Jan. 12th, 2017

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As a freelancer, even a relatively healthy one, getting medical coverage I could afford was near-impossible, until the Freelancer's Union was able to put together a crappy-but-functional plan.  When the ACA was passed, for the first time in years I was free of the "if I have to spend any time in the hospital it will wipe me out, financially" panics.

The GOP just voted - with a single no vote from Rand Paul - to start the process to repeal the ACA.  They voted to remove the requirement that healthcare insurance cover pregnancy. They voted to remove the clause that allowed children under 26 to stay on their parents' insurance while their own careers get started.  They removed the clause that protected people with pre-existing conditions (cancer, arthritis, IBD) from being dumped or surchaged-to-death by their insurance company.

And if you think that you're going to be okay, because you have company-supplied insurance?  Guess what?  You've lost protections, too.  And your rates are going to go up, probably for fewer services.  Whatever the market can bear.  And if you're thinking your state coverage will save you?  Guess what?  That was the ACA, too.  Say goodbye to it, and pray your state is willing to pick up the burden of replacing it, when the Federal government won't.

 Because no, the GOP STILL doesn't have a functioning plan to replace the ACA, nor do they show any sign of developing one. Why should they? Half the country told them they could do whatever they wanted to us and they'd be okay with it.

Still, this is not law...yet. CALL EVERY GOP SENATOR WHO VOTED TO REPEAL and give them a piece of your mind (as politely as you can manage). And call every senator who voted to protect it, and thank/encourage them. 



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