Feb. 20th, 2017

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So, over the weekend, noted piece of shit Milo Yiannopoulos officially expanded his shittiness by stating that he advocates for sex with underage partners, and doesn't believe in this silly fiction of "age of consent." Adults having sex with (extreme) minors? Fine by him.

This goes beyond 'freedom of speech,' however much I abhor words that come out of his mouth. This is a man advocating sexual abuse of children (and, possibly, depending on how you read his words, having endorsed and enabled same).

His defense is that he wasn't talking about pedophilia because that's about attraction to someone without secondary sexual characteristics, but if they're sexually mature at an early age (male or female), that's ok.

And still, the CPA (Conservative Political Action Conference) is featuring him as a guest speaker, and S&S is giving him a book deal. If his contract with S&S is standard, there's a clause in it that would allow them to break that contract, if they chose to, at this point. We'll see if they choose to. Obviously, as an S&S author myself, I hope they do.

I have no expectation of CPA revoking their speaker invitation: they knew what he was when they invited him, and they seem perfectly comfortable with that being associated with them. I'd be delighted to be proven wrong, however.

Ironically but not unexpectedly, his racism and anti-semitism barely made a ripple in conservative circles, but this seems to have upset them. Because white Christian children are suddenly at risk, too. /bitter AF


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