Feb. 27th, 2017

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One of the interesting/infuriating/exhausting things about working in a tasting room is that you rarely have any sense of how any particular day may go.  There may be a slam of people early, and then nothing all day.  You may be slow all day, or slammed from the moment you open your doors.  You may think the day's going to be a total loss, and then in the last half hour things get really busy.   There's no way to predict: even if you have a group reserved, they may come in late, or not show up at all (or, come in 45 minutes early, but let's not talk about that one...)

I think we had nearly all of those iterations, this past weekend, ending with someone squeaking in 5 minutes before we closed (I'd gotten inventory done already, so I said 'what the hell.').  And he was a delightful guest, so I'm glad I did.

I am thinking, though, that I should do a "how to visit a tasting room" primer....?

Anyway, and now it's Monday and it's snowing (surprise!  Pretty sure this was not in the forecast), and I intend to sit at my desk with a cat on my lap and a laptop on the desk and wear my writer/editor hat ALL DAY.  Well, most of the day....


lagilman: coffee or die (Default)
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