Feb. 22nd, 2017

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So this was a thing I saw last night, driving along 522: A billboard that said "She holds it all together" or something like that, and I have no idea what it was actually advertising, because there was a Starbucks sign a little in front of it so, so help me, the first thing I saw was the Starbucks mermaid in front of that slogan and I thought THAT was the billboard.

And I'm like "yeah, that works. All hail Caffeinea," before I realized it was an optical illusion.

I still think it would be a damn effective campaign, though.
lagilman: (Seattle Wheel)
And I would be sharing the image with you, but despite being told I can now upload images, the images don't seem to want to display.  So if you want to see the cover, you need to check out the link.

“Tell me again about the ocean.”

He settled her snugly against his shoulder, watching the dust rise under pony hooves stomping around the edges of their corral. “At night, the sky is darkest blue, and the stars are polished silver like knifepoints cutting through. And the moon opens a path on the darkling waters that you would swear you could walk, if only you could take that first step…”

from "Turnings," one of my rare honest-to-dog love stories, from DARKLY HUMAN


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