Aug. 2nd, 2017

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It is unseasonably, historically WRONG kind of warm here in the PNW, and some of us are handling it better than others.

Which is to say, most of us are whinging and sulking and moving as little as possible.

It doesn't help that there are also wildfires up north (in Canada) and southwest of here, and the smoke's come all the way down here to visit, too.

A lot of stuff tumbling around in my life right now, most of which either makes for boring blogging, or really can't be blogged about right now. So hey, have some promotional post!

LAWLESS LANDS: Tales from the Weird Frontier, which includes my story “Boots of Clay,” as well as stories from many other fine folk, is now available via Amazon, B&N or direct from the publisher.

From Whence You Came,” (Sea serpents, magicians, cranky scholars, and a Very Large Ooops!) is on sale for $1.99 this month at! SF Signal called it "a thoughtful examination of the consequences of magic”!

And, of course, there’s my Patreon - a new short story every month, for $1! (And the proceeds help keep my CatofSize in insulin).

and last, but certainly not least, THE DEATH OF ALL THINGS, the anthology edited by yours truly and Kat Richardson, is now available for pre-order on Kindle and Kobo! Plus, check out the gorgeous cover!






lagilman: coffee or die (Default)
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