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Generally I abide by the "don't read the comments" rule of survival, but occasionally I dip in...and this morning was delighted to see commentary on a Daily Kos article break out into a discussion of Ayn Rand's literature and life, the evolution (sorry) of the term "social Darwinism" and a non-malicious breakdown of how incorporation is a government-supported security net an as such should be against the current GOP's stated principles...

And all of that without insults, straw men, or painful spelling errors!

(in fact, it took on the tone of a Sunday morning one-upmanship contest along the lines of "but wait!  I have another relevant fact on that!"  With emphasis on both relevant and fact.)

Date: 2017-05-30 07:32 pm (UTC)
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Whoa, that's nice to hear. I had stopped reading DKos because it had devolved so badly into a combination of sound and fury, "hey, how's your grandmother", and "OMG Bernie is so horrible" with very little that was reliable or relevant. I'm glad it's getting back to what it used to be!


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