Feb. 2nd, 2017

lagilman: (Seattle Wheel)
This afternoon I logged off and took two hours to hike in a nearby state forest, up and down narrow, winding dirt trails.  There will be a blogpost coming from that, as soon as I gather all my many thinky thoughts, but for now I just need to say

1. woodpeckers are ridiculous
2. people who dirtbike on rooted trails are probably nuts
3. I strongly suspect people who live without greenspaces are slightly more insane (and in a worse way) than the rest of us.
3a. by 'greenspace" I do not mean "never going anywhere with a population of more than 107," but "having access to places where you can be surrounded by greenery and dirt for a few hours."  So don't get cocky, isolationists. 
4. Hiking for two hours, even on non-mountain trails, is kinda exhausting.  Especially when it's under 50 degrees (layers keep you warm, but only so much).


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