Jan. 26th, 2017

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Normally, I work Sundays at the Other Tasting Room, but I'd agreed to cover for a co-worker today and tomorrow, a month or so ago (before I got the promotion and gave notice).  Today I came in a little early, and got to spend some time talking with D (one of the owners) about politics.  He's even more liberal than I am, and with admittedly less of a filter, so he tries not to talk to Trumpers at all.  And he reported an exchange between L (the other boss) and a customer, paraphrased but accurate:

Customer: "I don't understand why those protesters were so angry."
Boss: "Sexism, bigotry, & the corruption of democracy, maybe?"

Later on, L showed up, and greeted me: "hello, short-timer!"  (L had previously responded to my resignation letter with "nope, not accepted").

I am seriously going to miss working with them.  If life is kind, we'll meet up again later in my career path...


lagilman: coffee or die (Default)
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