Jan. 9th, 2017

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Looking for new reviews on THE COLD EYE (releasing officially tomorrow, ack!) and came across this  from the Douglas County Libraries' entry on moi:

"Gilman's plot-driven novels are notable for their complex and inviting world-building, whether that world is a medieval kingdom's royal court or an urban fantasy of New York City -- she delivers frequent fresh twists on old genre ideas, leavened with subtly observed details. Her worlds' tangibility is increased by strong character voices, which give them depth and power the plot along."

Well.  I blush, but I accept it entirely.  :-)

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Dog knows, me being all there isn't what's normally said about me, but in this case it seems to be true....

Suricattus on Livejournal has made the full and final leap to LAGilman on Dreamwidth.  I'll still be cross-posting and responding there, but most of everything will be here...


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