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 Have signed the contract, so can officially mention that Lightspeed Magazine has picked up the reprint of my Lands Vin novella, FROM WHENCE YOU CAME, set in the world of the Nebula award-nominated Vineart War trilogy

Quite pleased about this, as I think it's a splendid story about magic, sea serpents, hubris, and the inevitable, if unintentional, erasures of history...


(the novella was originally published as an art-by-Bob Eggleton ebook, via Kickstarter, and is also available in audio format from Audible)

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  After dipping my toe in, I can say that I react to Twin Peaks in my 40's the same way I reacted to it in my 20's, to wit: "yes, you're very clever and this is visually stunning, and intellectually fascinating in terms of your storytelling structure, but if you want me to get emotionally invested, you need to give me characters I can invest in...."

I'll probably keep watching for the puzzle, but I may also just wait and read the write-ups, after the fact.
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I am always conflicted about Memorial Day. It feels like it should be more of a solemn observance still, not about picnics and sales. But that horse is not only out of the barn, he's so far down the road we can't see the dust by now.

But whatever you're doing to celebrate in the US today, remember to take a moment and remember those who died in military service (be it in war, peacetime defense, or that grey area in-between).

And IMO, the best way for politicians to honor the military dead would be to lay fewer wreaths, and spend more time working to ensure we have FEWER we must honor, going forward.
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Generally I abide by the "don't read the comments" rule of survival, but occasionally I dip in...and this morning was delighted to see commentary on a Daily Kos article break out into a discussion of Ayn Rand's literature and life, the evolution (sorry) of the term "social Darwinism" and a non-malicious breakdown of how incorporation is a government-supported security net an as such should be against the current GOP's stated principles...

And all of that without insults, straw men, or painful spelling errors!

(in fact, it took on the tone of a Sunday morning one-upmanship contest along the lines of "but wait!  I have another relevant fact on that!"  With emphasis on both relevant and fact.)
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 40 years ago today I... was still in summer camp. I didn't get to see Star Wars until I came home, in August, and my dad took me.

Reportedly, I - the original hyperactive child - slid to the front of my seat at the opening crawl, and did. Not. Move until the very end.

Did that movie change me? I don't know. Did it direct the rest of my life, in many ways?

Yeah. Yeah, it did.

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 A very weird anxiety dream last night that involved herding cats (not actual cats), mysteriously expanding workspaces, random strangers looking to me for instruction, and impossible mixups (really, IRL it could NOT have happened). Most of the time I can tease out the issue/solution from anxiety dreams/nightmares, but this one has me scratching my head and shrugging...

Meanwhile, yesterday's gloom has been replaced by blue skies again, and we're promised more throughout the holiday weekend (this is a lie, it rains ALL THE TIME in the PNW). I keep reminding myself that I took a play day on Monday, and I have deadlines to meet....

But maybe I can work on the patio? Work would totally happen on the patio, right?
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 Is it wrong of me to admit that I'm getting very tired of straight white men going "oh woe is me the world is hard/angry?"

(I'm tired of straight white women saying it too, but for different reasons)

Yes, you whinger, it is.  But your demographic is part of WHY shit's fucked up, so either help us fix it, or get the fuck out of the way.
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 Since "insert image" still won't work for me, you guys are getting the text-only version.  Sorry!

This week's BookQW is "prepare."

From the story collection DARKLY HUMAN, a story about the daughter of a king, and the women she leads to confront Death itself....

“She would have gone into the Gate for her king-father.  I would have followed her anywhere.  I would have let her open my throat, if that had been needful,; had prepared myself for it to be done.”

-from “The Cost”


May. 23rd, 2017 06:43 am
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I really wanted to post about the Nebulas, and yesterday's post-Nebulas runaway to the coast...but Dreamwidth still won't let me upload photos and display them?  I have to post them somewhere else and then use the URL?

This is... not convenient, and more than a little annoying.  Does everyone else have this problem or are they just throttling me for their sadistic entertainment?

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 Back on the #bookqw trail, scattering some SILVER before you to "lift" the weight of a Wednesday...

"His hair was long and clotted with stone-dust, but black as a crow underneath, darker even than hers, and when he lifted his face to look at her, his eyes were dark as well, deep-set in a wide-boned face. Older than her, she thought, but not by so very much. Once past the blade still held to her calf, he did not seem threatening at all—but then, he did not have to be, holding that knife."

- from SILVER ON THE ROAD (Book 1 of The Devil's West)

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OK, I'm doing the thing.  

That unfinished first attempt at a fantasy novel I wrote when I was 22,  just found during the great unboxening?  I’m posting it (or as much as we can stand, anyway) to my Patreon for mocking.  Yep, that's right, pay $1/month to help support the feline medical fund, and get full mocking rights....

Disclaimer: I have very little memory of this book at all, and no idea how bad it gets.  But I suspect you'll also find the roots of a lot of my current work already lurking in the storeroom of my brain...

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Originally posted at

Hey there.  Between this cold that continues to linger, trying to get some writing and editing projects finished up, US politics (and a bonus of happier French politics), and the winery getting ready for our Spring releases this week, I've...not been a very good little blogger.  In fact, I've been slacking on a lot of things, and I intend to catch up on all that in the next few days.

Stop snickering.  I mean it!  *stomps paw*

Meanwhile, Spring has arrived in Washington state - we've still got the occasional rain, but more and more often the days are sunny and warming, with just a nip of cool still remaining in the air.  It's exactly the kind of weather than makes me want to go hiking... and I can't, because of this cough that's still lingering, making me more prone to sacking out for an hour on the sofa.  But there will be hiking, and hike-blogging, too.  Soon....

So, anyway.  Not dead (yet).  Getting better, even.  Ignore that hacking cough behind the curtain....

Oh, and I'll be in Pittsburgh next weekend, at the Nebula Awards Conference.  If you're there, or just in town, drop by and say hi!

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 Among things unpacked tonight: a box of stuff from college (old papers and memory-boxes), and... the manuscript of my first serious attempt at writing a fantasy novel, back in 1989.


I haven't girded myself enough to do more than poke and shriek at it, yet. If I can, I may, for giggles, share it with Patreon this month....

I also found a huge pile of paperwork from... 1997-2008. I think the IRS would agree it's time to shred those. Oy.
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 I will not wade into arguments where friends are already doing the takedowns quite neatly. I will not wade into arguments where friends are already doing the takedowns quite neatly. I will not wade into arguments where friends are already doing the takedowns quite-

Lady, if you think the left and the right are, and I quote, "flip sides of the same fascist coin," you live in a little bubble of pearly-white privilege and I for one hope when it pops you land on your soft little head. Not that it will do much fucking damage

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Don’t forget to wear some glitter, take your meds, and practice self-care in honor of our General. Blessed Be She Who Drowned In Moonlight, Strangled By Her Own Bra.

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  this time with a #friend-ly story that's perfect for upcoming Mothers' Day reading...

“Nicola was a technical reporter for The Wall Street Journal, and Jessy knew all too well that friendship and sworn oaths meant nothing to a good story.”

- from “Clean Up Your Room,” a story about friendship, tech, and the importance of listening to your mum. đŸ˜‡

found in DARKLY HUMAN, a story collection to be found at L A Gilman Darkly HumanBook View CafeAmazonB&N and Kobo for the grand sum of $2.99.... (and including the never-before-seen story "Sand in Blood")
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 False health day - which is to say, I feel so much better I could do All The Things.... which maturity reminds me is how I ended up with pneumonia that one time.

Yeah, never want to do that again.

So I'll be taking another quiet workday on the sofa with laptop and tea, rather than giving in to the impulse to run all the errands, etc.

All the chore-things (and fun-things) that need doing will still need doing on Wednesday, and be none the worse for the wait.  And enforced focus on work (aka the sofa-tether) means I'm going to hit ahead of deadline on the current project.  So yay?



May. 1st, 2017 04:45 pm
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Being home sick means I get to see a full day of catjinks. My conclusion: both my cats are mildly hypeactive dorks.

Just now: CatofSize gets off the sofa where we've been sitting, and walks slowly over to the Kitten, who has been more or less minding his own business, sprawled on the rug. The Kitten sits up, and stares back. I'm watching, wondering who is going to be the first to thwap.

Then the Kitten, still staring, reaches out and places one paw firmly on CoS's head, and then - as though astonished by his daring, dashes off across the room.

CoS then continues on his way to claim the cat tree perch, while the Kitten pretends nothing whatsoever just happened...

This holds for about 5 minutes, then they reclaim their original positions.
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 I am sick (a mild, mostly-just-annoying cold), and exhausted, and cranky about politic, work, and people in general, except where I'm cautiously hopeful.

Part of me wants to dig in and continue to fight, and part of me wants to slip quietly off the grid.

I've accepted, however that the only time I'm good at quietly slipping away is when leaving a party.  When it comes to life, I'm pretty much of the dig in and fight variety.

And so, we fight.

How to save the Affordable Care Act (again).  Because if we don't speak up, they will screw kill us in the name of corporate profits.

And if you care about the fate of non-salaried workers, call your congresscritter TODAY and speak out against the Working Families Flexibility Act (House: HR 1180; Senate: S 801).  They claim it will provide workers with families more flexible schedules, but what it really does is allow employers to avoid overtime pay, and undercut the ability of the DoL to investigate abuses, rolling back decades of essential labor regulation.  This may affect you, or your kid, or your cousin, or someone you never met but who is working their ass off to make ends meet, already, and doesn't deserve to have the deck stacked against them even MORE...

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Facebook Poster: “Well, nobody else thinks X is problematic, so…"

Me: *takes 1 minute to pulls up 5 citations over the past 6 years from 5 different sources to establish that X has been known to be problematic for at least that long*

Me: "Bitch, don’t even.”


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