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 With everything else going on in the world, conversation this weekend seemed mostly centered on the Rattlesnake Hills fires, with a side note of the Mitchell fire in Wenatchee, and the Alamo fire in California (specifically, the ones where vineyards/wineries are at risk as well as homes, because this was industry conversation).

Main suspected causes of the fires? Human. Odds of them being from assholes setting off firecrackers in dry conditions over the 4th? High.

I'd say some people just can't resist making bad situations worse, but the truth is, these people don't put that much thinking into it. Pretty sure they're not putting much thinking into ANYTHING.

When the future writes humanity's obit, cause of death will probably be "terminal dumbassedness."

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 I will not wade into arguments where friends are already doing the takedowns quite neatly. I will not wade into arguments where friends are already doing the takedowns quite neatly. I will not wade into arguments where friends are already doing the takedowns quite-

Lady, if you think the left and the right are, and I quote, "flip sides of the same fascist coin," you live in a little bubble of pearly-white privilege and I for one hope when it pops you land on your soft little head. Not that it will do much fucking damage

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Facebook Poster: “Well, nobody else thinks X is problematic, so…"

Me: *takes 1 minute to pulls up 5 citations over the past 6 years from 5 different sources to establish that X has been known to be problematic for at least that long*

Me: "Bitch, don’t even.”
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I was walking back from an errand (buying new maps for the current book, woo map geekery!) when a man on a corner of First Avenue  asked me if I knew where there was a bike shop nearby. He had a companion, a young woman wearing a hijab, who had a nasty-looking stitched cut on her cheek. My first thought was that she'd taken a fall, and they needed to get her bike fixed. So I thought a moment, then had to say that the only bike shop I knew of had closed recently - I didn't know of any others in the area.

His response?

"Ugly whore."

I looked at him, blinked, then said "oh, nice," and walked away. And then all I could think was that his companion had earned her scar not from a fall, but his anger. Because that was not a nice man, at all.

But if he thought to upset or insult me, he failed. First of all, his attempted insult was 0-2. I may not be stunning, but I haven't broken any mirrors or scared small children recently, and my bank account can attest to the fact that I'm not selling my body for any sum whatsoever. Second, in order for an insult to have any effect, the recipient has to care about what the giver thinks, and - contrary to what this individual seemed to think of his place in the world, I give not one damn.

Fail on all accounts, Hate-Guy.

In fact, I only feel pity for him. If you are so filled with hate that you can only respond with the same? Your world is never going to get better. And I'm not going to keep you from letting me offer help to the next person who asks.

I guess the point of sharing that incident is to say: don't let the fuckwits of the world make you bitter. Let them fail, not you. You're fabulous.

(but if that scar on her face did come from him, I hereby without hesitation wish the same for him, ever-scabbing and never healing, on not his face but his taint. That seems fair.)
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1. Don't spam people on Twitter with "buy my book!" direct tweets, most particularly when you've never interacted with them in any way EXCEPT to send spamming tweets.

2. If you must spam people, know that they may well go to your tweetstream to see if you've spammed other people (you have) and while there may note that you also rated YOUR OWN BOOK on Goodreads, and gave it 5 stars.

At this point, you will be deemed a fuckwit*, and blocked.

*not only because you rated your own book, which is beyond tacky, but because you were idiot enough to let that fact get boosted to your twitterstream.
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As per GalleyCat, "Indie publisher Cleis Press has launched a new romance imprint called Tempted Romance. The imprint will publish, “ intelligent romance that stays one step ahead of the curve and pushes the boundaries of the genre,” according to a press release."

Oh.  I see.  Because other houses publish not-intelligent romance?  And you're going to be the one to break free, to publish intelligent romance?

Dudes, save a very brief foray into PNR as Anna Leonard (and, okay, some fanfic), I don't even play in that genre, and I'm fucking offended.

”'As a high schooler, I constantly read romance novels from my mother and older sister. I couldn’t get enough!,' stated Brenda Knight founder of the new imprint."

But as an adult, she doesn't read them?  She considers them apt for high schoolers, but not adults? Please tell me that quote was taken out of context, that she went on to say that she's aware of the field since then, and understands what's out there, all the smart, sexy, genre-pushing stories already being published...?
Unimpressed Kitten is Unimpressed.
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Oh gods. I clicked on a link to an op-ed I shouldn't have, and read the comments. The willfully, gleefully intolerant and narrow-minded comments. Why did I DO that?

I suppose it's good to be reminded, every now and again, that there is stupidity and intolerance and narrow-mindedness in the long as one doesn't linger long enough there that it stains. Ugh.

Dear friends (and people I don't know) who don't identify with traditional binary gender roles of any sort: you have my sword, as Aragorn would say.


Oct. 1st, 2012 09:01 am
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"We've -- look, I'm a conservative person, I'm used to media bias. We expected media bias going into this," said Ryan. Asked to cite a specific example of media bias, Ryan demurred, instead asserting that most people who work in the media have liberal political affiliations and, therefore, would want a president who is a Democrat to win." (

So... I say something but I refuse to give any statistical evidence or even back up my claim, and you have to accept it Because I Said So?"

Dude, that didn't even work when my parents tried it, when I was ELEVEN.

That "liberal media bias" thing has been pretty much shattered by actual evidence. Of course, many people claim that's more evidence of a liberal conspiracy. *rolls eyes into infinity*
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Readercon isn't one of my regular conventions, but it's local-ish, and it always had a good reputation for being well-run and interesting, etc. They also had a "safe space" policy of zero tolerance for bad behavior, including sexual harassment.

This year, they failed in a rather major way, backtracking on their stated policy and changing "banned forever" to "banned for two years" because when he said he was sorry - not to his victim, but to the convention Board, when he was questioned after the fact.

The community has not been shy in making their opinions known:

I said what I needed to say in the comments there, but I will add this, here. Readercon's board has stated, publicly, that their written and posted policies are not to be trusted, that they will change the rules on the fly, and predators are given more consideration than their victims (and potential victims). That makes Readercon not a safe space, but a danger zone.

I regret the fallout on behalf of those who've put their time and effort into making Readercon an enjoyable convention, and didn't deserve to be treated this way by the Board, but I see no reason to go somewhere my safety is considered less important than coddling a known offender.

UPDATE: The Readercon convention committee is reportedly voting on overturning the Board's decision. Many of them were Not Happy. So there's that, at least. We'll see if anything changes.
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I just... I... what?

"Businessman with little extra time is seeking a Personal Assistant / Ghostwriter / Research Assistant to help develop novel idea. I have a general plot outline and character profiles but no time to develop."
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Apparently, Belvedere Vodka thinks that rape jokes are an AWESOME way to sell booze.

The ad was removed, but the Internet doesn't forget:

Their corporate response? "We apologize to any of our fans who were offended by our recent tweet. We continue to be an advocate of safe and responsible drinking."

But, apparently, not safe and responsible social interactions. Or, y'know, shame.

for the record, PR departments, "we're sorry you were offended" is obvious shorthand for "we think you can't take a joke." The proper wording is "We are sorry for our ill-considered ad; we did not think it through and that was wrong of us. We are donating $X to a national rape crisis center to show that we learned our lesson."

I may not always drink vodka, but when I do... it's not Belvedere.
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Scammers are so cute...

an invitation to sin (stupidly), behind the cut )

The fact that people might and do still fall for this is a comment on the logical thought processes and venality of much of our shared species, I'm afraid to say.

In more appetizing news, having a duck breast in the fridge that needed to be cooked this week, I did indeed cook it. And I ate it. Well, I ate about 1/3 of it. Pan-baked (so I could skim off the fat), scored and seasoned with my tagine mix. Nom. And enough left over to make two more meals (duck risotto on Friday? Could be....). No wine, tho - too early in the recovery period for that.

No, I did not take pictures - I was too busy trying to defend my meal from a certain Cat-of-Size who is currently in disgrace.

And yes, as you may have guessed from this food report, I'm feeling better. Not 100% yet, but well over 60%, which is a damned nice improvement....
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EtA: Apparently, Dropbox, seeing the swell of WTF rising through the netverse, amended their new TOS to say "This license is solely to enable us to technically administer, display, and operate the Services." I'm still not reassured, considering the other potential legal problems with the wording, and how easily they can change that wording again, but it's a Mileage Varies scenario. Be aware, and make your decision.

For those of us who use DropBox: They've just changed their TOS. You might want to check out paragraph 5, and reconsider your patronage...

"By submitting your stuff to the Services, you grant us (and those we work with to provide the Services) worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sublicenseable rights to use, copy, distribute, prepare
derivative works (such as translations or format conversions) of, perform, or publicly display that stuff to the extent we think it necessary for the Service."

Do I need to explain why these terms are utterly unacceptable to writers, photographers, artists, and anyone else who creates content for sale/license?
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AP Interview: Trump says Obama was "terrible" student who didn't qualify for Ivy League

More proof that Trump is a sleaze who will do anything to get a publicity buzz. Which, if you've been paying attention since the 1990's, you already knew. But seriously...WTF?

From the article: "I heard he was a terrible student." On the basis of.... what? His high school does not release transcripts, but Obama admits he wasn't a star pupil in high school.

Me neither. High school bored a lot of us. That doesn't make us terrible, just, mostly, average.

And yet... after Columbia (no slouch here) Obama went on to Harvard Law School, where he graduated magna cum laude 1991 and was president of the Harvard Law Review (NOT a shabby accomplishment). So how did he "not deserve" to be admitted? Clearly, he excelled while there. Maybe, like me, they saw potential beyond the grades. Maybe his GRE scores rocked the scale. Maybe, like George W, someone pulled strings (oh no, wait: Non-wealthy, non-white. No strings get pulled there).

I have my own beefs with Obama, dog knows. But attacking his academic record is high on the WTF-o-meter.
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Dallas police chief responds to rising rape rates by telling women to not drink so much.

So. Much. Fail.


And guys? This -- THIS -- is why women may not trust you. No matter how good a guy you may be, no matter how much we may like you. Because we have no way of telling, while asswipes like this are out there.
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Under the heading of "I see fucking stupid people," I give you this review-essay in the Jewish Review of books:

"Why there is no Jewish Narnia"

featuring, among other bon mots, the lovely line: "I cannot think of a single major fantasy writer who is Jewish, and there are only a handful of minor ones of any note."

He then goes on to talk about how Jews don't bring their faith into fantasy, etc etc. and how only Lev Grossman is doing anything, etc. No offense to Mr. Grossman, but when at no point does this reviewer reference, oh, Michael Chabon, or Jane Yolen, or Robert Silverberg, or Peter Beagle.... [or, I am reminded, Neil frickin' Gaiman]

This Michael Weingrad needs a remedial course in research, stat, to go with his foot-and-tongue sandwich he's chewing on right now...

EtA: Classic response to this from my (non-Jewish) neighbor: "oh, what his poor mother must be thinking right now..." *dies*

EtA2: 'm just saying...
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Wow. Talk about not only biting the hand that feeds you, but taking it off at the elbow...

TERRY GOODKIND has been cruelly misjudged: 'First of all, I don't write fantasy. I write stories that have important human themes. They have elements of romance, history, adventure, mystery and philosophy. Most
fantasy is one-dimensional. It's either about magic or a world-building. I don't do either.' (_USA Today_ interview, August 03)

(via Ansible)


EtA: yes. See date on quote. Not new. We know. But being discussed today because it came up in Ansible for the mocking.


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