May. 24th, 2017

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 Since "insert image" still won't work for me, you guys are getting the text-only version.  Sorry!

This week's BookQW is "prepare."

From the story collection DARKLY HUMAN, a story about the daughter of a king, and the women she leads to confront Death itself....

“She would have gone into the Gate for her king-father.  I would have followed her anywhere.  I would have let her open my throat, if that had been needful,; had prepared myself for it to be done.”

-from “The Cost”

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 Is it wrong of me to admit that I'm getting very tired of straight white men going "oh woe is me the world is hard/angry?"

(I'm tired of straight white women saying it too, but for different reasons)

Yes, you whinger, it is.  But your demographic is part of WHY shit's fucked up, so either help us fix it, or get the fuck out of the way.


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