Jan. 5th, 2017

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To the surprise of nobody who has been paying attention, the GOP is going ahead with their plan to repeal the ACA, or strip it down to uselessness. And, as of this moment, they still haven't offered up a replacement plan. So, if they succeed:

if you have a pre-existing condition (anything from arthritis to cancer, and including pregnancy!), you're screwed.

if you are low-income, and were depending on subsidized insurance to make sure you and your kids were covered? You're screwed.

if you're on Medicaid? You're screwed.

if you're 26 or under, and were counting on being able to stay on your folks' insurance while you get your career going? You're screwed.

if you were counting on insurance companies to continue carrying you/not jack up your rates five-fold after you make a claim? You're screwed.

if you have chronic illnesses and the undoing of caps on lifetime coverage will bankrupt you?  You're screwed.

You might want to call your congresscritters, especially if they're Red, and let them know that, until they put forward a plan that addresses these issues, repealing the ACA is NOT what you want.


lagilman: coffee or die (Default)
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