Feb. 15th, 2017

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Someone with a large dog in my neighborhood has a collar for said dog that not only glows in the dark but shifts color. It's a #RavePup!

I know this because it is very dark and rainy outside. Oh well, blue skies, you were a nice reminder of what's coming in a few months. We'll wait.

Meanwhile, the next few days are split, about 30% winery stuff, 70% writer-stuff, and 20% activism. Wait, you say, that's more than 100%? Why yes, so it is. And I have a cold, too.

*Squints at sinuses. Sinuses squint back, then sneeze*

Coffee is required.

How be you?
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and we end the day with most of the work accomplished but also a (probably) broken big toe. I have iced and elevated and compressed and done all the necessary things, so nobody should feel the need to offer advice - the swelling's gone down, the bruising is impressive, and it hurts like a flaming fuckety, but there's nothing to be done for broken toes except wear sturdy boots until it heals.

So it looks like hiking boots for the duration. Good thing I didn't have any fancy dress balls scheduled...


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