare."

From the story collection DARKLY HUMAN, a story about the daughter of a king, and the women she leads to confront Death itself....

“She would have gone into the Gate for her king-father.  I would have followed her anywhere.  I would have let her open my throat, if that had been needful,; had prepared myself for it to be done.”

-from “The Cost”

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 Back on the #bookqw trail, scattering some SILVER before you to "lift" the weight of a Wednesday...

"His hair was long and clotted with stone-dust, but black as a crow underneath, darker even than hers, and when he lifted his face to look at her, his eyes were dark as well, deep-set in a wide-boned face. Older than her, she thought, but not by so very much. Once past the blade still held to her calf, he did not seem threatening at all—but then, he did not have to be, holding that knife."

- from SILVER ON THE ROAD (Book 1 of The Devil's West)

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  this time with a #friend-ly story that's perfect for upcoming Mothers' Day reading...

“Nicola was a technical reporter for The Wall Street Journal, and Jessy knew all too well that friendship and sworn oaths meant nothing to a good story.”

- from “Clean Up Your Room,” a story about friendship, tech, and the importance of listening to your mum. 😇

found in DARKLY HUMAN, a story collection to be found at L A Gilman Darkly HumanBook View CafeAmazonB&N and Kobo for the grand sum of $2.99.... (and including the never-before-seen story "Sand in Blood")
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And I would be sharing the image with you, but despite being told I can now upload images, the images don't seem to want to display.  So if you want to see the cover, you need to check out the link.

“Tell me again about the ocean.”

He settled her snugly against his shoulder, watching the dust rise under pony hooves stomping around the edges of their corral. “At night, the sky is darkest blue, and the stars are polished silver like knifepoints cutting through. And the moon opens a path on the darkling waters that you would swear you could walk, if only you could take that first step…”

from "Turnings," one of my rare honest-to-dog love stories, from DARKLY HUMAN


Jan. 25th, 2017 10:24 am
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It’s Wednesday, which means a new #bookqw!  This week’s word is “order,” and I may have had something relevant to say….

“Acting under orders of your government will not save you,” Gabriel said from behind her, a caution that seemed to spark something ugly in the other man.”


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For all patrons on my Patreon, episode 5 of The Case of the Feckless Ferrets is now up for your reading amusement!
(and if you haven't been patronizing, now is an excellent time to jump in, since we have a stand-alone story coming next month!)

Meanwhile, this week's #bookqw, for those not on Twitter, is "nothing."  As in, there's nothing to be afraid of....  except, of course, when there is.


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