Apr. 22nd, 2017

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 The reading at KGB went very well, I think (the rapt silence meant either people were listening, or they've learned to snore quietly), although it was depressing to note that many (most) of my NYC friends did not show up for my first local appearance in three years.  Those who did, I <3 you and appreciate your support.

/not-subtle grump.

But it was a good crowd, and good feedback, and then there was drinking later and a Brilliant Idea hatched over whisky that still seemed like a Brilliant Idea when we woke up the next morning, so call the entire evening a win.  :-)

And since then I've been running about doing family things, meeting with my editor, and possibly meeting with my lawyer (nothing bad, don't worry).  Mainly, a lot of running about.  I'm averaging 5 miles of walking every day.  I've missed that about living in NYC....

But now I have to go do a few more hours of work, because as much as I'd like this to be, it's not a vacation....

How goes your weekend?


lagilman: coffee or die (Default)
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